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Video shows Palestinian father confronting Israeli soldier who beat his 7-year-old son

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Land Theft & Destruction / Ethnic Cleansing / Restriction of Movement / Apartheid & Occupation

WATCH: IDF declares Palestinian grazing lands closed military zone
Last Saturday, a group of Ta’ayush activists traveled to the South Hebron Hills to provide support to Palestinian shepherds seeking to take their livestock out for grazing. Soon after they reached their destination, a group of IDF soldiers arrived to declare the area a closed military zone. Watch the confrontation transpire. By Israel Social TV.

Settlers Burn Olive Trees Near Nablus
Palestinian media sources reported, Saturday, that a group of extremist Israeli settlers burnt Palestinian Olive trees that belong to residents of Qaryout village, near the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

IOF soldiers block Palestinian farmers from reaching their olive fields
Israeli occupation forces (IOF) blocked on Saturday Palestinian farmers from reaching their olive fields in Beit Ummar village to the north of Al-Khalil.

IOA prevents solidarity activists from entering Tubas
Israeli occupation authorities prevented on Friday solidarity activists from Spain from entering Tubas and the northern Jordan Valley to support the Palestinian residents and forced them to return.

Israeli & Egyptian Siege on Gaza

Israel launches new military surveillance balloon over Gaza
Israeli occupation forces (IOF) launched a new military surveillance zeppelin over the eastern area of the Gaza Strip on Friday night, the second in 48 hours.


OIC calls for repairing and building houses of poor people in Gaza
The Organization of Islamic Cooperation called on its member states and their humanitarian organizations to repair and rehabilitate the houses of the poor citizens of the Gaza Strip.

Swedish-owned sailing boat left Naples on Oct. 7 with about 20 people from eight countries on board, carrying items including cement, basketballs, and musical instruments.

A number of pro-Palestinian solidarity groups and organizations have coordinated various flotillas to Gaza or “fly-ins” to Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport the past few years. The Estelle is the third attempt from the Freedom Flotilla Movement to challenge Israel’s naval blockade on Gaza. The Estelle, a ship originally from Finland, began its journey in Sweden in Umeå where it was renovated before setting off to sail along Europe’s coastline, including Finland, France and Spain. Last week it arrived in the Mediterranean Gulf after having recently rounded the Italian “boot” island of Sardinia.
Nearly once a week clashes break out in East Jerusalem. Settlers live on top of Palestinian businesses or across the street from Palestinian homes, and white security cameras peek over the sides of buildings every 20 feet like, flags in an American suburb. They prowl for arrest around the clock, capturing the faces of Palestinian children. At times the armed private guards in striped t-shirts that tail each settler provoke neighborhood kids. In some instances the children throw stones. In those cases later the same night the police will show up and arrest them, recognizing their faces from the security recordings. In other instances, the children will awaken to tear gas canisters smashing through their windows.
Israeli Terrorism

Three Israeli air raids on Gaza at dawn
The Israeli occupation regime waged three aerial attacks at dawn Saturday on different areas in the densely populated Gaza Strip.
Two Palestinians Assassinated In Northern Gaza
Palestinian medical sources reported that two Palestinians were killed, on Saturday evening, and one child was injured when the army fired a missile at a motorcycle driving in the center of Jabalai town, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

IOF assaults school students in Silwan
In new racist attack, undercover units backed up by the occupation forces attacked on Thursday morning a number of students of Silwan school, sparking fear and panic among the students.

Soldiers Attack Bil’in’s Weekly Protest
Several protesters were treated for the effects of teargas inhalation after Israeli soldiers attacked the weekly nonviolent protest against the Wall and Settlements in Bil’in village, near the central West Bank city of Ramallah.


IOF clashes with young Palestinians in Jenin village
Israeli occupation forces stormed at dawn Saturday four towns west of Jenin and conducted combing operations during which clashes between Palestinian youths and Israeli forces were reported.


IOF soldiers attack Korean delegation in al-Khalil
The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) attacked on Saturday a Korean delegation in the city of al-Khalil in the southern West Bank.


Dozens of Jewish settlers attack farmers in Al-Khalil
Dozens of Jewish settlers attacked Palestinian farmers to the west of Beit Ummar village, north of Al-Khalil, on Friday, local sources said.

Illegal Arrests

Israeli soldiers show no mercy, take mother from her child
A nine-year-old boy was left alone without any of his parents when Israeli soldiers kidnapped at dawn Saturday his mother Nora Ja’bari, the wife of Mohamed Abu Warda, a leading Hamas figure.

Other Prisoner News

Palestinian children testify about cruel treatment by Israeli soldiers in new short film
Today, Defence for Children International-Palestine Section (DCI) released a short film about Israel’s ill-treatment of Palestinian children during their arrest, transfer and detention.


