It’s official: Israeli govt confirms Jews are no longer the majority between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea

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Akiva Eldar in Haaretz – “The Jewish majority is history“:

Amid a dry economic report published yesterday in TheMarker lies an official announcement/acknowledgment of unparalleled importance: The government of Israel confirms that between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River there is no longer a Jewish majority. In other words, in the territory under Israel’s jurisdiction a situation of apartheid exists. A Jewish minority rules over an Arab majority.

Hila Raz’s article reports that the Tax Authority is trying to pass an amendment to the law for the purpose of revising the ceiling for eligibility for tax benefits, whose aim, in turn, is to encourage exports. According to the Export Promotion Law approved in 2005, a factory is entitled to a tax break if at least 25 percent of its income stemmed from sales to a market with at least 12 million residents. A Ministry of Finance memorandum on the amendment to the law notes that in 2011 the population of Israel and the Palestinian Authority exceeded the 12 million mark, which enables manufacturers who market to these consumers to enjoy a tax break. The Tax Authority’s diligent officials would like to raise the threshold for qualifying for the benefit by two million residents, so that they will not have to grant the benefit to exporters who sell their wares in Israel and the territories.

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics (which is subordinate to the Prime Minister’s Office ), of the 12 million residents living under Israeli rule, the number of Jews is just under 5.9 million (as of April 25 ). Twelve million minus 5.9 million Jews equals 6.1 million non-Jews. In other words, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, there is a pretty Jewish state as far as its laws and customs, but the reality is not so democratic. Foreign sources report that Jews had already become a minority in the area of the greater Land of Israel several years ago. From now on, it is an official statistic.

There will certainly be those who argue that the 12 million includes the resident of the Gaza Strip, which Israel evacuated, and that I should have deducted 1.5 million people from the number of non-Jewish residents. But the 12 million, which does happen to include the residents of the Gaza Strip, is an official figure appearing on Ministry of Finance stationery. If this population “is not considered” for purposes of the demographic balance, the Finance Ministry should be so kind as to deduct it from the limit for receiving the tax breaks and from the balance of its income.

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So what? Whoever thought that Israel’s moral position (or practical position) would turn a somersault when the numbers titled in this fashion? Are AIPAC going to change from tigers to pussycats? Are those American Jews who formerly wrung their hands about apartheid going to suddenly act more consistently with that… Read more »

Does the 5.9 M Jews “living” in Israel include the 750,000 Israeli Jewish citizens who work in Europe and America? I understand that they cannot vote, but it was never clear if they are tallied in the population count.

By writing that “in the territory under Israel’s jurisdiction a situation of apartheid exists” immediately after reporting that Jews are no longer a majority in that territory, Akiva Eldar seems to imply that apartheid exists only when a minority rules over a majority. That’s wrong: the International Convention on the… Read more »

I think the number of Israeli Jews that are counted as residents include those who are just registered there and have an address but actually aren’t resident there any longer but live and work abroad; 200,000?

“between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, there is a pretty Jewish state” . Pretty ? Not from where I am sitting. How about ” Jewishish”.

Great find. How to explain that away ?