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Report: Israeli company recruits mercenaries to support Gadhafi

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Libya opposition prepares for ‘battle’

Here is a great map of Who Controls What in Libya

Now before we get to Gadhafi’s crimes, the reports of an Israeli company’s support for the mercenaries:

Report: Israel company recruiting Gadhafi mercenaries
TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma’an) — An Israeli company is recruiting mercenaries to support Moammar Gadhafi’s efforts to suppress an uprising against his regime, an Israeli news site said Tuesday.

Report about Israeli recruiting of mercenaries from Al Jazeera Arabic

Hebrew report about Israeli recruiting of mercenaries from Israeli press

Here’s a translation from Avi, a regular commenter at this site, of above Hebrew article:

The article states that the weapons were provided by an Israeli company that’s made up of former generals in the Israeli army.

The article states that in the past, the company was under investigation for illegal sales to another African country, but this time, according to Egyptian sources, the company received explicit approval when the company’s CEO whose name was specifically mentioned in the document (there’s no link to that document within the body of the article) had met with the head of Aman (Hebrew acronym for Intelligence Directorate) Aviv Kokhavi and later with the Minister of Defense Barak and PM Netanyahu. That CEO, the article explains, had received the approval of the aforementioned officials to go ahead and recruit mercenaries as Israel fears the establishment of a Muslim Caliphate in Qaddafi’s place.

It adds that the Libyan ruler seeks to establish an army of 50,000 mercenaries who will arrive from different areas in order to break apart the anti-government rebellion.

Up until now I was paraphrasing the translation, but the article contains too many details. So, I’ll resume verbatim:

It is further reported that representatives of the Israeli company that deals in arms sales and serves as a broker for fighters had met with Libya’s intelligence chief, Abdallah Sannusi. The meeting took place in Chad, another African state. The final details of the deal were agreed upon in that meeting. Chad, Libya’s and Sudan’s neighbor to the south has had intimate relations with Israel for several decades now.

It should be noted that mercenaries who had already arrived in Tripoli, left from Chad and that is a provable fact. According to publications in the west, Qaddafi pays the company that deals in recruiting mercenaries 2,000 USD per day, per fighter. From that, the mercenaries personally receive about $100 per day. This is a brokerage deal to the tune of billions of dollars. The money is paid to the African supervisors who bring their gangs and rake in a fortune. The large amounts include weapons and ammunition that mercenaries use, and compensation for the mercenaries’ families in the event that fighters are killed, injured, or fall in captivity.

Simultaneously, it should be noted that the United States, Britain and perhaps NATO have decided to begin an aerial siege [no-fly zone] on Libya, also in order to prevent entry of mercenaries to the state.

The rebels in Libya have already succeeded in capturing a few tens of mercenaries and display them to the media. Qadhaffi himself denies having recruited fighters outside the country and said that more than half the subjects of Libya are “blacks, therefore the media errs for mistaking them for mercenaries”. [End of article]

Gadafhi’s crimes:
New air strikes in Libya oil town
New air strikes are launched against the oil town of Brega a day after pro-Gaddafi forces failed to capture it from protesters, sources in the town say.

Gaddafi amasses army of African mercenaries
After decades of financing and training rebels and liberation movements, Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi is accused of using his influence to amass an army of mercenaries from across sub-Saharan Africa. Liberia, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Chad, Mali and Zimbabwe.

Human rights group: At least 6,000 dead in Libya
Libyan Human Rights League provides shocking estimate of death toll as Gaddafi continues to battle anti-government forces; meanwhile, International Criminal Court to probe possible crimes against humanity in Libya.,7340,L-4036798,00.html

Qaddafi Forces Capture 3 Dutch Aviators
The Netherlands is negotiating for the release of three members of a Dutch naval helicopter crew who have been held since Sunday while rescuing European citizens.

Doubts surround Gaddafi’s chemical weapons arsenal
WASHINGTON, March 2 (Reuters) – U.S. intelligence agencies are reporting that forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi have stepped up security around Libya’s principal remaining stockpile of agents used in chemical weapons.  But U.S. agencies are unsure they know where all of the Libyan chemical stockpiles are located, officials said.

Gaddafi’s military capabilities
As fighting in Libya intensifies, attention is now turning to the stockpile of weapons Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan leader, may have built up over four decades of rule. Fears over what Gaddafi could have at his disposal, however, may well not match up with reality, given that the airworthiness of his fighter jets is being questioned, and that years of sanctions and neglect may have rendered much of the army’s equipment useless. Al Jazeera’s Tim Friend reports.

