The Israel Nexus: Both Gubernatorial Sex Scandals Have Ties to Jewish State

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Haaretz has an AP story saying that the guy who ran the prostitution ring that was former N.Y. Governor Eliot Spitzer’s downfall has an Israeli passport. Seems he’s an Israeli.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Michael H. Dolinger ordered
Mark Brener, 62, of Cliffside Park, N.J., to be held without bail after
the passport and $600,000 in cash were found in his apartment.
Brener’s lawyer…. said her client was a U.S. citizen who had lived in the United States for 20 years.

And Spitzer is of course Jewish. The Israeli angle is of course reminiscent of the cause of former N.J. Gov. James McGreevey’s downfall: his Israeli lover Golan Cipel, a former aide whom McGreevey had met in Israel.

A commenter on the Haaretz site wonders whether Brener is a big giver to Zionist causes. While I would note that McGreevey arranged for Cipel to get a job with the Charles Kushner real estate companies, and the Kushner family, big supporters of Israel, later bought the New York Observer, where I was doing this blog till my criticism of Israel got too hot for the boys over there to handle.

I am sure that the Israel angle in these sex cases will foster conspiracy theories, some of them antisemitic. For myself I say the Israel angle is not a coincidence, in this sense anyway: there is a real sociological nexus in our society now of Jewishness/wealth/power/devotion to Israel. Lest I unleash a pogrom with that statement, let me add that of course there are other nexuses in American life. But this one is a big deal; and journalistic allergicness to it won’t will it away. People will notice, and the media won’t touch it, and the awareness will fester..

The Israel angle in both sex scandals reflects conditions of the American establishment:  my people are principals in American society and Zionism is regnant in Jewish life….

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