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‘Mondoweiss Mondays’ has really taken off — and check out the new match to multiply your impact

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In the past two weeks, it’s been hard to get accurate information about the horrific violence committed by Israeli troops against Palestinians participating in the Great March of Return. In this dreadful time — which I will always think of as the “Passover massacre” — I’m proud that Mondoweiss has delivered both on-the-ground coverage and insightful commentary to supplement the incomplete and biased reporting by mainstream media. If you haven’t yet watched it, I particularly recommend our two-minute video recording protesters describing in their own words why they are putting their bodies on the line.

During the same period, we’ve been running a low-intensity fundraising campaign, Mondoweiss Mondays. This campaign was scheduled some time ago, and we decided to follow through with it because we know that at times like this many readers are particularly appreciative of our work. And in fact, reader response has shown precisely that: dozens of you have signed up to be regular donors — enough to claim the entire $1,500 match offered by three longtime Mondoweiss supporters to recruit new recurring gifts.

In order to keep the momentum going, a new match has been offered by a generous donor. Starting today, she has pledged $50 for each of the next ten people who commit to a new recurring donation at any level. By signing up now to sustain truthful reporting from Palestine, you can multiply the impact of your support. If you agree that accurate reporting and insightful commentary are urgently needed, please sign up today. Commit to $2 every other week ($52/year); or $5 every other week ($130/year) or $10 ($260/year).

For this kind of money, you could buy the New York Times a few times a month; instead, help the Mondoweiss team deliver reliable news to all who need it. Your support is what sustains our work. Your help is what spreads the truth. Thanks for whatever you can do today to help us keep the movement growing.

In solidarity—

Tova Perlmutter
Mondoweiss Director, Development and Outreach

P.S. If giving every other week doesn’t fit for you, please consider contributing now anyway. Whether you want to give just once, or you want to sign up for $40/month–you can go to our main donation page and set up whatever works best for you.

Please, do it now. Take a minute to join our hundreds of supporters in whatever way you can! Your commitment will make a real difference.

Tova Perlmutter

Tova Perlmutter is Mondoweiss’s Director of Development and Outreach, Tova’s responsibility is to increase income, but also to help connect the members of our community in useful and rewarding ways.

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  1. JLewisDickerson on April 16, 2018, 10:38 pm

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    “In all my films, it seemed important to me to remind the audience to the fact that they are not alone, lost in an empty universe, but that they are connected by innumerable threads with their past and present, that through certain mystical ways, every human being realizes the rapport with the world and the life of humanity.” – Andrei Tarkovsky

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