Libyan Warplanes Attack Rebel-Held Eastern Towns
Libyan rebels withstood ground and air attacks on the Mediterranean port city of Brega on Wednesday, blunting a major counter-offensive by forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi in a seesaw battle that lasted much of the day.

Gaddafi’s forces attack Libya’s Brega
Some of the fiercest fighting since the uprising in Libya began last month has taken place in Brega, one of many town controlled by the opposition in the east of the country. About 300 men loyal to Muammar Gaddafi attacked Brega early on Wednesday morning. Later, an airforce bomber circled the town, and Al Jazeera’s Tony Birtley was about 70 metres from where a missile hit.

Libya unrest: Tripoli fights back
Libyan government forces are moving east and re taking some towns from the rebels

Libya warplanes bomb oil district, in ongoing offensive to retake east
Offensive began at dawn on Wednesday, sparking rebel call for foreign air strikes on African mercenaries they said were helping Gadhafi stay in power; estimates of death toll range between five and 14.

Kadafi loyalists, rebels fight for control of Libyan oil facility
Government forces attack a key oil facility and air base in rebel-controlled Port Brega, their first offensive in eastern Libya since rebel fighters took control.  Libyan government forces launched a counterattack against a key oil facility and air base in rebel-controlled eastern Libya on Wednesday morning as Moammar Kadafi vowed to “fight until the last man and woman.”,0,7151561.story

Deadly fighting as Gadhafi tries to retake rebel-held town
Tripoli, Libya (CNN) — Libyan aircraft bombed a section of eastern Libya on Wednesday as leader Moammar Gadhafi tried to take back control of an area seized by the opposition.

Gaddafi: Libya dignity under attack
He said that the world did not understand the Libyan system that puts power in the hands of the people. “The people are free to chose the authority they see fit,” he said.

Lisa Holland, interviews Saif Gaddafi
Transcript: Susan Rice, the US Ambassador to the United Nations, called your father delusion and unfit to lead.  Is he aware that these comments have been made?

Middle East: Too Late, Qaddafi Seeks the Aid of Muslim Clerics
The Libyan leader’s attempt to woo religious leaders came after several moral figures, both inside and outside Libya, backed the pro-democracy protesters.

EXCLUSIVE: Gaddafi bunker photo gallery

Saif Gaddafi Exposed [ENGLISH SUBTITLES]
Watch video here:
This worthless excuse of a man will pay for his crimes against humanity.
Supporters- [chanting] ‘Only God, Muammar & Libya.’
Saif — guys, guys, listen, listen We need high spirits [More chanting]
Saif: Listen, listen brothers, the people have said the police force have joined the protesters, but today we will prove the opposite (Context — Saif is hinting at an idea — to equip his supporters with police clothing and request them to enter the protests undercover.)
Saif:Do you need weapons?!
Supporters reply: Yes, Yes, Yes!
Saif: One minute please, you will receive all the support, all the facilities and weapons etc. Everything will be okay, and you will be victorious.
Supporters: [Chanting] ‘Only God, Muammar & Libya.’ Oh Al Jazeera you despicable, we need no other than our leader Gaddafi’
Saif: ‘Today we’re not inviting you for rice & meat’ (Libyan saying — meaning: we mean business). This is what I want to tell you today.’
Supporters: [chanting] ‘We will show them (the protesters), ‘we will bring it back (the country back to Gaddafi’s power).’ ‘The population needs Col. Muammar.’
Saif- listen, listen, this is your country … now we shall leave, and you have all the backing. But your country [unknown word] Italians. The protesters you confront are nothing; they are bums, brats and druggies. Today brothers, Tripoli that you live in, will be cleared (of protesters).
Supporters :[chanting] With spirit and blood we support you our leader’ (Gaddafi)
Saif: I shall leave now, and I will send you weapons. Tonight I will return with more people and weapons.
PLEASE READ THIS!!! . Publicly he tells the worlds press that everything is fine in Libya and everything being reported is lies. However, we know the truth. The links below will direct you to countless human rights atrocities committed by the Gaddafi’s over the last week. They deny everything. This is what he is desperate for the world not to know about. EXPOSE THE BASTARD. warning the images are brutally graphic
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5
Link 6
Link 7
Link 8
Link 9
link 10

Nurses held in Libya ‘were tortured’
In 2004 five Bulgarian nurses were found guilty by a Libyan court of deliberately infecting hundreds of children at a Benghazi hospital with HIV. The nurses, who have always maintained their innocence, say they had been tortured into confessing. They spent years on death row before finally being freed and sent home in 2007. Sonia Gallego spoke with them.

