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A Word About My Screwed-Up Policy Re Comments

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I am bad about reading comments. I don’t like to admit this because it is hard to excuse, especially in a blog that claims to care about ideas. My chief reasons are, I don’t get paid for this (and have to make my income elsewhere) and it is psychically-taxing enough to do a blog without also reading the comments and finally, I’m sensitive and if I started reading them I’d think about them nonstop. And yet I know: comments are the life of a blog, I’d learn a lot from comments. I do promise that if I ever get paid to do this, I will get on the case. (For that matter I think this site looks like hell; I’d get on that too…)

This is prompted by a note from Joachim to me at [email protected] telling me that a commenter had smeared his wife. I removed it. I’m a free speech nut; this one was way over the line for me, I have no problem censoring obscenities or vicious namecalling… Readers who need to communicate to me know my email address…

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