WATCH: A conversation on Palestinian solidarity with black communities

"We can't keep ourselves in these silos of Palestine only or Palestine first...that's not what it's about..At moments like these, we need to lean into our humanity."
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Yesterday, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee held an important webinar with guest speakers Ajamu Amiri Dillahunt (Ph.D. student and Black Youth Project 100 member), Noura Erakat (human rights attorney and Rutgers assistant professor), and lawyer Ahmad Abuznaid (Palestinian-American, organizer, and co-founder of The Dream Defenders)

The informative talk touches on the history of police violence, the connections to U.S. foreign policy, and the need to understand such struggles within a wider global context.

Erakat: “This is part of a continuing legacy. It’s not the ‘Israeli-ization’ of the United States. The United States is a racial colony par excellence and they’ve exported these traditions.”

Amiri Dillahunt: “The institution of policing since its origins has been an enemy of black self-determination and the police have been longterm participants in a war on black America

Abuznaid: “We can’t keep ourselves in these silos of Palestine only or Palestine first…that’s not what it’s about..At moments like these, we need to lean into our humanity.”

You can watch the entire video below and at the ADC Facebook page:

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