Q: Should Palestinians be able to ride Israeli buses? A: No, it’s a Jewish state.

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Jews wouldn’t do something like this.
Jews have a tragic history of oppression and are very smart.

Anyway why are there Israeli buses in the occupied territories ?
Are the occupied territories Israel?

Are there Israeli buses in Bulgaria ?

I don’t agree with your answer. I think Arabs should be able to ride on buses in any country. In fact, Arabs are STILL riding on buses in Israel. Arabs did ride on buses in the Jewish state of Israel from 1948 (actually Egged bus company provided rides to them… Read more »

Somebody should send this video to R. Goldstone and ask does this fit into his definition of apartheid

These people have been driven mad by zionism. They are no longer rational, any more than their stupid government! Mooser, please invent a cure for ziocaine addiction, the sooner the better!

The more the racism of the settlers is exposed, the better. These are the people who are destroying Judaism from the inside.