The Opposition Gains More Ground, Everyday
Libyan opposition rejects U.S. weapons offer
The Libyan opposition has asserted that it is fully capable of toppling Muammar Qadhafi, rebuffing calls from influential quarters in Washington for weapon supplies to hasten the collapse of the regime.

Youth of Tripoli: Freedom this Friday!
O youth of Tripoli, our appointment with freedom is on Friday. O youth of Abu Sleem and Al Hadba. O youth of Ghot Ashaal and Al Drebeee. O youth of Gorjee, AsSiyaheeya and Girgaresh. O BuSleem and Fashloom and Souq Al Jummah. You are the ones who wanted to changed and demanded for it because you seek pride, dignity and freedom. You want to live in the level that agrees with your wealth from oil. Here the opportunity has arrived. You will come forth on Friday to prove to this tyrant that you are worthy of a dignified life and that he cannot oppress you anymore than that, and that your brothers in Benghazi are not better than you. Our appointment is Friday.

Libyan opposition prepares for offensive against Gaddafi
BENGHAZI, Libya (IPS) – As the defectors from the Libyan army organize the weapons they have recovered from Muammar Gaddafi’s strongholds in the region, thousands of Libyan men are volunteering to join the soldiers in a possible attack on Tripoli to oust Gaddafi from power.

Libyan rebel volunteers pour in
The ragtag groups of fighters, many untrained and some not as young as others, have proved surprisingly effective so far. And Kadafi’s army isn’t exactly a crack force. The new recruit has a middle-aged paunch and a silver beard.,0,841696.story

Libya rebels regain Brega town
At least 10 killed as rebels fought intense battles to repel Muammar Gaddafi’s forces from key oil port town of Brega.

Aftermath of bomb dropped on city of Brega
The photo shows a crater near the campus of Al-Najm University in Brega due to an air-strike from pro-Gaddafi forces. The people of Brega were able to fight them off with help of the people of Ijdabya. Murad Warfally, of the University of Benghazi, tells Al Jazeera’s Jacky Rowland of today’s fighting in Brega.

Libya rebels halt Gaddafi attack
Rebel forces in the eastern Libyan town of Brega fight off an attack by soldiers loyal to Col Muammar Gaddafi.

Libyan rebels foil attack on Brega
Untrained fighters defend key oil port against ground and air attack, as Gaddafi loyalists beaten back.

Libya rebels celebrate ‘victory’
Rebels in Libya celebrate after fighting off an attempts by troops loyal to Col Muammar Gaddafi to retake the eastern oil port of Brega.

Gun fight in Benghazi Feb 21st
Gun fight near the Brega Company headquarters, Jamal Abdul Naser Street, Al-Berka, Benghazi. The fight is said to be between the Libyan people and mercenaries. Soldiers who joined the people’s revolution can be seen helping out.

Translated: Phenomenal footage of Battle for Brega today

Breaking Footage: Clashes in Brega (March 2nd)

Military personnel engaging in revolution

Captured Pro-Gaddafi Soldier, Brega (March 2nd)

Translated: Captured soldier from Al Brega battle today

African Mercenaries Captured Libya 03.02.2011

Liberated Libya Rejects US Intervention

Video: Libya analysis: ‘A sign of weakness at the heart of the regime’
The Guardian’s Middle East editor, Ian Black, assesses Muammar Gaddafi’s counter-offensive, his latest speech in Tripoli and the prospects of a no-fly zone

On the revolutionary road in Libya

Amazing: Small boy in Al Bayda speaks gems

Young Boy from Bayda Encourages the People of Libya and His Cousin in Tripoli to Fight for Their Country
“To every guy, to every child, to every man, to every woman, to every girl, to every boy,  I will say, good luck.”
And I will say we will fight… to the end”
Powerful words from the young voice of Libya..

Amazing: Misratah demonstrates in huge numbers 1st March

Amazing: Misratah gathers and burns The Green Books

Burning the Green Book

Sister cries for her brother in critical condition, Benghazi

Media & Repression/Suppression
Cameramen targeted by Gaddafi mercenaries

Libya refugee crisis worsens
UN urges rapid action to help thousands of refugees before the exodus turns into a full-blown humanitarian crisis.

