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Gaza’s ‘geeks’ will code your project for free

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Gaza’s first start-up incubator, Gaza Sky Geeks, has announced an open call for businesses, organizations, and individuals to submit their project ideas and coders in Gaza will build them for free.

Newly trained coders with the group will work on six winning project ideas. They are seeking to practice their skills before moving on to professional gigs with paying clients.

The call from Gaza Sky Geeks

There’s a bit of a buzz behind Gaza Sky Geeks, as it’s become an anchoring institution to the besieged strip’s emerging high-tech scene. During my time in Ramallah they were referenced frequently and warmly by young entrepreneurs in the West Bank.

The organization was founded in 2011 with seed money from Google. Last year Al Jazeera reported the group expanded from funding start-ups to training ‘female geeks’ as young as 12 years old to code.The group has also hired staff to mentor and outreach to women in Gaza, and has made closing the gender gap part of their raison d’être.

If you have a million dollar app in mind, contact the geeks and ask them to create your idea here.

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  1. gamal
    March 15, 2017, 5:25 pm

    “start-ups to training ‘female geeks’ as young as 12 years old to code.The group has also hired staff to mentor and outreach to women in Gaza, and has made closing the gender gap part of their raison d’être”


    “EU Court Rules Hijab Can Be Banned from Workplaces”

    The Belgium case was brought on by Samira Achbita in 2003, who was dismissed from her post as a receptionist at G4S security services after she refused to stop wearing the hijab to work. The company introduced a formal ban of the hijab at the company thereafter and the ECJ ruled that European Union law does bar discrimination on religious grounds

    In France, design engineer Asma Bougnaoui was fired from a private company called Micropole, after a customer complaint about her hijab in 2008. In her case, the ECJ ruled that she had indeed been treated differently and so the client’s demand that she not wear a hijab “cannot be considered a genuine and determining occupational requirement.”

    In sum, the EU court’s ruling does allow so-called “indirect discrimination” if it is “objectively justified by a legitimate aim,” such as a company’s policy of neutrality.

    The ruling comes in the wake of a massive tide of Islamophobia and a rise in xenophobic aversion to Muslim immigration across the continent.”

    let freedom ring.

  2. xanadou
    March 16, 2017, 2:27 pm

    A rhetorical Q to israeli racists: if there is no Palestine and there are no Palestinians, alternatively – if the (non-existent) Palestinians are beasts and snakes, to whom then did GOOGLE provide the seed money?

    On another note: I am thrilled to notice the huge number of women among the coders! Would it be possible for one of MW’s reporters in the area to interview the group?

    This is such good news that shows that the zios have wasted 70+ years trying to extinguish the Palestinian Phoenix that is, and will continue to rise from the ashes. In return, for their “efforts”, the israelis have devolved from the once-upon-a-time victims to unconscionable villians:

    And how do the zios explain the growing support for Palestinians, a majority semitic people, as antisemitism?

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