Jim-Crow Journalism: Were there really no Palestinian analysts available for latest NYT article?

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Earlier today I posted Noam Chomsky’s insight that American intellectual culture has complete contempt for Arab public opinion. Well, the New York Times’s Mark Landler interviewed Dan Kurtzer, Yigal Palmor, Dan Levy, David Makovsky about their opinions on the Obama administration’s failure to get anything from Netanyahu on the so-called settlement freeze.

Not a single Palestinian, and they’re the ones directly affected!

And it was less than a month ago that Helene Cooper wrote in the Times about ethnic profiling at Ben Gurion  without bothering to interview a single Palestinian.

And remember Andrew Sullivan nailing Ben Smith of Politico for writing a piece on the settlement freeze charade and quoting a dozen neocons. “There is not a single quote from a single Palestinian in the entire piece,” Sullivan writes. Actually there may have been one. Bupkus. I don’t understand why this isn’t a scandal.

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