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Harvard sandbox man on defensive

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Martin Kramer story, in the Harvard Crimson. It’s about time the neocons are put on the spot, eh? They used to put realists on the spot, and lefties. Mood is shifting. Watch out David Frum and Bill Kristol, the money will dry up next!

“I called on [Western countries] to desist from deliberately encouraging births through pro-natal subsidies for Palestinian ‘refugees,’ which guarantee that Gazans will remain both radicalized and dependent,” Kramer wrote on his blog, entitled “Sandbox.”

While several critics have equated Kramer’s proposal with genocide, some students on campus took issue with the comments’ implications for refugee children.

“What Kramer is essentially calling for is population control by starvation,” said Felix de Rosen ’13, a member of the Palestinian Solidarity Committee (PSC). “If you really want to control population growth, you do it through development, not by starving the children of refugees.”

Kramer told the audience that in countries in which the median population age is less than 20—among Palestinians, the median age is 17, he said—“Islamist radicalization is taking place on a massive scale.”

Citing Osama bin Laden, who is the 17th of 55 children, Kramer stated that “radical Islam is a way for the superfluous sons to enter history.”

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