What Geneva convention

“Since 1967, more than 730,000 Palestinian men, women and children are estimated to have been imprisoned by Israeli military courts. The majority of such prisoners are held in detention facilities inside Israel, in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which prohibits the transfer of these prisoners into Israel.”
IOA renews administrative detention of Hamas leader for 3rd time
The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) renewed the administrative detention of Hamas leader Abduljabbar Jarrar for the third time running.

RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Two Palestinian prisoners are in critical condition in Israeli hospitals, the Palestinian Authority’s ministry of prisoners announced Saturday. The conditions of Riyad al-Amour and Muhammad al-Taj are deteriorating rapidly, according to a report from the ministry. The report said al-Amour, 42, who is held in Assaf Harofeh medical center near Tel Aviv, needs urgent open-heart surgery which cannot be performed due to weak coronary muscles. Al-Amour slips into comas at least five times a day and suffers from exhaustion and incontinence.

Ministry of prisoners slams Israel’s use of violence against Shatta detainees
The Palestinian ministry of prisoners’ affairs in Gaza strongly denounced the use of violence on Friday morning by Israeli jailers against the Palestinian detainees in Shatta jail.

Protests / Solidarity / Activism / BDS
The International Solidarity Movement (ISM) calls on pro-Palestinian and peace activists from across the Occupied Territories to join Palestinians on 16th October to protest the roadblock preventing access to Jama’in Village. On this day, residents of Jama’in will remove an earthen mound that blocks access to their agricultural lands.

Liberated prisoner Abeer Awda protests in Ramallah
The liberated prisoner Abeer Awda complained from the continued neglect towards her health condition and staged a sit-in in Ramallah protesting the failure of the PA to treat her.


Citing Israeli sponsorship, Palestinian MC Boikutt pulls out of Austria’s Salam.Orient festival, Ali Abunimah
Boikutt: “These kind of events… are used as a propaganda tool to hide the colonial nature of ‘Israel.’”


Hip hop duo Rebel Diaz cancel Creative Time Summit gig over partnership with Israel group, Ali Abunimah
“We made the decision not to participate, that we will show solidarity with the Palestinian community”


Three more Arab performers pull out of Austrian music festival due to Israel embassy sponsorship, Ali Abunimah
Syrian singer Lena Chamamyan, Lebanese MC Malikah (Lynn Fattouh), and Ramallah-based MC DJ Sotusura will now no longer perform at Salam.Orient due to Israeli sponsorship.

To whom it may concern, We are Israeli citizens who are active against our government’s policies of racism, apartheid and occupation towards the Palestinian people. In particular, many of us are veteran activists in the campaign against Israel’s illegal colonization and settlement construction policies in the occupied West Bank. We have learned that Israel’s Cameri Theatre is due to perform in New Delhi on Nov 4th 2012.  Since the Cameri is complicit in grave violations of international law, which amount to war crimes, and since it serves as an official propaganda tool for the Israeli government, we are calling for the invitation to be rescinded.
The Electronic Intifada speaks to people involved in a project to export Palestinian handicrafts to Dutch buyers

The struggle for Palestinian rights is incompatible with any form of racism or bigotry: a statement by Palestinians, Ali Abunimah
Palestinians affirm that “the struggle for our inalienable rights is one opposed to all forms of racism and bigotry, including, but not limited to, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Zionism and other forms of bigotry.”

On October 8, 2012, the Day of the Heroic Guerilla, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine remembers Comandante Ernesto “Che” Guevara, revolutionary leader, fierce fighter, and principled struggler whose true commitment to internationalism and liberation lives on in the struggles of peoples around the world for freedom, justice and socialism.
Political Developments / Other News
GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahhar on Saturday praised Hezbollah for sending a drone aircraft into Israel last weekend, a statement said. Zahhar described the operation as a “strategic achievement” for the powerful Lebanese political group and a successful step in the psychological battle between Iran and Israel. The Gaza official made the comments during a media workshop in Gaza City, adding that Hamas has a balanced relationship with Iran. Zahhar stressed that the Islamist group has a policy of non-intervention in Syria, noting that Palestinians are guests in the country but that the group advises the leadership to listen to the Syrian street.
GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Brigades in Gaza on Friday said advances in Hezbollah’s weapons capabilities would benefit the Palestinian resistance.  Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on Thursday said his movement had sent the reconnaissance drone shot down over Israel last weekend. The Gaza-based Al-Mujahideen Brigades described Hezbollah’s operation as “unprecedented” and said it proved that resistance was the best way to face Israel and to stop its continuous attacks. 
A clip on Hezbollah’s TV station al-Manar shows the unmanned aerial vehicle, shot down last Saturday by the IDF, flying over the Mediterranean and into Israel.
[Haaretz] “… The Iranian-made drone launched by Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, which penetrated Israeli airspace last Saturday, served as a reminder of the complicated balance of deterrent power between the sides. That Hezbollah, backed by Iran, looms as the most sophisticated antagonist vis-a-vis Israel in the region is not in dispute.
“It is our natural right to dispatch reconnaissance planes to occupied Palestine [Israel] whenever we want. This was not the first time and it will not be the last,” he said, noting that the Jewish state had violated Lebanese airspace 20,864 times since the implementation of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1701.
GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israel is trying to bring chaos to the region by threatening war on Iran but the Islamic republic can defend itself, Islamic Jihad’s representative to Yemen said Thursday. Ahmad Barakeh said Israel was trying to “blow up” the whole region, backed by the US. Islamic Jihad opposes any attack on Iran as it rejects any attacks on Arab or Islamic countries, but Iran is “able to defend itself,” Barakeh told Ma’an.
Hamas releases video of Shalit capture
Hamas’ military wing releases 24-second video featuring alleged preparations for Gilad Shalit’s abduction.

