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Israel’s former ambassador to Hungary, writing in Haaretz:

It is possible to hazard many possible reasons for why Israel is so hated and it is also possible to imagine the consequences of delving into this, but precisely for that reason I repeat that it is necessary to employ hasbara professionals.

It is necessary to see that a "tool box" is provided to every Israeli ambassador and "flack" suited to the task with which he has been charged. Before I set out on my mission in Hungary I bought more than 100 copies of the book "The Case for Israel," written by American lawyer Alan Dershowitz. I gave it out there to people in the administration, academics and ambassadors. The well-reasoned, fact-based book gave them an opportunity to understand the Israeli side better and to admire the State of Israel.

If we continue to tread water, take an apologetic stance, stammer and shoot from the hip, we shouldn’t be surprised if a lot more Goldstone reports await us..

Israeli columnist Yair Lapid is also inspired by "leftist" Dersh and his "simple facts" to see all the Goldstone criticism as anti-Semitism.

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