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My Wife Breaks Her Policy Against Explaining Commercials

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From the moment I met my wife 17 years ago, I asked her to explain things to me, because she has more common sense than I do. She drew the line at a couple of things. I wasn’t allowed to ask her what something in a movie meant, during the movie. (I could ask after it was over.) And I wasn’t ever allowed to ask her to explain a commercial. On the grounds that any moron should be able to understand any commercial, I could figure it out for myself, that was beneath her dignity, to be  married to someone who couldn’t understand an ad.

I’m blogging about this because today my wife inadvertently broke her policy. She was in the kitchen and I had on the basketball, and there was this new ad about a guy wanting to sue Coca-Cola Zero for "taste infringement" and going to a lawyer about it. The lawyer is saying flatly to him, "There’s no such thing as taste infringement," and "No, you’ll get fired." I was confused by it, and began asking my wife, who the guy is, what the point of the ad is, and she said, "Don’t you understand, he works at Coke–" Then she realized she was breaking her own firm policy, and left the room.

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