Video: Take a trip down Israel’s new Apartheid Road

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Last month, Israel opened what has been dubbed by locals and activists as the ‘Apartheid Road’. The four-lane highway features two separate roads divided by a concrete wall – one for Israeli settlers and the other for Palestinians.While the Israeli lane allows settlers quick and easy access to the center of Jerusalem, the Palestinian lane is designed to separate Palestinians off through an underpass, diverging to different areas of the West Bank. Despite Israeli claims that the road “eases traffic congestion” for both Palestinians and Israelis, locals maintain that it is just another step by authorities to further divide the occupied Palestinian territory.

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These Palestinians are so ungrateful.Israel spends extra millions of shekels constructing a separate road as a confidence building measure to make life better for them (Palestinians) and they complain.

Israel could have built one road at a far lower cost.You just can,t please some people .What does Israel have to do to get the Palestinians to love Israelis???.Why is it that occupied people never appreciate their occupiers.What,s an occupier to do.