The excommunication of Judge Goldstone

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Vicious, vicious, vicious attacks on Goldstone from his South African Jewish community at forecast highs. Don’t worry, judge, you are a great Jew, they did this kind of thing to Spinoza.

This Yom Kippur, had Judge Richard Goldstone asked for forgiveness, which he didn’t, [how do you know what he did on Yom Kippur, you spiritual thug?] he would have found that even the most virtuous members of his old community [oh now you can sort out the virtuous?] could not bring themselves to grant it. From their golden boy, he has gone to being the wicked son.

There is palpable anger at Goldstone within the mainstream South African Jewish community; a feeling that one of their own has betrayed them, sold them out.

Exalted us, more like, from the persecution that is Gaza, persecution that Goldstone called persecution. Now read the dripping irony and viciousness in Barbara Press’s comment:

It has been a while since (inspired by you as head of ORT South Africa) I, together with Rabbi Bernard at Oxford Shule, established a school to teach the Killarney-Houghton Black domestic workers how to write, read, sew, cook and drive. It has been a while since you praised my father Hubert Press as one of the finest business brains you had ever encountered. It was been a while since I dined with you, Noleen, David and Marilyn Rivkin, discussing opera. [now she is using Judge’s wife against him, Noleen]

Jewish life has been crying out for a man of the stature of Adolph Cremieux, of Justice Louis Brandeis, of Sir Moses Montefiore, people of the highest integrity and purpose. For those who champion their own people are remembered forever in the annals of history. But those who are self-serving are lost in a trail of ignominy.

South African Jewry stand tall and your efforts in championing Truth and Reconciliation in South Africa were applauded and earned you a reputation as a man of stature.

I am bewildered by the direction you have taken as part of the United Nations Human Rights Council. This rogue Council has been tainted by a membership that does not condemn Iranian tyranny, Chinese oppression, African despotism but spends their time condemning one country unjustly, Israel…

many of us South Africans have been tainted by the perfidy of the Goldstone report. This is the Jewish time of Judgment when the scales of fate are entered in the book of life and we all need to look into our souls. I am not sure how you could comfortably extricate yourself. Perhaps we could discuss this face to face.

[thanks to Bruce Wolman!]

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