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‘Newsweek’ justifies collective punishment in Gaza

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Strange interview of Richard Goldstone by Dan Ephron at Newsweek, tilted (I meant titled, but let it stand) "A Necessary Mistake." Ephron seems to be standing in for the Israelis throughout, saying, Well what’s Israel to do under rocket attack? and saying "very little of it is a wall," in reference to the barrier in the West Bank; Ephron says he couldn’t get away with such a characterization as a journalist. I’ve seen it; a lot of it is a wall. I don’t see one question here about what the massive Israeli onslaught did to the Palestinians. Oh and here’s the collective punishment exchange. Suddenly Goldstone is asking the questions.

Goldstone: What was the intent of smashing up the infrastructure of Gaza? To punish the people for supporting Hamas? Is it to help get peace? None of it has been explained.

Ephron: Well, maybe to make Gazans turn against their leadership, to make it clear this is what happens when terrorists are in power. 

G: And it doesn’t work. And it hasn’t worked. And even if it does, it’s illegal. And that’s what the report is all about.

E: Well, Israelis would respond that the rocket attacks are illegal.

G: Absolutely, but one doesn’t justify the other.

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