Iran has ‘promised’ ‘another Holocaust’ — CBS commentator

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Ben Stein is a commentator on CBS’ Sunday morning show. Yesterday his essay was titled “Israel faces another Holocaust.” Pure hysteria. The commentary angered a friend who told me about it– Israel is the one pushing us into war– and it has generated more than 300 comments on the CBS site, I assume many of them dismissing it. Stein:

At many [Passover] services in people’s homes and at synagogues, prayers will be recited which proclaim that in every generation, enemies of the Jews arise to kill the Jews, but God always saves the Jews in the end.

Sadly, this section is now obsolete.

About 75 years ago, enemies of the Jewish people rose up in the form of the Nazis in Europe and their many eager helpers, from France to Russia. Their hands were not stayed. In the cruelest imaginable ways, they basically wiped out the Jews of Europe – a staggering six million men, women and children. That was roughly half of the Jews on Earth.

Basically, the world did nothing to save them…

Now, Israel is threatened with another Holocaust as Iran races towards building a nuclear bomb and missiles to deliver it to Israel. The mullahs and other men who rule Iran have explicitly promised to wipe Israel off the map. Israel is a tiny country, and one nuclear bomb detonated over Tel Aviv would indeed make another Holocaust.

If you wonder why Israel may be planning to strike Iran pre-emptively, you have only to go back two generations – the wink of an eye….

If they are to be saved, they have to save themselves.

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What people like Stein never seem to realize is that if they are right about this threat to the Jews, it means the Zionist project of “save the Jews by concentrating them in one small geographical location” has been a crashing failure.

It is time to call it Israelogy, a sectarian ideology that requires total mind control after extensive brainwashing.

Just read through the first two pages. Stein is getting the crap kicked out of him by commenters..

Looks like the narrative is changing on CBS.

As to 355 comments on Stein’s [yes, hysterical] article: “I assume many of them dismissing it.”

Exactly. I could not register and could no read the comments. Might be my O/S (linux) but I doubt it. Looks more like secrecy.

Anyone who cares about the threat to Iran should view the show Rick Steve’s Iran