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Israeli Apartheid Week opens worldwide, as Netanyahu confirms discriminatory regime

Palestinian BDS National Committee on
2019 Israeli Apartheid Week logo

The 15th annual Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW), the largest global boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) mobilization for Palestinian rights, opened on Monday with more than 80 events in 40 cities across Europe, North America and Palestine, featuring protests, lectures, film screenings, and cultural events. IAW is expected to be held in more than 200 cities worldwide.

Palestinians intervene to sue Israeli settlers in Airbnb lawsuit

Center for Constitutional Rights on

Today, a Palestinian-American and two Palestinian villages, whose properties are the very properties that Israeli settlers have listed on Airbnb, filed counterclaims against the settlers in their suit against Airbnb, arguing that their actions constitute war crimes, crimes against humanity, and discrimination on the basis of religion and national origin.

Ronnie Barkan’s speech against Israeli Apartheid in a Berlin court: ‘I stand here today as the accuser, not the accused’

Jonathan Ofir on
The Humboldt 3, Stavit Sinai, Ronnie Barkan, and Majed Abusalama, receive an award from Copenhagen’s Mayor for Technical and Environmental Affairs

Three activists are on trial in Berlin for disrupting a talk by Israeli lawmaker Aliza Lavie at Humboldt University. In his opening statement the court, Ronnie Barkan made it clear the activists would use the case to take Israel to court. “If there is any wrongdoing on my part then it is of not doing enough to end the grave crimes that the State of Israel is responsible for,” Barkan said. “The accused today, your honor, are the criminal State of Israel and its accomplices who will be mentioned in this courtroom for aiding and abetting in Israeli crimes against humanity.”

Copenhagen mayor awards BDS activists for their courage

Jonathan Ofir on
The Humboldt 3, Stavit Sinai, Ronnie Barkan, and Majed Abusalama, receive an award from Copenhagen’s Mayor for Technical and Environmental Affairs

The “Humboldt 3” are three BDS activists who face a criminal trial in Berlin next month for disrupting a pro-Israel event by an Israeli lawmaker at a university in 2017. Israel has silenced Germany on Palestinian rights using Holocaust guilt, but in Copenhagen the three activists received an award for their courage in exposing apartheid.

‘Daily Californian’ solicits, then kills, op-ed on academic boycott of Israel

Andrew Ross and John King on

After the University of California chancellors posted an anti-BDS statement in December, Daily Californian editors solicited an op-ed response from the US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel. Editors were initially receptive to a submitted article and planned to publish it quickly, but later killed it after saying the “upper management team” found it potentially libelous. Read the op-ed article the Daily Californian would not run.

Why I’m not a ‘Champagne boycotter’

Robert Cohen on

Robert Cohen, British anti-Zionist, is accused of being a “champagne boycotter,” because he urges boycott of Israel while using computer products from companies heavily invested in Israel. But BDS doesn’t target Intel, because it has a virtual global monopoly and thus a boycott would not succeed. The real hypocrisy is talking up human rights and opposition to nukes while enforcing an apartheid system and secretly holding nukes.

#IsraeliApartheidWeek – the embodiment of the human spirit of solidarity and love

Michia Moncho on

Michia Moncho reports on the amazing success of 2018’s Israeli Apartheid Week in South Africa which saw over 150 activities, including events with over 5,000 people in attendance: “Not out of arrogance, but humility, we can confidently claim that in this last year’s #IsraeliApartheidWeek, South African civil society (across the gender, racial and religious spectrum) undoubtedly played a role in advancing the struggle for the freedom of the Palestinians.”

Israeli militarism and U.S. border imperialism — two crimes, one weapons company

Ariel Gold and Ursula Rozum on

Israeli weapons giant Elbit Systems is reaping profits from the suffering both in Gaza and at the U.S.-Mexico border. Ariel Gold and Ursula Rozum of CODEPINK say that divestment from Elbit will play a major role eroding the institutional and economic support that allows Israel to commit war crimes with impunity and the U.S. to increase border repression.

Boston Jewish establishment org moves to ostracize venerable Workmen’s Circle for rubbing shoulders with anti-Zionists

Philip Weiss on

The Jewish establishment is reactionary when it comes to Israel: The Boston Jewish Community Relations Council voted overwhelmingly Thursday to move towards throwing out one of its founding members, the Boston Workmen’s Circle, because BWC had signed on to statements with Jewish Voice for Peace, which is anti-Zionist and supports Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) targeting Israel. JCRC sided with members AIPAC, Camera, and the Zionist Organization of America.

