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‘Dozens of hours of convos with Bibi’ convinced Clinton he actively supported two-state solution

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You may have seen the news that just in time for the election, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signed legislation Friday barring state business with organizations or individuals who support Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel. Wolf called the BDS movement “a cause that is antithetical to our country’s position on the world’s stage” because it would replace “peace talks to settle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” The Democratic governor said:

“We must make clear that we are in favor of a peaceful, negotiated solution to this conflict and that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the United States, stand behind our friends and allies, and will not encourage economic punishment in place of peaceful solutions to challenging conflicts.”

The legislation had passed both Pennsylvania’s houses overwhelmingly; and of course NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order to a similar effect last June.

The message is perfectly in line with the Democratic Party’s position on BDS as demonstrated by Hillary Clinton (who polls indicate will thump Donald Trump tomorrow). The Clinton Team put opposition to BDS into the Democratic Party platform last summer, even as it sliced out any references to settlements or occupation. And 16 months ago Clinton released a letter to her megadonor, Haim Saban, promising to fight BDS; Wikileaks emails from her campaign show that the letter was a means of balancing her support for the Iran deal in the eyes of pro-Israel donors.

The latest Clinton campaign emails released by Wikileaks show that Saban intertwined his anti-BDS efforts with the Clinton team. For instance, this email from Saban’s aide, in April 2015, a few weeks ahead of the BDS letter, asks Clinton campaign chair John Podesta for help in hiring an anti-BDS executive:

Haim has asked that I reach out to you in the hopes that you could provide some guidance or a recommendation for the potential hiring of an Executive Director (title TBD) to develop a strategy to combat the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement. A key focus would be increasing pro-Israel student participation in student government.

BDS is a peaceful movement that, aside from gestures from the EU, is the only international force putting pressure on Israel to end the occupation. But Clinton can maintain her stance against BDS the same way Gov. Wolf does: by claiming that the the Israeli government is actually interested in peace.

Recent emails from Wikileaks show that even as Benjamin Netanyahu enraged the White House and won reelection in March 2015 by promising voters he would not allow the creation of a Palestinian state, the Clinton braintrust planned to deceive Americans about Netanyahu’s intentions: “dozens of hours of convos with Bibi” had convinced Hillary Clinton that Netanyahu had “actively negotiated” to bring about a Palestinian state.

The email is from March 18, 2015, the day after Netanyahu had won election with that vow to his rightwing Jewish supporters. Clinton spokesperson Jennifer Palmieri tells the braintrust that a New York Times reporter wants Clinton’s view of the two-state solution in light of Netanyahu’s obstructionism:

Think this is our first incoming on how to handle Bibi being against a 2 state solution. Are we clear on how we want to handle this? Should we do a call? thanks

Jake Sullivan, the former Rhodes Scholar apparatchik who does foreign policy for Clinton, says no no no, Bibi’s not against a 2 state solution. Sullivan says Bibi is actively negotiating to bring one about!

She is for a two-state solution and thinks the status quo is unsustainable. She had dozens of hours of convos with Bibi where he not only supported a two-state solution but actively negotiated to bring it about. We don’t need to wade into Israeli politics but we should be clear and unabashed about our own position.

Clinton subsequently promised to mend relations with Israel and to invite Netanyahu to the White House in the first month she’s in office, for dozens more hours of convos.

The campaign surely had no choice but to stick to Netanyahu. A week after the Israeli election, Haim Saban wrote John Podesta from Israel that Israeli companies can help the Clinton campaign with cyber security. And Saban has no hidden agenda, he says.

I’m in Israel where I have met with various high tech co’s that have developed some incredible technologies that can be of great help to an eventual campaign. There are two that have the greatest potential….  I would strongly recommend that whoever will be in charge of all of our online efforts meets with them for an hour and explores the opportunity. I have no horse in this race other than to support our cause.

Well he has an Israeli horse too. Saban has said that his one issue is Israel. Clinton has been compliant; though maybe she will pivot next year….

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9 Responses

  1. annie
    November 7, 2016, 11:33 am

    A week after the Israeli election, Haim Saban wrote John Podesta from Israel that Israeli companies can help the Clinton campaign with cyber security. …..” incredible technologies that can be of great help to an eventual campaign…..

    and a couple months later saban contacted podesta again about cyber security…

    On Jul 9, 2015 5:58 PM, “Haim Saban” wrote:

    > Are you familiar with Dr Alex Karp of Palantir?
    > They’re the real deal in identifying various group of people and Alex is
    > an eccentric genius.The various security and intelligence agencies use
    > their services.
    > He was asked multiple times to work with various campaigns,but in a
    > conversation I had with him yesterday,he stated that he would make only ONE
    > exception: HRC

