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Journalism for justice needs your help today

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Three weeks ago, I wrote to you to launch Mondoweiss’s summer fundraising campaign by sharing the ideal that drives us every day: we believe that one story at a time can change minds. I told you that our team members would share stories that especially moved them as examples of how your support enables Mondoweiss to inform thousands of people who need the truth.

Now, thanks to hundreds of generous gifts from wonderful readers and supporters like you, we’re so close to wrapping up our campaign. We need just $2,500 more in donations to unlock an additional $20,000 — all to support journalism for justice and freedom in Palestine.

Throughout these few weeks, our team has reminded you of stories of humanity Mondoweiss published that the mainstream media did not — and will not — including:

  • the story of the five brothers of the Abu Jazar family, all injured during the Great March of Return;
  • the friendship between Dareen Tatour and Sharouk Duyat, two young women who met in an Israeli prison;
  • the fight of the Sabbagh family against eviction in their Sheikh Jarrah home;
  • how it feels to have a child in Gaza, what’s called “an uninhabitable place”;
  • the struggle of survivors to cope with the trauma of war and occupation after leaving;
  • the daily difficulties of maneuvering through life with checkpoints and movement restrictions;
  • the impact of silencing activists in the U.S.

This week, our founder Phil Weiss also shared a message highlighting the work of photojournalists like Ahmad Al-Bazz as an integral part of the truth-telling we do. We are grateful to the thousands of readers like you, whose financial support makes it possible for Mondoweiss to pay talented writers and photographers. Because of you, the truth is spreading around the world, one story at a time.

If just a few of you respond to this message, we’ll be able to meet our goal. With your commitment, Mondoweiss can continue to play its vital role in supporting and strengthening the movement for justice in Palestine.


P.S. Imagine being a Palestinian writer who sees horrific acts committed every day and wanting desperately to tell the world about them. Because of your support, we not only respect but also pay writers like Sarah Algherbawi, Dareen Tatour, Ahmad Kabariti and Hamza Abu Al-Tarabeesh to share their truth around the globe. Thank you for making it possible.