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Samira Shackle: The Netanyahu-Lieberman alliance will accelerate isolationism and discrimination

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The Netanyahu-Lieberman alliance will accelerate isolationism and discrimination
When I interviewed Professor Avi Shlaim last month, he said that the current Israeli government was “is the most right-wing, the most hawkish, the most uncompromising … in Israel’s entire history”. That could be about to get worse. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has announced that he is to join forces with hard-line coalition partner Avigdor Lieberman, who is currently the foreign minister. Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud party will merge with Lieberman’s ultra-nationalist Yisrael Beiteinu. The new party will be called Likud Beiteinu, meaning “The Likud is our Home”.

Ethnic Cleansing 

Egypt: Judaizing Jerusalem threatens stability in the region
Egypt strongly condemned the Israeli occupation authority’s plan to construct nearly 800 new settlement units in eastern Jerusalem and government headquarters in Mount of Olives.


Two Hamas Leaders Killed By Syrian Army Fire
Palestinian sources in Syria reported that two senior Hamas leaders were killed by Syrian army fire in Daraa refugee camp, in Syria.

Palestinian Refugees: Time To Return NOW!
10 million Palestinians. Almost 5 million of them are refugees. And half of those are still living in camps. Everywhere we find great poverty, but also the same steadfast will to return to their country, Palestine.
Israeli & Egyptian Siege on Gaza
GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Three men were killed when a smuggling tunnel under the Gaza-Egypt border collapsed on Saturday, medics said. Zuheir Qassem, 25, and two other unidentified men were killed when the Rafah tunnel collapsed. On Thursday, 23-year-old Walid Nasser Marouf, from Beit Lahiya, died in a tunnel under Gaza’s border with Egypt near Rafah, officials said. Medics say over 160 Palestinians have died in the network of underground tunnels since Israel imposed a siege on the Gaza Strip in 2006.

Body Of Third Palestinian Local Under Tunnel Rubble
Palestinian medical sources reported Saturday that the body of a third Palestinian was located under the rubble of a siege-busting tunnel that collapse, last Wednesday, on the border with Egypt. Two bodies were located earlier on Saturday and on Friday.
Gaza: While people in the besieged strip are struggling to provide the basic necessities of Eid Al Adha because of the bad financial situation, the Abu Al Jidan family is not celebrating the feast this year. Umm Mosab, the newest widow among many others in the Gaza Strip, doesn’t work and is used to depending on her husband for support. Full of sorrow, Umm Mosab Abu Al Jidan, the 20 year old widow, couldn’t find an answer for her daughter’s question, “Why is my father late with the bicycle he promised me for the Eid?”
The only people underwhelmed by the Qatari visitor were Gazan residents. Crowds did not pour onto the streets; the emir cancelled a scheduled open-air address after only a few hundred filled a stadium which could hold tens of thousands. Gaza’s have-nots have heard promises of development money before, not least from Qatar, only to see the cash disappear.

Israeli Terrorism / Aggression

IDF airstrike kills Palestinian in Gaza Strip
Israeli military confirms there was an attack but had no further details.

Michigan Peace Team (MPT) Assaulted By Israeli Authority, Arrested, Facing Deportation
Just before noon local time on October 24th, 2012 Michigan Peace Team (MPT) member “Katrina” Katarzyna Dybzynska was choked by the neck and then bodily dragged behind a line of military vehicles by Israeli border police in the Binyamin region of Palestinian Authority, outside the Rami Levy Market near an illegal Israeli settlement.
More Jews praying on site also sacred to Muslims
Israeli police and Muslim officials say the prayers at the Temple Mount-Al Aqsa mosque site are a provocation. Others call them a basic human right.

