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Chas Freeman is a victory the neocons will regret

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I started using the words "dual loyalty" about a year and a half ago. Wondered what door I'd pushed open. Now Commentary's Noah Pollak has accused The American Conservative of "un-American" language over a reference to Israel's "fifth column," and Scott McConnell has hit back, saying Commentary is beginning to lose a power struggle in Jewish intellectual life.

There is a deeper motive to Pollak’s attack. A monumental sea change is
underway in the American Jewish community. For many years, liberal Jews
more or less let AIPAC or Commentary or The New Republic
speak for them on the issues of Israel, Palestine, and the Middle East.
That’s over. J Street has emerged as a new pro-peace PAC to challenge
AIPAC. It opposes the war with Iran that Pollak would like to start. So
do dozens of important bloggers—M.J. Rosenberg, Matt Yglesias, Ezra Klein, Philip Weiss, Tony Karon, Josh Marshall, and David Bromwich, to name a few. Joe Klein, the popular Time writer has been challenging
Freeman’s attackers. Taken together, these writers are challenging the
entire Likudnik ideological complex that stretches from Jerusalem to
the offices of Commentary and The Weekly Standard.

McConnell also cites this staggeringly-fair piece in US News, which credits Chas Freeman's charge that the Israel lobby did him in.

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