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Transcript of Ahed Tamimi interrogation by Israeli military

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On December 19, 2017, Ahed Tamimi who was 16 years old at the time was detained by Israel. The transcripts below are from excerpts of her interrogation which took place on December 26th at Shaar Binyamin Police Station. There were two interrogators present. One who is part of AMAN (Israeli military intelligence).


AMAN Interrogator: [In broken Arabic] You know why you are here. I am forced to tell you when you were in clashes, when you threw stones, when you were in protests not allowed by law, when you hit soldiers in the last period and in the last time. You know, right?

00:32- 00:34:

AMAN Interrogator: You can speak to lawyer. You spoke to lawyer, right? Ahed: [Nods head.]


AMAN Interrogator: Yes. Alone, no one hears you speaking to them.


AMAN Interrogator: (In Hebrew) Okay?


Interrogator: Where do you live?
Ahed: [Remains Silent]
Interrogator: Where do you live?
Ahed: You know where I live.
Interrogator: I ask you the question for the interrogation.
Ahed: I hold the right to remain silent
Interrogator: What?
Ahed: I hold the right to remain silent


AMAN Interrogator: You liberate Palestine? Who’ll liberate Palestine? You? Your brother? Your sister? Who? Nour will liberate Palestine? Osama will liberate Palestine? Who?


Interrogator: What happened?

1:37- 1:42:

Interrogator: Who are you playing?
AMAN Interrogator: Not playing
Interrogator: Who are you playing?
AMAN Interrogator: Listen when I was a boy—
Interrogator: Who?!
AMAN Interrogator: When I was a b—
Interrogator: who?!
AMAN Interrogator: I—
Interrogator: Who!?

1:43- 1:54:

Interrogator: If my daughter was like this
AMAN Interrogator: I think, I think
Interrogator: In handcuffs
AMAN Interrogator: about the past
Interrogator: who? Tell me who? who? who?

1:58- 2:08:

Interrogator: Who, is your father behind you? Or is your mother behind you? Who? Who is behind you? Who is behind you?
AMAN Interrogator: Ahed…


AMAN Interrogator: Ahed, when I think of my little sister, I see her here. Really. A blonde as well. My little sister is blonde and her eyes are like yours not like me. Her kind… White! Like you. Really, when she goes to the beach, yeah? Like a hamburger. When she goes to the beach. You too? In the sun?
Ahed: [silent]
AMAN Interrogator: Eh? For Real, how are you in the sun? Like my sister? Red, red, red? Seriously, like you.
Ahed: [silent]
Interrogator: If you want to be silent, by all means.

2:42- 2:51:

AMAN Interrogator: I tell you,
Interrogator: There are pictures and films and people and soldiers that can talk about you.


Interrogator: On who? I am from Israel. I am from Israel
AMAN Interrogator: Hey seriously—
Interrogator: and we do the law like this (points hand forward). We walk with the law.
Ahed: [silent]
Interrogator: And in all the area now the law is Israel. In all the area the law is Israel. The law of the army. Yeah? The law is Israel! The law of the army.
Ahed: [Silent]
Interrogator: and you must follow the law, you…You and the whole family.


AMAN Interrogator: You know your mom is religious? Right? So she asked me to tell you before you take a shower when you do like this [does movement with hands] before prayer and really because I see you as my sister, she is like my mother because you know she is older. Right? And do you know [unclear] I told her the same thing I told you. You are a mother. You should be home with your husband, with your kids. And then she likes to do herself [does motion with hands].
Ahed: [silent]
AMAN Interrogator: Maybe you say there is occupation, there is…because of the governments there. I am not Netanyahu. Am I Netanyahu? Who am I? I am from Jerusalem. Yeah? I am a soldier too. Are you Abbas? No. Right? Right. We are all human. You want to go to jail, right?
Ahed: [Shakes head]
AMAN Interrogator: Okay. [In English] Okay. [unclear] Do you want to go back to Hasharon? To jail?


Interrogator: For who is the voice? For whom is the voice here? You hear it with your ear, right? Did you hear or not? Did you hear or n— For whom is the voice?
Ahed: [Silent]
Interrogator: Who’s speaking here?

Who is she?
Ahed: I hold the right to remain silent
Interrogator: who is she?!


Interrogator: Listen aga— listen. I say in the film, who is speaking here is your mother, Nariman. Okay? Narameen?
AMAN Interrogator: Narameen.
Interrogator: Narameen.
AMAN Interrogator: No, Nariman, Nariman, Nariman.
Interrogator: Nariman. And she tells you here what to do in the area. Is this true or no? True or no? True or no?! True or no?
Ahed: I hold the right to remain silent.


