Israeli army policy of calling West Bank ‘Judea and Samaria’ ups the likelihood of religious conflict

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 Mairav Zonszein reports at +972:

According to a report in Israel National News, the commander of Israel Army Radio, the national radio station in Israel operated by the Israel Defense Forces, has determined that all the station’s reporters should refer to the West Bank as “Judea and Samaria.”  The report states the decision was made as a result of complaints made by Israel Media Watch that the radio station’s referral to the area as the “West Bank” gives the impression to listeners that the territory does not in fact belong to Israel.

Even Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon refers to the area as “the West Bank” in his famous “hasbara” (PR) video explaining why the land is in fact not occupied – but I am all for calling the area “Judea and Samaria.” Since Israel looks like a theocracy and acts like a theocracy, it might as well talk like one too.

I shot the picture below in Gaza two years ago– a common feature of rubbish bins after the Israeli onslaught of ’08-’09, a star of David scratched on to the sides of them. I believe it’s anti-Semitic, and god knows it made me upset. But then isn’t such a response the natural result of Jewish colonists appropriating religious symbols as they take your land?

Rubbish bin

When will American Jews waken to the threat that this type of rhetoric represents to our position in diverse societies? I don’t like Islamist radicalism, I think it’s a real issue. But this army radio language is the Jewish equivalent. And it’s what Ambassador Howard Gutman was saying when he said that some of Israel’s actions contribute to anti-Semitism.

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Its another way of saying “a land without a people,” and pretty much the last thing any Jew with a sense of history should be participating in.

Israel descends into the abyss of religious extremism, guided and driven by its politicians and its Israel Destruction Forces. Israel = Iran.

Hi Philip,

Q: …some of Israel’s actions contribute to anti-Semitism.

R: Perhaps you’re a bit PC here? Over the past three decades almost all of Israel’s actions have made me look [and feel] like a complete idiot and one who cannot defend its idiosyncratic nature to boot.

–“Think of the press (MainStreamMedia) as a great keyboard on which the government can play.” — “The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success, UNLESS one fundamental principle is borne in mind CONSTANTLY – it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them OVER AND OVER.” Joseph Goebbels –propagandists’ guru Now, it is time to install , over and over, a new point into heads of brainwashed public, so they can recite… Read more »

I think the Arab Spring will become in some ways an extended lifeline to Israel. Israel may not longer claim to be the only democracy in the Middle East. However, it may now claim to be the only secular (and to some extent liberal) democracy in the Middle East. Surrounded by a sea of Islamism, it will make the case that whatever it’s fault the other guys are worse. And to some extent that’s still… Read more »