Tlaib and Omar’s support for BDS is now a lightning rod for Republicans

Philip Weiss on

BDS shakes up the House! Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s support for BDS “is inconsistent with our national values,” says a Republican congressman, while the Dems’ appointment of BDS-supporter Ilhan Omar to House Foreign Affairs shows “the days of the Democrats’ support-Israel-at-all-costs stance are numbered,” as the young Jewish group IfNotNow proclaims.

Pro-Israel groups are trying to split the Women’s March with a Zionist alternative

Amith Gupta on

WoMen4All, a bizarre rip-off of the Women’s March, has set up an alternate network of “sister marches” to split the Women’s March. It is dedicated largely to condemning Palestinian rights and promoting Zionism by mixing naked Israeli war propaganda with standard feminist causes, such as enacting the Equal Rights Amendment.

Beyond free speech

Nada Elia on

The fight to block the criminalization of BDS should go beyond the focus on making it a matter of American freedom of expression, and American citizens’ constitutional rights, Nada Elia writes.  It is a matter of solidarity with an oppressed people, suffering under brutal occupation, a genocidal siege, and apartheid.

BDS victory: HSBC divests from Elbit Systems

Palestine Solidarity Campaign UK on

On the 10th anniversary of Operation Cast Lead, Israel’s murderous assault on Gaza which killed over 1000 Palestinians in 3 weeks, the movement to ‘Stop Arming Israel’ is stronger than ever before. 

To the Pitzer College President: Palestinians are beyond fed up with American inaction

Diane Shammas on

Pitzer College alumna Diane Shammas tells Pitzer President Melvin Oliver “the time is overdue” for American institutions to take a stance against discrimination against Palestinians by Israel. The Pitzer faculty has voted to suspend a year-abroad program at Haifa University. Oliver said doing so would be a “blow” to the college’s reputation.

NYU student government passes resolution to divest from corporations that violate Palestinian human rights

NYU Students for Justice in Palestine on

The New York University Student Government Assembly passed a resolution calling for the university to divest from corporations that violate Palestinian human rights and for NYU to adopt a socially responsible investment policy that upholds human rights for all. “I co-authored this resolution because I have a role and stake in the Palestinian struggle for liberation and justice,” Bayan Abubakr, a Senator-at-Large and Students for Justice in Palestine NYU member explained. “I want NYU to reckon with the fact that it profits off of the destruction of Palestinian livelihoods, communities, and homes.”

ADL invites police forces to train in Israel, and Northampton says, No thanks

Joseph Levine on

When activists learned that the Northampton, MA, police chief had accepted an invitation from the Anti-Defamation League to train with Israeli “counter-terrorism” experts, they mobilized and the chief decided not to go. The ADL is seeking to enforce a highly-politicized mission of supporting Israel on law enforcement agencies that are supposed to be above partisanship. More and more police forces in the Northeast are declining to go.

BDS victories in 2018 reflect a growing movement

Nada Elia on

Nada Elia says that one of the more encouraging aspects of the BDS victories over 2018 was that most were accomplished by local individuals, groups, and coalitions with no direct involvement from the “leaders” of the BDS movement. These victories illustrate that the years of political discussion that were catalyzed by the 2005 Palestinian call for BDS against Israel are bearing fruit.

Airbnb to end settlement listings in ‘occupied West Bank,’ will evaluate if rentals cause ‘human suffering’

Yumna Patel on

Airbnb will no longer host rentals for stays in Israeli settlements in the West Bank. The company said it will “evaluate whether the existence of listings is contributing to existing human suffering.” The announcement came one day before Human Rights Watch is schedule to release a lengthy report on vacation rentals in the occupied Palestinian territory.

NYU student senators introduce resolution for university divestment from companies violating Palestinian human rights

NYU Students for Justice in Palestine on
"We, the undersigned student clubs, pledge to not participate in or apply to study abroad programs hosted at NYU Tel Aviv."

“In light of the white supremacist violence in Pittsburg, I feel more compelled to pursue this resolution in the name of justice. I understand that my liberation, as a Jewish person, is tied up with the liberation of Palestinians. Our only safety is through solidarity.” – Rose Asaf, Senator at-Large and Jewish Voice for Peace-NYU