U.N.: More than 140,000 Have Fled Libyan Clashes
Reports have emerged of a dire situation on Libya’s borders with Tunisia and Egypt, where tens of thousands have fled to evade the clashes. We speak to Elizabeth Tan of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. [includes rush transcript]

Fears grow for Libya migrants as thousands flee
Amnesty International has warned of a growing humanitarian crisis as thousands of migrants leave the country during continuing unrest.

Europe to help Libya stranded
Emergency airlifts launched as more than 140,000 refugees pour into Tunisia and Egypt.

Black Africans in Libya live in fear
While many have hailed the revolt against Muammar Gaddafi’s rule in Libya as symptomatic of a nationalistic desire for freedom and equality, there is a dark side to this revolution. Many African migrant workers report that they have been attacked by anti-government protesters, after having been mistaken for mercenaries hired by Gaddafi. They say that their businesses have been attacked, and residents of Benghazi, an opposition stronghold say they are too afraid to even venture out of their houses. Al Jazeera’s Jacky Rowland reports from Benghazi, in eastern Libya.

The Lede: Latest Updates on Libya’s Revolt and Mideast Protests

On Thursday, The Lede is following the uprising in Libya and protest movements across North Africa and the Middle East.

Court probes Gaddafi’s ‘crimes’
The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court says he will investigate Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi for crimes against humanity.

Gaddafi warns of bloodbath if West intervenes
TRIPOLI – Libyan strongman Moamer Kadhafi warned on Wednesday “thousands” would die if the West intervened to support the uprising against him, as rebels drove back an attack by his forces on an eastern town.  The chilling warning came as western powers dampened expectations of any early imposition of a no-fly zone over Libya, amid a clamour from western states for action to prevent Kadhafi’s warplanes from attacking his own people.

Gaddafi accepts Chavez talks offer

Embattled Libyan leader accepts mediation offer from Venezuelan ally in bid to solve political crisis.

U.S. wants to know who’s in charge of Libyan revolution

Efforts to identify the uprising’s leaders and their long-term goals provide no clear answers. But at a time when international support is an urgent issue, the U.S. needs to figure out who speaks for the Libyan public.,0,5986935.story

Libya no-fly zone would require bombing raids: US
Enforcing a no-fly zone over Libya would first require bombing the north African nation’s air defense systems, top US commander General James Mattis warned Tuesday.

David Cameron defends no-fly zone plan for Libya
Prime Minister David Cameron has insisted the UK is right to be looking at plans for a no-fly zone over Libya.

Polish FM on Libya: No no-fly, let them work it out internally
As the United States contemplates implementing a no-fly zone in Libya, don’t expect Poland to lead the campaign among European powers to support international or NATO military intervention. “It’s an internal Libyan conflict so far,” Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski told Foreign Policy in an exclusive interview on Wednesday.

Libya: Russia, China join France in opposing military action against Gaddafi
Russia and China have expressed misgivings about military action against the Libyan regime, and are opposing the establishment of no-fly zones over the strife-torn north African country.

US UK, French forces land in Libya: India sending 3 warships in support
Western forces are reportedly preparing to set-up training bases for local militias set-up by the rebel forces for an effective control of the oil-rich region and counter any push by pro- Qaddafi forces from Tripoli.

Arabs may impose Libya no fly zone
International concern grows over violence in Libya with Arab state ministers saying they could impose a “no-fly” zone.

Arab League hails dawn of ‘new era’ of revolutions against tyranny
Arab ministers hold unprecedented silent memorial for ‘martyrs’ of revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia; Amr Moussa: The Arab people will stand against tyranny.

Revealed: David Cameron’s secret talks with Tony Blair over Libya crisis
David Cameron has been secretly consulting Tony Blair about Libya despite publicly criticising his links with Colonel Gaddafi.  Senior officials say the Prime Minister has held at least two conversations in the past fortnight with the former Labour premier, now a Middle East peace envoy. Mr Cameron has consulted Mr Blair about the Libyan dictator’s state of mind and sought advice about how to make him quit.

BREAKING: Aircrafts filled with American dollars leave Miteega Air Base
Reliable sources have reported to Almanara Media that a number of aircrafts took off from Miteega Air Base today and last night piloted by Algerian captains to unknown destinations. These aircrafts were reported to be carrying containers filled with dollar notes and with no passengers onboard.