Illegal Arrests
NABLUS (Ma’an) — Israeli forces detained the secretary-general of the Palestinian parliament Mahmoud al-Ramahi on Saturday afternoon as he passed through a northern West Bank checkpoint. Al-Ramahi was driving south from Nablus when he was seized at the Huwwara checkpoint. His car was also confiscated. The MP was last released from Israeli jail less than four months ago. An Israeli military spokeswoman confirmed the detention and said he is “suspected of involvement in illegal activity,” without elaborating.
Other Prisoner News
AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– A political prisoner announced entering a hunger strike in the jails of PA security services, which in turn continued for the fortieth day detaining a Hamas leader in Ramallah. Anas Hashlamoun, political prisoner held in the prisons of the General Intelligence in al-Khalil, announced launching a hunger strike in protest at the continuation of his detention, despite the release of three resolutions to free him. For its part, the Preventive Security Service has been extending for three times respectively the detention of Hamas leader and liberated captive Faraj Rummana, his family said.
Mohammed Kana’aneh (Abu Assad) of the Abnaa el-Balad Movement in Occupied Palestine ’48 launched a hunger strike in Shatta prison on Tuesday, October 23, demanding his human rights and an end to the poor treatment of prisoners by the prison administration. Kana’aneh is refusing all food and drink, except for water. He stated that the hunger strike is the only weapon Palestinian prisoners possess to struggle for their rights.
Rafaat Hamdouna, liberated former prisoner and director of the Centre for Prisoners Studies called upon Palestinian national forces to mark the occasion of Eid al-Adha remembering the prisoners on hunger strike. The coming of Eid is for prisoner Ayman Sharawna the occasion of his 117th day on hunger strike, and for Samer Issawi, coincides with his 87th day of hunger strike.
The National Lawyers Guild International Committee and Free Palestine Subcommittee sent two letters to the U.S. State Department and Israeli officials, calling for the immediate release of imprisoned Palestinian human rights defender Ayman Nasser.  Nasser is a staff researcher at the Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association. On October 15, Nasser was arrested and has been held in detention since that time. He has been questioned about his human rights advocacy with Addameer, and with the Handala Centre, an arts and cultural centre in his hometown of Saffa.
Israeli Racism
Natzrat Ilit: “There is no need for our children to be educated with Arabs”, Abir Kopty
Only few days ago, Haaretz published disturbing, though not surprising, survey that was conducted among Jewish Israelis, where most Israeli supported Apartheid regime in Israel. Among many disturbing data in the survey, 42% of the questionnaires said they don’t want to live in the same building with Arabs and 42% don’t want their children in the same class with Arab children. Soon enough this is illustrated in real life.
When I interviewed Professor Avi Shlaim last month, he said that the current Israeli government was “is the most right-wing, the most hawkish, the most uncompromising … in Israel’s entire history”. That could be about to get worse. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has announced that he is to join forces with hard-line coalition partner Avigdor Lieberman, who is currently the foreign minister. Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud party will merge with Lieberman’s ultra-nationalist Yisrael Beiteinu. The new party will be called Likud Beiteinu, meaning “The Likud is our Home”.

Israel: Asylum Seekers Blocked at Border
The Israeli military has since June 2012 prevented dozens of asylum seekers, most of them Eritreans, from crossing Israel’s newly constructed fence on its border with Egypt, Human Rights Watch, the Hotline for Migrant Workers, and Physicians for Human Rights – Israel said today. Israel has also unlawfully deported dozens more back to Egypt, the three groups said. Israel should stop rejecting asylum seekers at the fence unless its officials determine in a fair procedure that they do not face threats to their lives or freedom or inhuman and degrading treatment because of that rejection.

Protests / Solidarity / Activism / BDS

Basem Abu Rahma
Abdullah Abu Rahma, coordinator for the popular committee in Bil’in, recently spoke to us about Basem Abu Rahma. Basem had participated in actions against the Wall since they began in the village in 2005 until 17 April, 2009, when he was martyred at age 31 during his last protest in Bil’in. Basem Abu Rahma was from a poor family and did not finish secondary school. His father passed away some time ago, leaving him along with his mother and five brothers and sisters. He worked inside the ’48 until the second Intifada broke out, after which he began to work in the West Bank as a laborer in various workshops.

