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Producer of ‘Budrus’ set his sights on–

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I keep saying that the Israel lobby, whose power the lobby itself poo-poos, is a giant tower of Jewish history whose chronicles will fill library shelves one day when it’s no longer controversial. Dershowitz, Philip Roth and John Mearsheimer have all written about it. The day approaches. The Jewish Community Center in Manhattan held its annual benefit Monday night. They served a buffet followed by discussions. One a panel (called "Lights, Camera, Social Action") was on social action filmmaking moderated by Jane Eisner of the Forward. The last question was what film would you make if you had unlimited funding? In other words, your dream film if money were no object. Daniel J. Chalfen, producer of the new documentary Budrus about Palestinians fighting confiscation of their lands, said he wants to make a film about the Israel lobby and its changing dynamic within American Jewry.

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