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Challenge Extended — so we can reach all who value sharing the truth from Palestine

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A few weeks ago, we announced a challenge to the Mondoweiss community. One of our extraordinary supporters told us that he wanted to use his summer gift to mobilize other readers, and he offered to donate $20,000 if we could raise $60,000 from the rest of you by August 1.

So many of our wonderful readers have responded! In just 16 days since we launched the campaign, we’ve received more than 460 donations and pledges, totaling almost $48,000. But this time of year, a whole lot of you are traveling or have other reasons email appeals may fall through the cracks.

So our generous challenge donor has agreed to extend this drive a few more days, in order to get our message to as many people as possible. Can you donate now, so that we don’t have to leave money on the table?

If you’ve already contributed to the current campaign, we thank you! If not, can you contribute at one of the levels shown here?

Your tax-deductible support will enable Mondoweiss to keep sharing the truth, one story at a time.

Our campaign this summer seeks to remind you of the Mondoweiss stories that have had the greatest impact over recent months. Members of our team have selected specific stories they felt were compelling examples of what you can learn from Mondoweiss, day in and day out — and what you can share with others, in order to change minds.

  • Executive Editor Adam Horowitz shared how he was moved by the story of the Abu Jazar family, whose five sons have all been seriously injured by Israeli forces. A week later, he asked you to revisit the account by Sarah Algherbawi of mothering a baby in Gaza: “With every incoming strike and outgoing rocket, I muffled the sound by holding my hands over Khalil’s ears.”
  • Olivia Katbi Smith, our new Individual Giving Manager, described the impact she felt reading how Gazan journalist Hamza Abu al-Tarabeesh came to realize that he and his colleagues were targets for Israeli snipers. Every week, Hamza says goodbye to his wife and infant son —never knowing if he will return from the protests he covers as a reporter.
  • Mondoweiss founder Phil Weiss wrote about the friendship that developed between two Palestinian political prisoners, poet Dareen Tatour and her young comrade Shorouk Duyat.
  • Executive Director Tova Perlmutter shared her admiration for the work of Mondoweiss Palestine Correspondent Yumna Patel, singling out Yumna’s story about a large family facing eviction from their homes in occupied East Jerusalem.
  • Walaa Ghussein, Editor-At-Large, reminded us all of the lingering effects of trauma and dispossession, even on the lucky few who manage to leave Gaza.
  • Mondoweiss’s new U.S. Correspondent, Michael Arria, asked you to remember the impact of silencing on activists in the U.S., such as the scholar Steven Salaita. Michael condemned the muzzling of countless others like Steven, but pointed out that “together, our voices are too loud to drown out.”
  • Allison Deger, our Associate Editor who spent years reporting from Palestine, highlighted the everyday stories you won’t find anywhere else, like this reporting on the daily difficulties of maneuvering through life with checkpoints.

If any of these stories moved you, please contribute now to help us meet our goal. We need just about 45 more gifts to unlock our challenge before the deadline. Can you give at the level that works for you? Without reader support, Mondoweiss can’t grow and change the wider debate.

And if one of these stories is particularly touching to you, please share it far and wide. We are limited on what we can do using social media ourselves, so we urge you to amplify these messages for us. It reaches more people, and prompts more action, if you include your own reaction and personal response, so please share your reasons for valuing Mondoweiss when you share our appeal. Because sometimes, just one story is all it takes to change a mind.

Now that we have a few days more to meet the challenge, we need you to act! We are reader supported, and without your support, these stories won’t be told. Please support truth-telling for justice in Palestine.