Former Israeli Soldier Shalit Recalls Captivity
Gilad Shalit, who was seized by Palestinian militants in a cross-border raid in 2006, said in a rare interview that he feared that if he were left too long, his captors “would make me disappear.”


MP Abdel Jawad denounces the PA’s blackmail of citizens
MP Dr. Nasser Abdel-Jawad, a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council representing Hamas in Salfit, called on the PA security services in the West Bank to stop charging citizens fraudulently.

The Hamas-run government in Palestine’s Gaza Strip will legalize a Salafi party for the first time since it took power in 2006, an interior ministry spokesman said Saturday. “We met today with the founders of the Salafi An-Nur party and briefed them about legal procedures they have to follow before they officially announce their party,” said Islam Shahwan. He added that freedom of expression and the right to establish political parties and other organizations would be “guaranteed” to everybody.

Palestinians in Gaza are having trouble accessing news websites after Hamas introduced a ban on viewing sexual material.
Rizqa: Israeli elections will negatively affect Palestinian issue
Dr. Youssef Rizqa, the political adviser for Palestinian Prime Minister stated that holding early Israeli elections will negatively and indirectly affect the Palestinian issue.

The Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East (LFPME) fringe event at the Party Conference was arguably the best attended for years. It was, perhaps, suggestive of a noticeable shift in Labour Party attitudes towards Palestine. This was one of four events on Palestine during the week, the others being hosted by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign & Unite; Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP); and a reception by LFPME. Chaired by the Huffington Post’s Mehdi Hasan (the former editor of the New Statesman), the LFPME panel included the Rt Hon Peter Hain MP, Rt Hon John Denham MP, Lisa Nandy MP and Shadow Minister for Africa and the Middle East Ian Lucas MP, as well as Dr Hanan Ashrawi via Skype. They addressed an audience of more than 300 people on what the Labour Party’s policy should be for Palestine under the title, ‘Securing Peace and Justice in the Middle East’.
BETHLEHEM, West Bank, Oct 14 (Reuters) – “Many people still believe the post of mayor is exclusively for men,” says Vera Baboun, aiming to become the first female mayor of the Palestinian town of Bethlehem, and in the process shake up a society where men still make the laws and do the deals. The university lecturer has a good chance of achieving the first goal in municipal elections being held across the West Bank on Oct. 20. She heads a bloc of 12 Muslims and Christians in Bethlehem representing the Fatah movement, which one recent survey found to command 49 percent support in the West Bank.
Analysis / Op-ed / Human Interest

As Palestinian frustration grows, young man considers armed struggle, Mya Guarnieri
Hakem* believes that armed struggle and the strategic use of violence is the only way to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He calls BDS ‘silly’ and says Hamas has gone soft. He calls Israel ‘the entity’ and says it must be dismantled. After that, Hakem adds, Jews are welcome to stay.


Extremism goes mainstream: Violence at Al Aqsa Mosque
Every year, the Jewish holiday of Sukkot brings with it groups of Jewish worshipers who try to penetrate security at the Al Aqsa compound, disregarding the sanctions of this Muslim holy place.

Civil courage is when civilians stand up against something that is deemed unjust and evil, knowing that the consequences of their action might lead to injury or even death. The Palestinian villagers of Al Aqaba, a little town in the Jordan Valley of the West Bank, are standing up as peacefully and courageously as they can, to build their homes on the land they own, knowing that Israeli Army bulldozers may come at any time. They are “rebuilding to remain.”
Here’s some high level intrigue, with the stakes being no less than Our Next War. You might have seen the bombshell piece by Foreign Policy editor David Rothkopf, “A Truly Credible Military Threat To Iran,” saying that Obama and the Israelis are at last getting on the same page for a surgical strike on Iran that would only last a couple of hours and bring regional benefits to everyone.

