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How much should we push to change US policy towards Israel? Your contribution will decide.

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Mondoweiss’s summer fundraising campaign began July 15, shortly over a week ago. As of today, donations to this campaign total over $32,000. Wow! This is about twice the total in the first nine days of our last fundraising campaign, and 30 percent higher than in our largest campaign ever.

Today, we are highlighting one of the most important elements of Mondoweiss’s journalism: our consistent, broad, relentless coverage of policies, protests, and corruption in United States attitudes toward Israel/Palestine. While policies toward Israel in Europe and elsewhere are important harbingers of long-term change, the billions of dollars each year in military aid from the U.S. are the cornerstone of Israel’s violent and intransigent regime.

We believe that getting right on this issue is essential for the United States. “When we fight for Palestine, we make America better, we make America smart, we make America save itself. We’re going to help America save itself whether it wants to or not!” James Zogby of the Arab American Institute said just this week, as we reported from the Democratic convention in Philadelphia.

Where but Mondoweiss could you find, within a few weeks, all these stories about how U.S. politics are shaped constantly in terms of Israel’s goals? Together, these various angles provide a unique perspective on American power-mongering at national and state levels:

  • Stories about how Israel is the only issue on which Donald Trump has changed his tune, and “the press isn’t giving him any more pushback on this issue. Because he caved in…And they’re not covering it either.”
  • Longer-term analyses of the interests within the Beltway and beyond that shape American policy. As Phil has articulated so well, “Nearly a year after the Iran deal passed, it is still in treacherous waters. Hardliners in the American power structure want to capsize the deal….And it’s all happening in plain sight. Because the mainstream press doesn’t care to hold these folks to account.”
  • Policy discussion by experts on the diplomatic apparatus, including former U.N. Special Rapporteur Richard Falk and former Ambassador Chas Freeman. “The US seems incapable of extricating itself from yet another geopolitical quagmire that is partly responsible for generating extra-regional terrorism of the sort that has afflicted Europe in the last two years.”

Nowhere else is this assemblage of news and analysis, this kind of complex and thorough coverage of events within the U.S. and trends in the country’s foreign policy elites. The current campaign is giving us a clear signal that readers want more stories, more reach, more impact from Mondoweiss journalism.

The contributions this month reinforce our vision of sharing more stories and more analysis more broadly, to make up for the gaping holes and falsehoods in mainstream media. These donations are telling us that you want our typical video to reach millions of people—as our most successful ones have—up from the quarter of a million that is currently our norm.

Our minimum goal was $50,000 to keep operations running as they have been, while we announced a stretch goal of $75,000 to enable us to pursue new directions and increased impact. We asked all of you to show us through your donations How Much Truth is needed—whether the status quo was adequate or you wanted to invest in increased capacity for Mondoweiss to push harder for change.

The response to date has been dramatic, and suggests that Mondoweiss readers see the importance of increasing its impact. But there is less than a week left in the current campaign, and it’s essential that everyone who shares this ambition—of more news spread to a broader public—helps us get to the goal of $75,000. To get there, what we need now is 20 gifts of $500-1500, 60 gifts of $150-300 and 100 gifts of $30-120. Can you provide one of those contributions?

(Photo: Lorie Shaull)

(Photo: Lorie Shaull)

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11 Responses

  1. ET on July 25, 2016, 8:03 pm

    There is a difference between helping the State of Israel defend itself VS helping the State of Israel sustain its War Criminal Enterprise occupation of UNGA 181 State of Palestine:
    1 Sionist delusion that UNGA 181 State of Palestine sovereignty could be dissolved through IDF military occupation, UN Resolution, International Conference, or bi-lateral negotiations
    1.1 Israel_Palestine Conflict is International Conflict & not a Civil War
    2 UNGA 181 is in effect
    3 Any Israel_Palestine Peace Agreement shall be qualified by Vienna Convention on Laws of Treaties Article 53
    3.1 VC_LOT Article 53 jsu cogens
    4 Delusion that supporting Abbas could be the means to breaching VC_LOT Article 53
    4.1 VC_LOT Article 47 Notification vis-a-vis Abbas powers

  2. DaBakr on July 26, 2016, 3:37 am

    While I think I understand the premise behind your drive to raise monies and continue to peruse “aggressive coverage,” of stories not normally covered by what you term the mainstream Zionist media but which others would say, mostly ignored by the larger mainstream outlets as too far left or to kooky to cover (unless they see an opportunity to rule up their base consumer.

