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As a father, it broke my heart to read Sarah’s words. Help us keep telling stories like hers

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Over the past decade, it’s been an incredible privilege to watch Mondoweiss grow from a team of two writers (Phil Weiss and me) into a robust team of correspondents, editors, photographers, freelancers, and staff, bringing you important stories from Palestine and beyond. We are rejoicing at our community’s size and strength, and we’re working to raise $80,000 this summer to keep the growth going. I’m writing because we need your help to make our goal. If you’ve already contributed to our current campaign, we’re incredibly grateful for your support.

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From our courageous team of reporters on the front lines, to our small and dedicated administrative staff, to our vast community of passionate readers and supporters like you, each of us has our part to play in telling the stories from Palestine to all who need to hear them, worldwide. The stories we tell here are vital for the fate of Palestine and Palestinians, who depend on you to share these stories with a larger and larger audience, who will in turn pressure policy makers to work for justice, and force the world to pay attention.

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Do you remember a particular Mondoweiss story that stuck with you, that moved you, or prompted you to send it to others? For me, it was this story sent from Gaza by Sarah Algherbawi. Sarah describes how it feels to have a child in “an uninhabitable place,” facing war, unemployment, and shortages of basic necessities like clean water and electricity.

As a father, it broke my heart to read Sarah’s words about the war taking place three weeks after her baby Khalil was born: “The first thing I did was ask my brother to move Khalil’s bed to the hallway, away from any windows in case the glass breaks in the event a building near the house is targeted. With every incoming strike and outgoing rocket, I muffled the sound by holding my hands over Khalil’s ears.”

Unfortunately, Sarah’s story is the story of many other Palestinian mothers and fathers, reconciling the joys of becoming a parent with the fear of being a parent in Gaza. We often hear the U.N. statistic that Gaza will be unlivable by 2020. But Sarah’s story takes you beyond the statistic and show you what unlivable really means to the people who do live there, right now.

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A loyal donor has pledged $20,000 if we can raise $60,000 by August 1. If Sarah’s story spoke to you—or if you shared stories like hers to advance the cause of human rights in Palestine— we ask that you give today to help us meet our goal and keep Mondoweiss going strong. You have the power to change minds, one story at a time.