Leading spiritualist says Israel’s great task is to treat neighbors with compassion, not hatred

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Graham Hancock
Graham Hancock

Graham Hancock is a distinguished British writer and journalist with a large following in new age and spiritual circles.  He offers novel, unconventional theories about ancient civilizations and myths, altered states of consciousness and astronomical/astrological data from the past.  He has a large following, evidenced by over 137,000 current likes on Hancock’s Facebook page.

My sense is that his typical follower is not involved in nor gives much attention to political struggles per se, especially one as fraught with conflict as Israel/Palestine.  But on April 30, 2014 Hancock sent his extensive email list (which includes my sister) his February 19, 2013 website post regarding his thoughts on Israel/Palestine when he was in Brazil last year doing ayahuasca, a natural hallucinogen from the Amazon.  When Graham Hancock speaks, his followers — who seek to change planetary consciousness — listen.   For that reason Hancock’s heartening words deserve reading in their entirety.

Next came thoughts about the state of the world. I found myself dwelling on the terrible, inhuman way the state of Israel behaves towards the Palestinians and on that hideous wall that Israel has built, and about its constant aggressive seizure – in the name of God no less!! – of more and more land on which Palestinian families and communities have traditionally lived. The more power we have – and Israel has immense power – the more it is our responsibility to love and I realized that the great task facing Israel now, even though its people themselves feel threatened and fearful and unloved, is to desist forthwith all acts motivated by hatred and fear and to act instead with love and generosity towards all neighbouring peoples, to dismantle that abominable wall, to stop aggressively expanding settlements, and to carry the entire region forward into a new era based on trust and the mutual benefit of all. It will be difficult, incredibly difficult, and every attack on Israel by those communities that Israel has monstrously abused for so long will be used as an excuse and a justification for more acts of hate and cruelty by Israel itself, but the vicious cycle must be broken and as the most powerful player on the regional stage it falls to Israel to change the destructive, hateful, violent pattern that has been in place for so long. At first acts of love will be rejected, thrown back in Israel’s face, even punished, but love is giving, love is persistence, love is kind and if Israel adopts a policy based on love, and shows as much kindness and compassion towards non-Israelis – and concern for their needs and interests — as it presently shows toward its own people, then little by little the injuries of the past will heal and a way will be found to bring peace and security to all humans, regardless of their creed, colour, ethnic origin or nationality, whose fate it is to live in that tortured region today.

Note:  Graham Hancock has authorized me to re-publish his above thoughts.

Update: This post originally had the wrong foto atop it. Apologies, and thanks to commenters. –Ed.


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that picture is a of Richard Dawkins, not Graham Hancock, who may not share Hancock’s views, unlikely that he does, all things considered.

That’s Richard Dawkins in photo, not Graham Hancock.

You have a false photo. The photo shows Richard Dawkins. Graham Hancock looks different.

The picture you are using is Richard Dawkins

Maybe I’d agree with Mr. Hancock about morality more than about ancient history and maybe he illustrates the rather non-mainstream nature of our Palestinian-sympathising gang in the West. However, good for him.