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Dowd commenters are sick of the special relationship

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The jig is up. I think the special relationship with Israel is slowly coming to an end. Because people are on to it. Just read the angry comments on Maureen Dowd’s latest column. Every one I saw was Done with this. Two of ’em:

June Gudmundsdottir:

Once a tireless champion of the state of Israel, I have grown tired. I no longer want to support them as a client state. I would like to allow them to handle their own affairs and I would like us to stay out of it. Let them build their own helicopters if it is so important that they have helicopters, and let them build their own peace if it is so important that they have peace.

Jumper from Carolina:

One summer evening during the U.S. civil rights turmoil, I was sitting on the back porch steps with my best friend and his father. We lived in the northern U.S. In Sunday school we’d learned to sing the ditty about, "…red and yellow, black and white,they are all precious in His sight." We also knew the South was called the Bible Belt.

My friend asked why the people in the South were acting the way they did if they were so religious.

His father thought for a bit and replied, "I don’t know. What I do know is that the only way you judge a person is by what’s in his heart and you know that by how he treats others. And, that means people judge you the same way." A wise lesson that’s served me well.

We give Israel a lot of our tax money. Now we ask that they take positive action to achieve peace with their neighbor to improve world security.

Then we see how they treat us and how they treat their impoverished neighbor.

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