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Mondoweiss is there; will you be there for Mondoweiss?

If you believe that freedom in Palestine and human dignity everywhere depend on sharing the truth – we're asking you to give generously to continue Mondoweiss’s journalism for justice.
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Palestine is at a tipping point. The pandemic is spiking in overcrowded refugee camps, villages and Palestinian cities. Israel is planning its illegal and immoral annexation of what’s left of historic Palestine. And the world looks away.

Mondoweiss is there.

Friends of Mondoweiss have pledged $30,000 if you, our supporters, match that amount over the next 10 days. At this very vulnerable and precarious time, your gift will go twice as far to help us meet this challenge. But we must raise $30,000 by July 18.

The Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza are losing their land and livelihoods. Divided into bantustans, they are policed by militarized soldiers, harassed and killed at checkpoints and in their own streets, capriciously denied medical care and freedom to travel, worship and study. Yet, even as they raise their irrepressible voices to support justice in the United States, they remain unseen.

I ask you this: What is likely to happen with this next turn of the screw?

You and I know that annexation has been happening on the ground for decades. What shocks me today is the openness with which Israel and the United States are stealing territory and reinforcing an apartheid system that robs Palestinians of what remains of their land and livelihoods, their dignity and human rights.

What shocks me is the guile of U.S. lawmakers who line Israel’s coffers with billions more in guaranteed foreign aid as the U.S. economy stumbles and one in four Americans is out of work.

What shocks me, as I know it does you, is the utter failure of mainstream media to tell these stories.

Today, the fight for justice is being fought in the United States, in Palestine and in countless places around the world where people are struggling to decolonize power structures. This fight succeeds when people who have been displaced, disenfranchised and dehumanized find support and solidarity. It succeeds when their struggles are seen.

But as you and I have long known, the corporate media’s attention span is short – when they notice at all.

At Mondoweiss, our beat is Palestine and the movements, activists and policymakers who affect what’s happening there. We cover Palestinians’ stories of occupation, resistance and hope – stories that show us all how the world’s struggles interconnect.

Today, I’m asking for your help in continuing this essential work.

Nine years ago, I joined the Mondoweiss team because I felt the urgency to shout the horrors of oppression in Palestine to all who would listen. I believe you share that urgency with me.

If you believe Palestinians’ stories and opinions must be shared broadly – if you believe that freedom in Palestine and human dignity everywhere depend on sharing the truth – I’m asking you to give generously to continue Mondoweiss’s journalism for justice.

Now in our 15th year of publication, Mondoweiss’s fearless, independent journalism is more important than ever. Your support makes Mondoweiss’s essential journalism possible.

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