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They fear the truth. Mondoweiss reports it. And thanks to a dedicated supporter, you can double your investment in truth from Palestine.

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This summer, we have been working to show Mondoweiss readers what it takes on the ground in Palestine—what reporters, photographers and activists face daily—to gather and publish the news you can’t find in mainstream media. We’ve shared stories from several brave journalists about the threats they face, including experiences with violence, legal barriers, detention and constant threats and intimidation.

One of Mondoweiss’s most dedicated readers has been moved by these stories and inspired by all he’s learned from Mondoweiss over the years. He’s asked us not to use his name, but wrote to us with this offer:

“I know how much effort and talent you all put into getting the news and spreading it to everyone who needs to know what’s going on in Palestine. I am constantly outraged and devastated by the abuses Palestinians confront, and I know that informing the widest possible audience is the best way to challenge the regime oppressing them. In fact, it’s the only way to ultimately bring that regime to its knees.

“I remember clearly how much of a difference it made in fighting apartheid in South Africa—and fighting for civil rights here in the U.S.—to have accurate, reliable and constant coverage of the atrocities.

“Because I believe in Mondoweiss, and I know there are people out there who can invest along with me, I’m issuing a challenge. I will match every gift you receive by the end of July, up to a total of $5,000.

“I believe that your community can meet this challenge. In fact, I fully expect that Mondoweiss readers will put me to shame by claiming the full $5,000 within a few days.

“I wish I could issue a larger challenge, but this is a stretch that I’m committing to because I believe in the cause so urgently. Would anyone else like to do as I’m doing? If another Mondoweiss supporter is able to commit $2,500 or more, we can mobilize hundreds of contributors and make possible excellence in journalism in a region that sorely needs it.”

We are touched by this vote of confidence from someone who has a long history in fighting for social justice. All we can do at this point is ask the thousands reading this message: can you step up and meet the challenge from our friend? Whatever you give by the end of July will have double the impact.

All funds from this campaign are going to pay talented freelance journalists on the ground in Palestine/Israel. With your help, we can continue publishing essential exposes of Israel’s behavior and vital reports on brave and effective resistance by Palestinians.

They fear the truth. We report it. Please give now to double your impact in investing in that truth.

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