    I understand why an outlet such as MW would be peeved at the lack of what they consider everyday issues facing Palestinians within Israel and without over the green lines in areas with politically charged names and no actual law, neither international or otherwise had fully determined what the borders of an Israel nation with blocks I area A,b and c with swaps that will compensate for losses or money of land, is not enough

    After all, afaik… You are maybe the first blog who had used the recipe of Palestinian anger coupled with white far left wing progressive gilt and responsibility to raise your calls to bring in more like-minded troops to ad bodies and numbers to their events all while showing that the msm numbers were lies and more .

    Even if all th his is happening as Adam, and Phil, Annie, others feel is how it should go are they so certain that the average run-of-the-mill. Middle road pro hilary constituency going to embrace this negative charge and get down serious enough to see through the conspiratorial! Angles which ARE numerous and flat and forgetting them, the vast bulk of the party that seems to me were actually SHOCKED (LOL) THAT there was ANY DRAMA whatsoever before we got” with the Liz Warren Ann’s then Mr. Cuckoo Sanders LLBean speech—probably the best speech of the convention.

    I also heard the statement by convicted police murderer [and yes, I have read dozens upon dozens of court transcripts to understand where there where weaknesses in the states case an nd where there were none. I understand that with the racist syStem prevalent at that time the Mumia Abu Jamal is probably the single worst case put forth to prove extenuating circumstances during shooting, confusion and police corruption as one can easily find when one gets deeper into the testimony laid out.

    Personally, I am grateful and glad the death penalty was dropped as there was never a legal option. I think enough of the evidence held that there was no Premeditated attempt to shoot the officer. There was much evidence that saud police tried to end his live but failed with overt,6 slugs I his body. An nd please, I’ve read the whole thing, cover to cover, as nauseam.

    I could name overt 10 cases involving young black or hispanic men were circumstances were clearly similar and Murky and yet-i a similar twist- these men got the same type of experience the most agents cases got.

    So, while I’m all for Bernie on his close-to-his-heart social equality issues and breaking down how the rich guarantee the middle is cut out I’m FORx4. But,. For the life of me I can’t figure out what so many young progressives following the Bern are doing the hysterical claiming that things like the Israel lobby ( known as apaic) exerts extraordinary control of not only our executive but our
    R senators and Congress, judges, our banks, loan orgs, the mass media and police In a massive humongous conspiracy that this relatively small but effective group (aipac) has set up Israel (a state not much smaller then New Jersey as the leviathon capable of running such an absurdly large expansive threat

    Somebody here once answered me that the bigPharma big banks , big tobacco bigHealthcare,big Agro and big oil ‘only advocated for US policy and aipac Advocated for foreign policy changes. LOL. I wasn’t sure wether to bother telling her the absurdity as she was tightly focused 99 the ‘plight’of the Palestinians. I could have told her the the pro-israel Palestinian advocacy groups are unabashedly trying to tie any human or social rights issue in the US (somehow) go there palestinian cause no matter how tenuous.
    That a few police districts around the nation chose to train with the Israeli Shin Bet in their universally admired riot controll was enough to blame Michael Brown on Israel to a few. The signs read from Palestine to Fergesun as if most neighbors ‘got it. Right.

    That the same program existed with Dallas(where police were killed) and Atlanta and the training with the ShinBet was brought up again—-as an insane lessons causes American deaths. From Dallas to Atlanta to Palestine were the. Comments. Too bad both sheriffs completely repudiated their program with the Israelis as some odd the best life saving trading they received.

    • lonely rico on July 27, 2016, 2:58 am

      I never realized what a funny guy you are DaB, until I read this quite marvellous post; such clarity and incisive thought on display.

      The following few lines particularly attracted my attention –

      Even if all th his is happening as Adam, and Phil Annie, others feel is how it should go are they so certain that the average run-of-the-mill.
      So right, elegantly put, no superfluous verbiage.

      Middle road pro hilary constituency going to embrace this negative charge and get down serious enough to see through the conspiratorial!
      Ah yes, the conspiratorial, and again, no words wasted, right to the point!

      Angles which ARE numerous and flat and forgetting them …
      The problem of ‘numerous and flat angles’ are seldom addressed here at MW, and I commend you for bringing it up.

