The teargas grenades that killed Jawaher Abu Rahmah were most likely ‘made in the USA’

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Jeff Klein and a tear gas grenade in Bil’in.

Correction: The tear gas used in Bil’in is manufactured by Combined Tactical Systems, Inc, based in Jamestown, Pennsylvania, not the Defense Technology Corporation of America as reported below. For more information see here.

Regarding Ahmed Moor’s report from Bil’in:

Those rubber teargas grenades (rubber so they bounce along spreading the gas rather than get stuck in one place) are “Made in USA.” I believe that the 40mm teargas shells are also made in USA.

This is one of the tear gas grenades thrown at us by the Israeli Army at a demonstration against the Apartheid Wall outside the West Bank village of Bil’in. It is made by the Defense Technology Corporation of America, headquartered in Casper, Wyoming –

Stinger® Rubber Ball Grenade - CS

First ResponseCrowd ManagementTactical Deployment
Stinger® Rubber Ball Grenade
1088 CS
1089 OC
1090 Rubber Pellet Only

To psychologically and physiologically maximize less-lethal force against the most stubborn of crowds, the Stinger® rubber ball grenade offers the multiple stimulus of light, sound, rubber pellets and optional CS or OC chemical agents.


cid:image007.gif@01C7033E.15167F001088 CS
cid:image007.gif@01C7033E.15167F001089 OC
cid:image007.gif@01C7033E.15167F001090 Rubber Pellet Only

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