Omar Saad, a young (Druze) Palestinian musician from the Galilee village of al-Mughar has received a summon to the Israeli enlistment army. The Druze citizens of Israel are forced to enlist in the Israeli military, since 1956, when conscription law applied to Druze men (not to other Palestinians). Recent studies show that two thirds of Druze youth would not enlist in the Israeli military if given the choice, read more here.
“But it cannot be said lightly, the time has long passed for gentle language and “hear-able” rhetoric: The Occupation– which is the IDF’s primary function these days- is cruelty and injustice manifest. The Occupation is anti-God, anti-Love and staggeringly, constantly violent. The Occupation is based on a system of racial/ethnic separation that does, in fact, resemble South African Apartheid and segregation in the Southern United States until the 1960s. And this “temporary” Occupation is not “on its way out,” but is rather growing in strength every single day. There is almost zero political will within Israel’s government to end it, and the Israeli public has largely accepted the status quo, in which the occupation is basically a theoretical question, and one of which many have grown tired. But the occupation can only be theoretical if you are not occupied, and thus my refusal to support the occupation by serving in the IDF is also an act of solidarity with Palestinians living under occupation.”

Over 150 former international anti-Apartheid activists tell South Africa’s ANC to boycott Israel, Ali Abunimah
“We once galvanized world opinion against Apartheid South Africa, the time is to now galvanize world opinion against Apartheid Israel.”

Protesters in NY Highlight Whitewashing of Israeli Apartheid
Press release from our member group Adalah-NY. Check out photos from the action here. New Yorkers, cultural workers speak out against Israel Philharmonic for whitewashing apartheid. October 25, 2012 – Over 60 New Yorkers protested the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra’s (IPO) performance at Carnegie Hall Thursday evening, using chants, songs and street theater to highlight the IPO’s role in whitewashing Israel’s apartheid policies against the Palestinian people.
Activist charged with “inciting racial hatred” for unfurling Palestinian flag at Israel basketball game in France,  Ali Abunimah
Video shows the activist running onto the pitch with the flag before being tacked by security officers.


Resheq calls for boycotting all companies operating in WB settlements
Political bureau member of Hamas Ezzet Al-Resheeq has called on the UN to boycott all companies operating in Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Join us on Sunday 28th October 2012 at 2pm outside Parliament to protest in solidarity with imprisoned Palestinian MPs and Ministers.
A decision by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to “strengthen higher education in the State of Israel,” as he put it, may hand the international academic boycott lobby a gift on a silver platter, Israeli analysts say.

Mahmoud Sarsak and the end of Oslo-era normalization, Adie Mormech

Mahmoud Sarsak’s refusal to attend the Barcelona Vs Real Madrid Classico match is a historic act of non-normalisation against Israel. For the hero of the Palestinian national team who fought his way free from an Israeli prison throughout a 96 day hunger strike ordeal, this is an act that sends a message to all others faced with the same question, “to normalise or not to normalise”
RAMALLAH-On Saturday morning the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) boarded the Estelle, an activist flotilla delivering aid to the blockaded Gaza Strip. The boat was in international waters when it was intercepted and then towed to the port of Ashdod and transferred to the Israeli police. The Estelle was organized by the Freedom Flotilla Coalition. Among the activists on board the ship were five members of various European parliaments and former Canadian MP Jim Manly. The supplies they planned on delivering included…
Political Developments / Other News

Israel Operates Inside Sudan, Israeli Official Says

An Israeli intelligence official for the first time confirmed that the Israeli military operates in Sudan, just days after the government in Khartoum accused Israel of bombing an arms factory outside the capital.

Qassem condemns Fatah’s calls for halting resistance
Political science professor at the Palestinian al-Najah University, Abdel Sattar Qassem, criticized Fatah’s calls on resistance factions in the Gaza Strip to stop armed resistance against occupation.

Israel criticizes Falk for boycott call
The Israeli government criticized Richard Falk after he had urged a boycott of companies working in or dealing with Jewish settlements in occupied Palestinian land.


