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One story at a time: Help Mondoweiss continue delivering news

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A half-century ago, Malcolm X warned us: “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”

I’m writing to you today to remind you that when it comes to Israel and Palestine, the journalism in Mondoweiss counters this tendency in the mainstream media.

Mondoweiss informs people around the globe, sharing story after story of Palestinian humanity. But we can only tell these stories because of support from you and other readers. This summer, we must raise $80,000 to keep delivering the news. Can you donate today?

You’ve been right there with Mondoweiss as we brought you stories of heartache and triumph, stories of struggle and of solidarity. Stories of arrests, protests, and deaths, but also of births, weddings, and the joy in daily life. Stories of rock concerts on rubble, poetry in prison. These are the stories of humanity that you are passionate about and Mondoweiss works every day to ensure they reach as many people as possible.

Exciting news: A generous donor has set a challenge for you and the Mondoweiss community. He has promised to contribute $20,000 if we can raise $60,000 by August 1 to press forward in sharing the truth about Palestine. But we can only get there with your help. Please give now.

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The crisis in Palestine affects millions of people—and you care about the humans behind the numbers, the people who have faces, feelings, and families. You rely on us to tell their stories, and they rely on you to share them, to make the rest of the world care as you do.

While Palestinians are constantly dehumanized in the mainstream media, Mondoweiss reporters are there on the ground to offer critical snapshots of humanity. For example, you probably know that during the Great March of Return thousands of protesters have been shot, hundreds killed. But numbers of casualties mean very little in media saturated with competing demands for attention.

Faraj and Ashraf Abu Jazar. Photo by Mohammed Asad.
Faraj and Ashraf Abu Jazar. Photo by Mohammed Asad.

Thanks to Mondoweiss, you have glimpsed the lives of families devastated by Israel’s violence. On February 15, for example, 17-year-old Ashraf Abu Jazar and his 19-year-old brother Kayed were both shot at the Gaza border.

Since the Great March of Return began, three other brothers of theirs were wounded as well—and three more have been injured by Israeli forces in the past. Mahmoud, the oldest son, described protesting at the Gaza fence as his need to “restore some humanity that has been ripped off since you were born.”

And that’s what Mondoweiss sets out to do every day—restore humanity to those the mainstream press casts as faceless victims or terrorists.

Stop and think back for a moment on the stories that have touched you. Was there an event that brought you into the movement? Did you read about Ahed Tamimi, Yasser Murtaja, or Razan al-Najjar—a story that made you feel a real, human connection to someone in Palestine? Have you sent a story to someone that opened their eyes?

Our next story could be the story to change someone’s mind. But we need your ongoing support — tax-deductible in the U.S. — so reporters can do the work. Can we count on you to contribute today?

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Over the next few weeks, we’ll remind you of some of the vivid stories you read this year thanks to Mondoweiss. One story at a time can make a difference—and does. Hundreds of people have told us that reading Mondoweiss helped change their thinking and bring them to solidarity with Palestine. And we need your support to keep telling these powerful stories.

You know these stories aren’t just words on a screen or a page. Compelling stories build power by changing minds. And there is no better proof than the extreme measures Israel and its apologists take to silence these stories. Imprisoning the poet, gunning down the photojournalist, working to outlaw even minimal criticism in the United States. They want to stifle every voice of truth, but as long as we know you’re listening and reading, we’ll keep telling these stories.

With your help these are stories we will and must keep telling.

P.S. Mondoweiss is independent because we are sustained almost entirely by reader support. We can reach thousands of people without trimming our sails editorially or politically, because of you. Your support makes an enormous difference.