AMAN Interrogator: Only films. [screaming from laptop] You don’t have to talk [pointing hand towards laptop] they talked a lot. Your mother talked here, you talked here, all talked here. It really doesn’t concern me.
Interrogator: And I tell you it’s your mother.
AMAN Interrogator: You talk here—
Interrogator: Whose voice?
AMAN Interrogator: [overlapping question of interrogator] In the court—
Interrogator: Whose voice?
Ahed: [silent]
AMAN Interrogator: You know in [unclear] when they take and test they will see this is your mother
Interrogator: [Pointing at screen] Who are those people?! Who are those people?! Who are those people?
AMAN Interrogator: [In Hebrew] I see Osama here, I see Nour here. The whole gang here come on. Nour, Nour Tamimi is here.
Interrogator: Who? Nour and who else?
AMAN Interrogator: [In Hebrew] There’s Nour here, and I’ll tell you who else. No Maria isn’t here, or maybe she is… Yes I think so. I think Maria is here.
Interrogator: Maria Tamimi AMAN Interrogator: Maria Tamimi. [Audio from laptop]


AMAN Interrogator: Nour Tamimi, Marah Tamimi, ehm… Osama Tamimi, ehm… Jihad Tamimi – I’m not 100% sure about, but very likely that yes. Ehm… You have, ehm… Mahmoud Barakeh Tamimi, I’ll tell you where they live in a minute.
Interrogator: Never mind

7:21- 8:40:

AMAN Interrogator: Why?! Why?

Why? We can help you. You don’t want?
Interrogator: No, I don’t want.
AMAN Interrogator: We’ll take them all!
Interrogator: I don’t want.
AMAN Interrogator: You don’t want? We’ll take every single one—
Interrogator: [overlapping] I don’t want
AMAN Interrogator: — who was there. You know! You know Nour. You know Marwan. You know Osama. You know Marah. You know it all. We will take everyone if you don’t cooperate. If you want to help them [unclear] like this and like this. It’s in your hands. It’s in your hands. You know Marwan. You know Mahmoud. No. They will talk to us. You don’t want to? It’s on you! It’s on you! I told you don’t make problems, you go away from here. You said no.
Interrogator: [English audio from laptop] From where is the English? From where? [Audio from laptop]: Oh, we have to clap for you. You have no humanity, you have no mercy. Oh just killing, just arresting children! You arrested, you arrested my brother he’s 13 years old you arrested my brother—
AMAN Interrogator: No. You arrested him. Not him. [nodding head towards interrogator] You. [nodding head towards Ahed] You.
Interrogator: From where is the language? Yeah? From where is the language—
AMAN Interrogator: Not him. You.
Interrogator: From Trump?


Interrogator: Who’s hitting the soldier? Me, or my daughter? [Pointing at Aman Interrogator] or his daughter? Whose daughter?
AMAN Interrogator: I don’t have daughters. [Both interrogators laugh and hit their palms together]

8:59- 9:06:

Interrogator: Now what are you doing?
Ahed: [Silent]
AMAN Interrogator: Whatever.

9:07- 9:35:

AMAN Interrogator: [In English] You make me to do things I don’t want to do. I don’t want to do it, but I have to.
Interrogator: [repeating audio from laptop] If you come back again here are the girls.
AMAN Interrogator: [In English] You don’t need to speak. We don’t want you to speak because this is everything—
Interrogator: If you return again, where are you?
AMAN Interrogator: We don’t need to speak, if you will speak and tell someone… if you will say and tell someone shoot someone else, can you to say I didn’t kill him? No. You shoot it right? You say it. We don’t need you to speak. We can go with this [points at laptop] and it’s okay.


AMAN Interrogator: Okay, you want to be a hero. You are a hero!
Interrogator: [In Hebrew] Where are you? Where are you? [In Arabic] Where were you here? [pointing at laptop] Where were you?
AMAN Interrogator: I don’t want to have to bring those children here. Children. Please. You say something maybe we don’t need to—I don’t want to bring the children.
Interrogator: Where were you?

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4 Responses

  1. Ossinev on April 9, 2018, 12:57 pm

    Wow those Israeli interrogators were so incredibly brave. Sitting no more than a desk width away from a tiny existentially threatening 16 year old Palestinian girl who at any moment could have lashed out with one of her horrific slaps. Their Moms and Dads must be so so proud of them as they heroically reduced this murderous terrorist to silence. In fact they really deserve some sort of Zio Medal of Honour for their brave actions. In fact apart from the medal perhaps a more substantial reward of some kind such as a days free live shooting practice on the Gaza border would be in order ?

  2. amigo on April 9, 2018, 1:27 pm

    “In fact they really deserve some sort of Zio Medal of Honour for their brave actions.” 0ssinev

    How about the “Lehi Ribbon of Honour”.

    “Lehi (Hebrew pronunciation: [ˈleχi]; Hebrew: לח”י – לוחמי חרות ישראל‎ Lohamei Herut Israel – Lehi, “Fighters for the Freedom of Israel – Lehi”), often known pejoratively as the Stern Gang,[9][10][11][12] was a Zionist paramilitary organization founded by Avraham (“Yair”) Stern in Mandatory Palestine.[13][14] Its avowed aim was to evict the British authorities from Palestine by resort to force, allowing unrestricted immigration of Jews and the formation of a Jewish state, a “new totalitarian Hebrew republic”.[15] It was initially called the National Military Organization in Israel,[1] upon being founded in August 1940, but was renamed Lehi one month later.[16] According to Jean E. Rosenfeld, the group admitted to having used terrorist attacks.[17][18]”

    Note the title of the new Israel!!.

    “A New Totalitarian Hebrew Republic”.

    Looks as if the Lehi terrorists got their wish.Who says Terrorism doesn,t work.

  3. Kay24 on April 9, 2018, 8:41 pm

    All this drama because she slapped a solider.

  4. Citizen on April 10, 2018, 5:26 pm

    ” Okay, you want to be a hero. You are a hero!”

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