      An nd please, I’ve read the whole thing, cover to cover, as nauseam.
      “as nauseam” Sacrificing your own personnel health in your search for truth. I’m awed!

      … were circumstances were clearly similar and Murky and yet-i a similar twist- these men got the same type of experience the most agents cases got.
      Avoid “clearly Murky” circumstances like the plague DaB. While it’s hard to know what’s happening, but it could very well be the yetis.

      Well done DaB !

      There is much else in your post which brings clarity and light which Adam, Phil Annie et al choose to ignore or intentionally obscure. I encourage all to read DaB’s original.

      Suddenly I have an alarming thought – Mooser has been sending you prepared text DaB, and you copy-paste it as if it were your own. I suspect Mooser’s a megalomaniac and you should avoid playing along. In any case it’s unethical, I think it’s called plagiarism.

      • Mooser on July 27, 2016, 5:54 pm

        “Suddenly I have an alarming thought…”

        Nope, not me. “Steve Grover” is my only sock-puppet, and I swore, (before I took another pour) on pain of banning, not to do it any more.
        Definitely not me.

    • Talkback on July 27, 2016, 9:13 am

      DaBakr: “… too far left …”

      What do you mean by that? Freedom, equality and justice? Human rights? Humanitarian and international law?

      “… in areas with politically charged names and no actual law, neither international or otherwise had fully determined what the borders of an Israel nation …”

      And what do you mean by that? Israel declared statehood within borders that were recommended in the partition plan Such declarations are internationally binding. It officially declared everything else as “occupied” to the Security Council within the first week. It officially declared Jerusalem as “occupied” in August 1948. After 1967 the Security Council has released a few resolution which declared that everything else is still occupied including Jerusalem. It condemned Israel’s annexation of Jerusalem. It condemned Israel’s settling policy multiple times as a fragant violation of humantarian law and demanded their dismantlement. The International Court of Justice called for the dismantlement of the of the 80% of the “security barrier” that run through occupied territory. Even if the member’s of the Security Council my have a different opinion of how this should be solved (two states with shared Jerusalem) the international and humanitarian law is and has been always very clear.

      Please tell me that you understand this and agree from an objective point of view.

  3. silamcuz on July 26, 2016, 10:28 am

    Best way to fight Israel is start joining the fight at home. That means supporting the BLM movement, supporting the various Muslim-American and Palestinian-American groups in Universities in federal level, and many councils within the state levels, support the Hawaiian Independence Movement, supporting Open Borders, and supporting intersectional feminist movements.

    Seriously, we are so strong despite our huge diversity, so resilient and so resourceful even by ourselves. Joined together we will be unstoppable. The establishment may have the guns, the money and the media, but they lack the most fundamental instrument for winning the war: truth.

    We are approaching the final stretch in our struggle for Palestinian liberation, the house of cards is fast crumbling both in Israel and within the deeply corrupt political establishment at home. Let’s bravely and unapologetically choose our side which will forever be remembered in history as the victors in the moral war against oppression and racism.

  4. Doubtom on July 26, 2016, 10:59 am

    The fact that you can ask that question, in the way you did, says a great deal about your reticence concerning moving away from supporting Israel’s criminal enterprises. Grow a pair and get out there against this rogue and criminal nation. Tell the truth loud and clear; at least you can then renew your claim to self-respect. Who are you afraid of? Start with the Congress!For a worthwhile project, undertake to explain to the American populace exactly what is involved in this “special relationship” we’re told we have with Israel. No one has ever defined what this relationship entails. Do America a favor and exposed this propaganda scheme! Who first coined that term “special relationship”? “How far you push” shouldn’t be decided by money but it seems a certainty that if you do start to push for that “change” the money would start flowing in to support your new-found courage.

  5. JLewisDickerson on July 27, 2016, 10:22 am

    RE: “How much should we push to change US policy towards Israel?”


  6. jon s on July 31, 2016, 12:54 pm

    I see that Phil is moonlighting:

    • Mooser on July 31, 2016, 1:25 pm

      “I see that Phil is moonlighting”

      Well, ain’t that a kick in the head!
      BTW, “Jon s” how many did you get in? Or were you wielding a chair?
      Clap each other on the back, say “Mazel Tov”, and congratulate each other on a terrorist attack heroically prevented?

      I mean, what’s the proper procedure,the tradition, for a Jewish communal murder?

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