Haniyeh: Gaza is an integral part of Palestine
Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh stressed that Gaza is an integral part of the Palestinian land and that the Strip, the West Bank and Jerusalem are an integral part of Palestine.

GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Gaza prime minister Ismail Haniyeh said Friday that Hamas wants to implement a national reconciliation deal to unite Palestinians. Haniyeh made the comments during an Eid speech in al-Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza. The political division between Palestinians is an urgent issue, he said, adding that a recent visit by the Emir of Qatar helped to break the Israeli blockade imposed on the coastal enclave since 2007.
RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — President Mahmoud Abbas said Friday he was concerned about the Qatari emir’s visit to the Gaza Strip, saying it could lead to Gaza’s separation from the West Bank. Abbas made the remarks while visiting the grave of late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat on the first day of Eid al-Adha. The president stressed that his bid to upgrade Palestine’s status at the UN was one of the most important things he could do for the Palestinian people. The UN bid aims to preserve the two-state solution, he said. Abbas perfumed Eid prayers at a mosque in Ramallah, where he wished a happy Eid for Islamic and Arab nations in general, and the Palestinian people in particular. 
Israel blesses Qatari visit

“That may explain why some analysts believe Israel and the United States gave Qatar the go-ahead for this trip, as Israel-Palestine watcher Hamadi El-Aouni told Deutsche Welle. Their goal seems to be to “re-orient” Palestinian groups away from supporters Iran and Syria and help them establish “new partners in the western-oriented and Sunni Middle Eastern countries,” the paper explains, such as Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, and yes, Qatar.

Speaking in press conference, foreign minister and Yisrael Beiteinu head says move provides glimpse into Israel’s political future, with larger parties taking the place of ‘fragmentary factions.’
TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma’an) — Israel’s diplomats are warning that President Mahmoud Abbas’ bid to upgrade Palestine’s status at the United Nations could lead to unrest, Israeli media reported Friday. Foreign Ministry officials and Israeli diplomats abroad have been warning of a scenario in which Israel’s government “goes crazy” the day after the UN vote, the Israeli daily Haaretz reported. The newspaper said diplomats are warning countries worldwide and particularly Europe as part of an intensive diplomatic campaign against the move, which comes months amid Israeli elections. 

I reported here last year on one of the greatest stories never told in the Israeli media: that education minister Gideon Saar had sex in a Tel Aviv club with an underage girl; that all the Israeli reporters knew this and that none could report it.  Though this blog gets the discreet attention of the military censor and other intelligence officials, reports here aren’t strong enough evidence for Israeli police to commence an investigation.  No one followed up on this story and Saar emerged unscathed. Now a new scandal is brewing thanks to a brave Haaretz reporter, Yossi Klein.  He wrote a story today, What You Won’t Read in the Papers (censored version).  The report is one of those breathless intrigue-filled exposes which allude to far more than they expose.

Analysis / Op-ed / Human Interest
The Middle East featured prominently on the agenda of the recent annual meeting of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund in Tokyo. But how relevant are these agencies’ policy prescriptions in the context of conflict? In the case of the occupied Palestinian territories they are not only inappropriate but also harmful. And yet both institutions have relentlessly dished up these prescriptions for the past two decades. To understand why they are so harmful, it is useful to deconstruct the policy recommendations in the World Bank’s latest growth report for the Palestinian territories.

Dia al-Azzawi’s “Sabra and Shatila Massacre”, Maymanah Farhat
Earlier this year, London’s Tate Modern acquired “Sabra and Shatila Massacre” (1982-83), an epic mural-sized drawing by pioneering Iraqi artist Dia al-Azzawi. Sprawling as it is towering and engulfing, the artist began the massive work after news surfaced that between two and three thousand Palestinian and Lebanese civilians were strategically murdered in and around the refugee camps of southern Beirut in 1982. While creating “Sabra and Shatila Massacre,” al-Azzawi was also moved by Jean Genet’s “Four Hours in Shatila,” a written dispatch of the hell on earth that was the site of this civil-war era carnage, the violent details of which are impossible to take in without periodically searching for respite by turning away from the page.

