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The double standard for ‘a peaceful English town’ and Gaza

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I love this last sentence of the New York Times editorial titled “A Colder War with Russia?” for the unconscious racist privilege and the prissy, carefully-selective moral outrage.

The former K.G.B. agent in Mr. Putin may find it intolerable that a turncoat is living comfortably in Britain, but it must be made clear to him that the West will unite in fury — yes, including Mr. Trump’s America — when Russia’s most fearsome weapons are deployed in a peaceful English town.

I am agnostic about who did the poisoning (if our Western governments say it was Russia then there is a middling chance it was Russia); and if the Russian government did it then we should respond in some fashion.

But of course the rules are different for quiet English towns. We can do drone assassinations anywhere we want, we can flatten Mosul, Israel can shoot protesters in Gaza– and the West shouldn’t unite in fury about that. We can unite in fury about peaceful English towns. Should other people be uniting in fury about our little escapades?

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> ” (if our Western governments say it was Russia then there is a middling chance it was Russia)”

.. you have to be kidding. It should be assumed that the Government (regardless of who’s government) is lying unless there is solid, independent, material evidence to support Government assertions.

Russia had no motive to assassinate the Skripals. Sergey Skripal was in Russian custody serving a prison term for being a double agent with Britain. He was later returned to England on a spy swap deal. If Russia wanted him dead, they would have passed a death sentence on him while he was in Russia. If they feared him, they never would have sent him back to England as a free man. The British have… Read more »

DONALD JOHNSON- “I am agnostic about who did the poisoning….” Really? Fourteen years ago Skripal was convicted of spying for the West and was sentenced to 13 years jail time, later released in a prisoner swap. If Russia wanted him dead, why not legally execute him 14 years ago? Why now? Why use a nerve agent superficially linked to Russia? On the other hand, there go those Russian natural gas sales to Europe. I mean… Read more »

Russians are guilty until proven guilty.

In the earliest news reports that came out it was pointed out that Skripal’s wife, brother and son have died in mysterious circumstances. As also pointed out above, there were many opportunities for the Russian govt to do away with him instead of using him in a prisoner swap. He is said to have betrayed hundreds of fellow spies for money. I’m pretty sure a number of those, or people linked to them, would have… Read more »