Good guys actually won this shootout at the Hasbara Corral

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I hear that NPR had a very good report on Israel cracking down on dissent; you can see the Jawaher Abu Rahma Killed-by-Israel poster at the link. And the IDF already seems to be abandoning the claim that Abu Rahma wasn’t even at the protest in Bil’in. Hanan Greenberg, who offered the original report that “Palestinians lied” about her teargassing, now tries to walk the story back in Ynet:

Assessments made by IDF officials Monday determining that Jawaher Abu Rahma not only did not choke to death by tear gas but did not even attend the Bilin anti-fence protest prompted the outrage of activists who participated in the rally and saw the woman with their own eyes. On Tuesday, criticism was also leveled by IDF officers claiming that army elements were quick to make assumptions before all the facts had been checked.

“In these types of events, matters should be examined in a thorough and level-handed manner instead of rushing to conclusions based on mere thoughts,” an IDF officer said. He noted that unlike the manner in which the army conducts operational inquiries, the probe in this case was based on Palestinian documents which do not yield concrete conclusions but hypotheses at best.

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