Shame on Israel: Jews who kill

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JPost: Palestinians who try to force their way into West Bank settlements during the mass protests in favor of statehood anticipated for September 20 “will be shot,” chief settler security officer Shlomo Vaknin told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday.


I am ashamed , I am mortified. Why doesn’t the world stand up to this potential slaughter? As the UN goes into Libya to bring down yet another “dictator,” Israel is committing the worst crimes against humanity and I am sick. Many of us are sick. You see the demonstrations and the resistance coming from many venues, yet the US, the country that preaches democracy, remains completely complicit, refuses to see, to acknowledge the crimes against humanity. I feel as if I am witness to Marat Sade, as we watch the lunatics play out their diabolical missions. Enough, I say. 

“I am mortified, your blood has turned to ice. Israel, not my Israel, country of lies and deception.

Give me the strength to resist to cry out NO!

You who have dehumanized the “other” as you were once dehumanized. You who know the final solution.

Have you learned nothing?

Has your history inflicted madness on you? Have you lost your reason?

Don’t you know you are killing yourselves, you demonize the hated self that was so demonized onto you only two generations ago.

You perpetuate hate and do not know what you are doing.

For God’s sake end this monstrous behavior before it’s too late.”

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