IRMEP seeks tax probe of all that U.S. money going to West Bank colonies

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The Insitute for Research: Middle East Policy is alleging that upwards of $50 billion of U.S. funds are going to the landgrab on the West Bank, the "illegal colonization of the West Bank."

And the money is being "laundered," in asmuch as the gifts are considered charitable contributions, and tax-deductible. Says IRMEP of its earlier report on the matter: "The report reveals how violence, land theft, and hopelessness generated by nonprofit money laundering fuels terrorism blowback against the United States."

IRMEP is seeking an IRS investigation of same. I hope there's a congressional investigation of these gifts. Myself I am not sure just what are the legal aspects of the American money going to the West Bank colonies. The argument that it is fueling terrorism "blowback" gains some support from the 9/11 attacks. But the central issue here is that these colonies are wrong, confiscatory and are utterly frustrating American policy, which I thought was the 2-state solution. Let's see if IRMEP's continued push for investigation pays off.

P.S. Richard Silverstein was unable to post the following comment, I'm doing it for him:

is ridiculous.  Look, is it horrible that settlements are supported by
American Jews who receive a tax deduction?  Sure.  But where in God's
name do they come up w. $50-60 billion?  I looked through the linked
article & found a few dollar amts. listed but they don't come anywhere
close to $50-60 billion. I
think we do ourselves & our cause a great disservice when we sling
wild-eyed accusations around w/o basing them on hard, cold verifiable
facts.  I couldn't find many.”

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