    Alex Karp of Palantir? would that be the same palantir who specialize in designing smear campaigns? glenn greenwald wrote about here:

    don’t miss the powerpoint embedded on this link

    more on online impersonation and sabotaging critics here:

    and yes, Palantir has an office in tel aviv. just a thought…

  2. Kay24
    November 7, 2016, 11:39 am

    We are a great nation, full of capable people, many educated, and experienced, to take care of anything that comes our way, which makes me wonder why we have to depend on a rogue nation like Israel, a violent occupier, land grabber, and breaks international laws so easily, for anything.
    They have way too much influence over our politicians and policies. They are like a wealthy relative, who keeps sponging off you, pretending to be always short of funds, and taking advantage of your kindness. I blame our politicians like Clinton, who keeps enabling them, and supporting their violent behavior against helpless occupied people.

  3. Ossinev
    November 7, 2016, 12:14 pm

    Would love for someone in the very near future to present to the 2SS dreamers in the US and elsewhere a map of the occupied territories illustrating in colour ( green for what little is left of Palestinian land and blue for the settlements inc East Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley with of course further lines of blue showing Jews only roads connecting the settlements and Israel itself). They would then be asked to explain how exactly the remnant ludicrous honeycomb of Palestinian land can be converted into anything remotely resembling a contiguous state without a wholesale removal of the Jewish settlers ( that`s even before the question of sovereignty is addressed ). The map should also be placed in front of Abbas and his cronies who for so long have been playing along with this two state farce in order to maintain their 5 star hotel lifestyle.If anything it is the latter who I blame the most for the maintenance of this farce. To be fair to him the Yahoo is an in your face up front hypocritical liar with delusions of being some sort of Churchillian figure and if it suits him as the article outlines he will say that he is in favour of or he against a 2SS depending upon the audience/electorate. It is blindingly obvious that short of all of these cuddly settlers agreeing to live in and become Palestinian citizens in this purported Palestinian state that a 2SS is never repeat never going to happen. Which is why Palestinians should boot out Abbas and his cabal , dump the Oslo scam once and for all and focus via peaceful means on claiming equal rights / equal citizenship citizenship in their native land.If this was to happen all the Hasbara in the world will not get the Zionists off the hook.

    • Citizen
      November 8, 2016, 12:32 am

      Would love to see such a map, just once, shown on US main news media, not to mention, hear the phrases “50 years of belligerent occupation” and”illegal settlements.”

      • echinococcus
        November 8, 2016, 1:44 am

        The 70 years of belligerent occupation and its illegal settlements should by rights come before that.

      • Misterioso
        November 8, 2016, 11:06 am

        50 years of belligerent, brutal occupation, including theft of Palestinians’ land and water resources, destruction of their fruit/olive groves, imposition of collective punishments, extra judicial killings, imprisonment without charge, torture, demolition of homes, illegal settlements and overall accelerating violations of hard won international humanitarian law.

      • echinococcus
        November 9, 2016, 11:25 pm


  4. Ossinev
    November 8, 2016, 12:09 pm

    Would love to see such a map, just once, shown on US main news media, not to mention, hear the phrases “50 years of belligerent occupation” and”illegal settlements.”

    This is the nearest I can find on Google:

    Of course the little red dots tend to give the impression that the settlements are themselves tiny widely spread ” outposts.”There are no details of connecting Jews only roads.
    No details of the “illegal” “illegal” (sic) outposts which Israel occasionally demolishes and allows to relocate. There is no clarification that the settlements are built on the highest ground , control and divert the aquifers and particularly in the Jordan Valley have control and use of the most fertile land – for Israel`s security you understand.

    The Yahoo and Co by way of sustaining the mythical ” 2SS through direct negotiations only” have come up with the ploy of suggested “land swaps” whereby Israel would evacuate some settlements and surrender them to the Palestinians for some “Palestinian land”( as in I broke into your house and stole your money I will return some of that money if you give me the equivalent back). All total pie in the sky. There is no way on god`s Earth ( Planet Earth for you atheists) that these settlers( a significant number of whom are bat shit crazy zealots ) are going to be persuaded to abandon their particular little project plots in their Biblical Paradise even if they are offered extra bedrooms and larger swimming pools in relocated sites.

    As I say I hope sooner or later a Blumenthal or a Levy figure will finally use basic maps or power points in a mainstream televised forum to explode this two state farce.

  5. Elizabeth Block
    Elizabeth Block
    November 8, 2016, 4:06 pm

    Twice I have asked Canadian political leaders: What’s your Plan B? When you can no longer pretend that there’s going to be a Palestinian state, what’s your policy then?
    Bob Rae, Liberal leader at the time, ducked the question.
    The NDP foreign policy critic, Paul Dewar, said, “I have no Plan B.”

    And I’m sure Blumethal or Levy would use the maps if they ever get on mainstream TV. But I’m not holding my breath.

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