“Envoy of Death” omitted from UN sanctions list
Musa Kusa, the Libyan foreign minister who became known as “the envoy of death,” is not on the United Nations sanctions list, a notable omission that has lit up the exile tweetersphere. Kusa earned the grisly moniker years ago for his role in assassinating and kidnapping opposition figures abroad. After the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks Kusa, Gadaffi’s intelligence chief at the time, was directed to cooperate with the CIA on terrorism. The U.S.-educated Kusa reprised the role when the strongman decided to dismantle his weapons of mass destruction programs in exchange for lifting sanctions against the country for its role in the 1989 downing of PanAm Flight 103…”

Nouri al-Mismari “leave the remaining tasks to us”
Nouri al-Mismari, Gaddafi’s former head of protocol told Al Jazeera that Libyans wanted foreign military help to “neutralise” the air force – “then leave the remaining tasks to us.”

Spain freezes assets owned by Gadhafi regime
MADRID: Spain announced Wednesday it was freezing assets owned by Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi’s regime, including a vast tract of land on the Costa del Sol. The decision tightens a global financial chokehold on Gadhafi’s regime, its assets already blocked in the U.S., Canada, Switzerland, Britain, Austria and Germany. “We will proceed with the embargo or freezing of Ghadafi’s assets in Spain,” a government spokesman said.

Kadafi said to be hurting from loss of oil revenue
The attack on Port Brega shows he wants to regain control of Libya’s oil fields and refineries, which have been crucial to his 41-year hold on power. But it is unclear whether he has amassed enough wealth to keep his patronage system going.,0,2953769.story

British firms stand to lose millions in revolt
Britain stands to lose hundreds of millions of pounds in exports to Libya as a result of the country’s bloody revolution, a former government minister warned yesterday.  Lord Trefgarne, chairman of the Libyan British Business Council and a minister in the Thatcher government, said: “We have about £1.5bn of trade in total, of which the largest part is imports of Libyan crude oil and gas into the United Kingdom, but we had visible exports of approaching £400m last year that I guess must be at stake.”

Russia to lose $4 bln in arms exports to Libya: official
Russia is to lose $4 billion in arms exports to Libya due to the imposition of U.N. sanctions against Moamer Kadhafi’s regime, the head of state industrial holding Russian Technologies said Thursday.

Libya unrest tests China’s interests in the Middle East
Beijing’s successful evacuation of tens of thousands of Chinese from Libya has highlighted China’s growing role in North Africa and the Middle East.

The Dictator has fans: Chavez: U.S. distorting situation in Libya ‘to justify an invasion’
“Let’s not get carried away by the drums of war, because the United States, I am sure that they are exaggerating and distorting things to justify an invasion,” Chavez said Monday, according to Venezuelan state media.

Gaddafi Son’s Book Plans Dropped Amid Plagiarism Charges
NEW YORK — In addition to the decadent New Year’s Eve parties, confabs with neoconservative pundits and dinner parties with Wall Street kingpins, the Gaddafi family had aspirations to succeed in the book world. Oxford University Press made a deal with Saif Gaddafi, the second son of Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi, to publish as a book his doctoral thesis on “soft power” and democracy, “The Role of Civil Society in the Democratization of Global Governance Institutions.” As one of the most respected publishing houses in academia, the contract was an honor for the young Gaddafi, who was being groomed as his father’s likely successor. In order to boost sales and push it on the bestseller lists, Saif Gaddafi offered to purchase 20,000 copies of the book, reports the London Evening Standard.

Beyonce donated Gaddafi-linked money to Haiti
LOS ANGELES – Grammy-winning singer Beyonce donated money received for a New Year’s Eve concert reportedly for Moamer Kadhafi’s son to help Haiti relief over a year ago, a spokeswoman said Wednesday. Beyonce gave the money away as soon as she learned of the Kadhafi connection to the concert at a private party on the Caribbean island of St. Barts on December 31, 2009.

Video: Demonstrations outside Libyan embassy in London today

HRW Libya: Q&A on Libya and the International Criminal Court
On March 3, 2011, the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) announced he would open an investigation into the situation in Libya. This follows the referral on February 26, 2011 by the United Nations (UN) Security Council-by a vote of 15-0-of the situation in the Libya since February 15, 2011 to the ICC prosecutor.

