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Mondoweiss is Hiring – Director of Development

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Mondoweiss community, we have some bittersweet organizational news to share — Tova Perlmutter, our wonderful Executive Director, will be moving on later this spring. Tova will be leaving to work on human rights issues in the United States, work needed now more than ever. While we support her in this transition we are incredibly sorry to see her go after five productive years. We will miss her energy, humor, vision, and talents tremendously!

Among Tova’s achievements is our strengthened capacity and stability–so we are absolutely confident we will continue to deliver the essential news regarding the struggle for Palestinian human rights you and others value. If you want to join us in furthering that mission, please consider applying for our new Director of Development position.

Tova has been central in our development over the past five years, helping to move Mondoweiss from a fledgling news operation of four staff people into a mature, stable organization with a core staff of ten. During that time our annual budget has almost tripled, and our community of donors has grown from about 700 people to about 2,000. This growth has helped us further our mission of providing news and analysis unavailable through the mainstream media regarding Israel/Palestine and related US foreign policy. While working to grow the organization, Tova has organized our wider community with a dedication to equality and human rights–the values that she will be bringing to whatever comes next, no doubt.

Mondoweiss is now hiring.
Mondoweiss is now hiring.

As we prepare for her exit at the end of June we are launching a search for a Director of Development to continue the impressive growth and stewardship that Tova brought to our fundraising program. Mondoweiss is at the strongest it has ever been and we’re looking for a leader to help continue that growth. This is an exciting opportunity for a creative fundraising professional with a deep commitment to justice in Palestine. Please see the announcement here to apply or to share far and wide!

Like other nonprofits and businesses, we are readying ourselves for very uncertain times. We are not blind to the challenges ahead. Still, we are very confident in the abilities of the strong leadership team which Tova was central to creating. Even as we focus on covering the COVID-19 pandemic, we are also looking ahead to sustain and expand our organizational strength. Within the next few weeks, we’ll announce a targeted fundraising drive to help support our leadership transition and honor Tova’s time serving our mission. With your help, we can continue to deliver what the world still needs: unrelenting coverage of the persecution and violence visited on Palestine, and of American responsibility for those injustices.

Over the next months, the dedicated team at Mondoweiss will be working together to ensure we serve our mission at the highest level we can manage. We are eager to hear from you, our readers, about how you think we can best advance the cause of truth and justice for Palestine. Please use the “Contact” link at the bottom of every page on our site to let us know your thoughts and ideas.

The last five years have been an era of maturation and growth at Mondoweiss. We look forward to continuing these trends over the next five years. Thank you for your support of our work.

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Best wishes to Tova on her new endeavour(s) and to MW on finding a capable replacement.  :-)