Sec. Kerry, you should know better than to think you can nickel and dime a peace deal

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Oooh– fantastic!!!

What talent you have Katie– can’t wait for your novel. Thank you so much!

(Maybe you can start making jewelry from the much- feared stones of Palestine………)

Love it! It gets to the quick of this situation. Especially loved the 3rd image panel, depicting the reality of US/Israeli approved land swaps. When you’re born into wealth, with everything paid for, and the family objective is to achieve more wealth, you have to do your duty, which Kerry… Read more »

I too once thought that there was enough common interest in an end to conflict, genuine equality regardless of race and economic cooperation to make a generally satisfactory settlement likely or more than likely. People, I thought, always do what is basically in their interests. I had quite a lot… Read more »

Great toons.

You should try submitting them to NPR. Of course it’s doubtful they every use it, but it would be a great counter to the crap they normally produce.

Love it! More please.