Russell Tribunal has placed Palestinians in tradition of Frederick Douglass and Rosa Parks, Sherry Wolf
Sherry Wolf helped organize the lately-concluded Russell Tribunal on Palestine in New York. Here she offers some context, at her site: Debates should and will rage in the blogosphere regarding both legitimate and irrelevant critiques of what is essentially the highest profile event to have ever taken place in the United States regarding US and UN complicity in Israel’s violations of international law.

Last month, the South African international lawyer, Professor John Dugard, spoke at the Liberal Democrat Friends of Palestine fringe meeting during the party’s annual conference in Brighton, co-sponsored by MEMO. Professor Dugard has published the definitive work on the law of apartheid, and was for seven years Special Rapporteur to the UN Human Rights Council on the Human Rights Situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.
Serial criminality against humanity is official Israeli policy. Punishment never follows. Ruthlessness best describes these type abuses. Committing them without accountability is unconscionable. It goes on daily. Western media scoundrels ignore it. Too few people understand what everyone should. Militarized occupation is hell. Terrorizing civilian men, women, and children is worst of all. In early October, Israeli air strikes and artillery attacked Gaza. At least one death and numerous injuries followed. On October 11, Israeli aircraft struck again.

7 Responses

  1. Woody Tanaka
    October 14, 2012, 10:07 am

    “Video shows Palestinian father confronting Israeli soldier who beat his 7-year-old son”

    Too bad he couldn’t confront him the way he should have been able to.

  2. Kate
    October 14, 2012, 1:54 pm

    From the description of the video on YouTube:

    Today the 13tth of October.
    An Israeli soldier beat ( Marwan Mufid Sharabati-7- years old) when he was passing checkpoint 56 to his house, the soldier terrified the little kid and after that he hit him on his chest and smacked him of his face.
    After that the father came angry toward the soldier and he was screaming and shouting, after that the officer came, but also the officer did not listen he started to shout on the angry father’s face

    • Inanna
      October 14, 2012, 7:25 pm

      I don’t understand Hebrew so I’m not sure what the soldiers said but at one point they are saying ‘Aravim’ (Arabs) in a dismissive way. The father gets even angrier and says: Arabs? Are Arabs dogs? Are they dogs that must be stepped on? The father is also told to shut up by the soldiers, others telling him to keep calm/be patient. I love how the father is not intimidated by the soldier’s words or actions. How wonderful for his child to know how much his father loves him and will stand up to the cowardly soldier who beat him. Did Btselem shoot the video? I heard the name mentioned at the end but did not understand the rest. It would be great if a Hebrew speaker could weigh in.

  3. American
    October 14, 2012, 3:08 pm

    Video shows Palestinian father confronting Israeli soldier who beat his 7-year-old son

    Must take a time out…calm down. This unleashes such a desire in me to beat this soldier to a bloody pulp that not being able to get to him is physically painful.

  4. talknic
    October 14, 2012, 6:21 pm

    “…not being able to get to him is physically painful”

    American … if the US dropped the UNSC veto vote … That’s where you ought be ‘unleashing’. The weakest link, the ONLY thing standing between Israel and the consequences of the Law.

    My efforts are, quietly and persistently lobbying successive Australian govts to encourage the US to fully abide by its recognition of Israel May 15th 1948 and hold Israel accountable to it’s obligations under the Law. As has been explained to me in no uncertain terms, Australia’s attempt to get onto the UNSC (amongst other things) would be thwarted by objecting to the US failing to address Israel’s illegal actions, giving Australia no voice where it could count.

    I shall never the less continue. I was mildly surprised when I read these two letters in the Canberra Times what’s more …. drip drip …

    • American
      October 15, 2012, 10:40 am

      @ Talknic

      Good for you talknic, you must have a lot of patience to keep pushing on.
      I gave up on petitioning politicians some time ago….in the early years of my attention to I/P and Israel I faxed, called, got friends to fax, call politicians, even our UN office and even other UN offices..everyone I could think of….the most we ever got back was a form acknowledgement reply.
      I don’t know what it will take but it will take something more than individual citizens appeals.
      It was this literal exchange of I/P blood for political money more than any other issue that finally made me accept how totally corrupted US government is.

  5. ThorsteinVeblen2012
    October 15, 2012, 12:08 pm

    The sound of the soldiers marching to the scene gave event a certain Orwellian character. I would imagine these soldiers were not very far from the confrontation but they apparently formed up and marched to the sound of a shouting Palestinian in order to provide the desired intimidation.

    Most Americans would have scampered like mice.

    Indeed these Arabs are a foreign culture.

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