Pro-Israel activists turn to cartoons in effort to tackle delegitimization on campus

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Meet Joe. He’s a college kid tired of Israel getting bashed on campus and he’s got a series of flashcards he wants to show kids with gushy soft sentimental music playing in the background. We’re particularly pulled in by the juxtaposition of the almost painful expression in his eyes when he’s swooning over Israel and how fast those dewey eyes turn to annoyance after his sister Sarah interrupts him to talk about the legal basis for the state of Israel. Joe Lieberman makes a cameo appearance for some reason too.

This latest embarrassing turn for Israel’s once-vaunted hasbara efforts is the brainchild of Mitchell Bard’s American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise and several partners, including the Israeli embassy in Washington DC. You might remember Bard is the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Middle East Conflict (can’t make this stuff up). This isn’t the first time Israel’s supporters have gone looney tunes in an awkward attempt to be entertaining. Here, Joe’s family complains about the raw deal Israel gets in the media:

These are Israel’s new digital diplomats. Honest Reporting has asked viewers to “tell Joe about media bias” but it looks like Sarah’s blog on the legal basis for Israel is where the debate has started. She’s “presenting Israel” and Daniel J. Sieradski has made an impressive entrance in the comment section and he’s giving them a run for their money…by trouncing them:

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All this wasted effort .
Like it is going to change Israel’s fate
Like there is something to pull Zionism away from its lust for the land in time.

cartoons are not going to hold the dam of information and facts that is busting out on college campuses about the I/P conflict. I urge folks to order brochures, postcards etc from If Americans knew, the BDS movement drop them everywhere you go. Keep pushing

Annie going to be very interesting to hear if Obama brings up Iran at the convention and what is said. You can bet Wasserman Schultz will bring it up

considering how quickly memories of the u.s.s.r. have faded here in the west during the two decades since the the soviet union’s collapse, how long will it take after israel’s delegitimization before memories of the zionist entity will be mostly vague recollections of a no longer existing unwholesome society?