In 2007, Jimmy Carter’s book Palestine: Peace, not Apartheid created a firestorm of controversy. Brandeis University initially said it would only allow Carter to speak on the book on campus if he would debate gadfly apologist Alan Dershowitz. Carter stood his ground and eventually did speak on campus, but many in this audience were distinctly cool to him.

Lecture at NY’s New School aims to place Nakba story ‘on shared ground’ with Holocaust, Philip Weiss
THE NEW SCHOOL HISTORY DEPARTMENT PRESENTS: AMOS GOLDBERG The Holocaust and the Nakba: Traumatic Memories and (Bi)National Identities in Israel-Palestine. The Jewish Holocaust and the Palestinian Nakba fundamentally shape two peoples’ identities. Memories of each function as exclusionary “Myths of Origin,” at once demanding acknowledgement by the other, while denying recognition of the other. Deeply polarizing, the Jewish and Palestinian national narratives become irreconcilable, inhibiting prospects for a political settlement. Amos Goldberg will offer a framework – influenced by Arendt, Agamben, and LaCapra — for establishing an egalitarian public sphere for Jews and Palestinians which will enable both catastrophes to be told on shared ground. Dr. Amos Goldberg is a senior lecturer of Holocaust Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and author of Trauma in the First Person: Diary Writing During the Holocaust (2012). October 29, 6-8pm 80 5TH Ave, Room 529

Israel First thriving in Governor Romney’s camp, And Still Trying to Get me Fired, Silenced, Michael Scheuer
Readers of this blog will recall several previous battles I have been engaged in with Israel-Firsters intent on getting me fired from various jobs and banned from the media. In these efforts, the Israel-Firsters have had some success.

Netanyahu/Lieberman Unite for War, Stephen Lendman
American crimes of war and against humanity perhaps exceed all other rogue states in history combined. Pound-for-pound, however, Israeli lawlessness matches the world’s worst. Long ago, it graduated from a regional menace to a global one. It enforces barbaric occupation harshness. Its war machine threatens and attacks neighbors. It gets away with murder because world powers don’t intervene to stop it. 


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    RE: “Israeli forces detained the secretary-general of the Palestinian parliament Mahmoud al-Ramahi on Saturday afternoon . . . The MP was last released from Israeli jail less than four months ago. An Israeli military spokeswoman confirmed the detention and said he is ‘suspected of involvement in illegal activity’, without elaborating.” ~ Today in Palestine

    MAHMOUD AL-RAMAHI’S PREDICAMENT IS A BIT LIKE THAT OF JOSEPH K IN “THE TRIAL” BY FRANZ KAFKA: After months of trial postponement, Joseph K goes to court painter Titorelli to ask for advice. He is told to hope for little. He might get definite acquittal, ostensible acquittal, or indefinite postponement. No one is ever really acquitted, but sometimes cases can be extended indefinitely.

    Titorelli: “You see, in definite acquittal, all the documents are annulled. But with ostensible acquittal, your whole dossier continues to circulate. Up to the higher courts, down to the lower ones, up again, down. These oscillations and peregrinations, you just can’t figure ‘em.”
    Joseph K: “No use in trying either, I suppose.”
    Titorelli: “Not a hope. Why, I’ve known cases of an acquitted man coming home from the court and finding the cops waiting there to arrest him all over again. But then, of course, theoretically it’s always possible to get another ostensible acquittal.”
    Joseph K: “The second acquittal wouldn’t be final either.”
    Titorelli: “It’s automatically followed by the third arrest. The third acquittal, by the fourth arrest. The fourth…”

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      The connection to Kafka may be more than a mere coincidence. Perhaps Israeli authorities use his stories as an inspiration? After all, Kafka is a famous Jewish author and perhaps widely read by educated Israelis.

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