Calling for a no-fly zone
What exactly is a no-fly zone, and how does it work? What does it take for the UN to allow a no-fly zone over Libya? And Can a no-fly-zone over Libya really help to end the violence in Libya?

Robert Fisk: The historical narrative that lies beneath the Gaddafi rebellion
Poor old Libyans. After 42 years of Gaddafi, the spirit of resistance did not burn so strongly. The intellectual heart of Libya had fled abroad.

The Battle of Brega: Qaddafi Compared to Netanyahu in Arab Press, Juan Cole
Aljazeera English reported on the Battle of Brega just as it was concluding on Wednesday afternoon, describing relatively ineffectual bombing raids by Tripoli even as partisans of the liberation movement pushed pro-Qaddafi troops out of the city.

The Qadhafi social network, Issandr El Amrani
This is a first attempt at mapping the social and power networks around Muammar al-Qadhafi using existing reporting, Wikileaks cables from Tripoli, and a few academic sources. Any complementary information and corrections are appreciated. Please do not use this for any commercial or reporting purposes without contacting me first.  Large PDF version for download here.

What Gaddafi did for the CIA and MI6
This is why the West suddenly fell in love with Gaddafi a few years back. He was the CIA’s preferred torturer. As opposition groups in Libya take over areas outside of the capital, state prisons and military buildings are being searched.

Libya uprising: 5 steps the world is taking
The international community is struggling to respond to the escalating Libya conflict. Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi has warned of “bloodshed” if other countries intervene, and the opposition rebels have yet to formally request military assistance. Here’s what’s been done so far.

Qaddafi’s foray east fails to dampen Libya uprising
Forces loyal to Muammar Qaddafi pushed east today toward the oil town of Brega, but retreated west after clashes with ‘Free Libyan’ forces.

American Intervention in Libya, Ali Younes – Washington, D.C.
According to high level sources here in Washington, the U.S government is about to take a decision, or already made it, to intervene directly in the Libyan crises by having its warships dock at the Libyan eastern ports. This mean that U.S ground forces, Marines and support units will establish Forward Operating Bases (FOB) in coastal Libyan cities to coordinate with the Libyan “opposition” and establish a parallel Libyan government in the event that the regime of Moammar Qaddafi did not fall or toppled in the coming days.

Intervention in Libya would poison the Arab revolution | Seumas Milne
Western military action against Gaddafi risks spreading the conflict and undermining the democratic movement. It’s as if the bloodbaths of Iraq and Afghanistan had been a bad dream. The liberal interventionists are back. As insurrection and repression has split Libya in two and the death toll has mounted, the old Bush-and-Blair battle-cries have returned to haunt us. The same western leaders who happily armed and did business with the Gaddafi regime until a fortnight ago have now slapped sanctions on the discarded autocrat and blithely referred him to the international criminal court the United States won’t recognise.

Libya: A state of terror
As Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan president, wages war against a popular uprising, Libyan exiles and defectors explain how terror has long been a tool of the regime.

Another Tidal Wave is Needed, George S. Hishmeh – Washington, D.C.
The spark that the impoverished Tunisian fruit peddler, Mohammed Bouazizi, lit in his self-immolation act in protest for his mistreatment and humiliation by a policewoman is still ablaze within many of the Arab regimes anciens, regrettably abundant in the Arab World. Already two discredited presidents – Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and Zine El Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia – have been kicked out of office and a third, the “delusional” leader of Libya, Moammar Gaddafi, is expected to follow suit anytime soon.

The Arab Revolution and Anti-Imperialism
Tunisia falls. Egypt falls. Anti-imperialism gets a shot in the arm. Ben-Ali and Mubarak, who for decades acted as nothing but Western stooges, are forced from power and the global order trembles. Cracks emerge under our feet and we all wonder; what next? We are too close to these events to truly realise their magnitude. However, what must be made emphatically clear is that the global order stands or falls with the Pan-Arab revolution. The fighting in the Arab street is a transnational fight of epic proportions. While it is a fight for dignity, a fight for rights and a fight for fairness – these battles cannot be pitched without truly knowing one’s enemy – the forces of empire.

The people on the street document casualties – why can’t governments? | John Sloboda
Those who have died in the Arab uprisings are being memorialised. War victims have a right to the same attention. The turmoil engulfing the Arab world has upturned so many familiar assumptions that governments (whether inside or outside the Arab region) are struggling to find some sure footholds from which to chart their stance and course of action.

Steve Bell on Gaddafi and the Libya protests – cartoon

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