Jodi Melamed

Israeli forces surround international Jewish activist who refused to evacuate the area, May 03, 2019.

Last week, 11 North American Jews, two Palestinian journalists, and two local Palestinians were arrested for the crime of trying to repair a road connecting five rural Palestinian communities in the Southern West Bank. Jodi Melamed says this action is a crucial example of the “infrastructures of steadfastness” that need to be built to “disrupt the logistics of occupation and strengthen circulations of imagination, resources, and relationships for liberatory world-making together across North America and Israel/Palestine.”

Jodi Melamed is on the front lines of a joint Palestinian-Jewish effort to reclaim confiscated land through strategic nonviolence: taking back the village with a peaceful protest encampment, “Eight days ago, I woke up with 130 other American and international Jews on a rooftop in the South Hebron Hills and in order to avoid being stopped at checkpoints, hiked into the village of Sarura to take part in an unprecedented number of Jews from abroad who are participating in a Palestinian-led coalition seeking to return families forcibly evicted from that village in the 1990s, and to launch a resistance camp, modeled on Standing Rock, to test the power of nonviolence to reverse the systematic displacement of occupation in the West Bank.”