Chomsky is in Gaza

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Noam Chomsky is visiting Gaza for the first time. Today he delivered the keynote address, The Arab Spring and the Future of Foreign Policy in the Region, at The International Conference on Applied Linguistics and Literature (ICALL). The conference is being hosted by The Islamic University of Gaza.

Press TV:

Mr. Chomsky openly slammed on the United States foreign policy, specially its unlimited support to Israel. He said that the two-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is still more realistic than the one-state solution, despite the continuous expansion of the Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

Mr. Chomsky bitterly criticized the US’s policies in the Middle East, which are based on supporting dictators all the way until it is no more possible to protect them, and then replacing them with new faces keeping the old regime in place. He was not excited about what is called “the Arab Spring”, and was definitely against any foreign intervention in Syria. Chomsky was invited to Gaza by the Islamic University of Gaza.

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Can’t wait to read all the comments slamming Chomsky for being an American who directs most of his criticism at the American government.

goodbye annie,
I’m gonna go on writing on sites where you can write the truth even when it’s unconvenient.

There’s only ever been one state. At present, there is no state, since the Jewish Colony hasn’t stopped expanding.

I resent that Chomsky is telling the Palestinians what the international consensus is for a solution- as if that mattered – and is highly questionable at that. The issue is human rights and that is something the Palestinians demand and the so-called international community should support. As Palestinian human rights activists, we have no right to compromise for them. Didn’t Chomsky pull out of the Gaza Freedom March along with Finkelstein because the Palestinians in… Read more »

Thank you Annie. I’d certainly like to know what the other speakers had to say both about him and about the appropriate “solution.” I’d like to know more on how Chomsky was chosen to be the keynote speaker. As he’s a famous linguist, I can almost understand it, but he used the occasion to promote his own political views and his views are widely known. I think it just scares me! I cannot help but… Read more »