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2 state solution needed in a hurry, for U.S. and Israel

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I have a new mantra: Two State Solution Needed for U.S. and Israel. I’m going to keep repeating it till I’m blue-and-white in the face. (Get it?) Where do our borders stop? Where does our sovereignty blur away into Israelness? Who’s the loyal opposition, and where’s its loyalty? Haaretz: Obama’s lost Senate seat is a victory for Netanyahu [emphasis mine]:

No Israeli politician matches his steps to the political goings-on in the U.S. as much as Netanyahu. He dragged out negotiations over the settlement freeze and then decided it would last for 10 months and end in September – just in time for U.S. Congressional elections in which Democrats are expected to suffer heavy losses.

Netanyahu understood he must withstand the pressure until his right-wing supporters recapture a position of power on Capitol Hill and work to rein in the White House’s political activities. The election in Massachusetts, one of the most liberal states in America, will from this moment on be a burden for Obama.

Proponents of the peace process will view this as a missed opportunity for Obama, who spent his first year in office on fruitless diplomatic moves that failed to restart talks between Israel and the Palestinians. From now on, it will be harder for Obama.

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