Photo Essay: Gaza children honor Rachel Corrie, protest Israeli court

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Editor’s note: On Wednesday August 29, 2012 the Rachel Corrie Children and Youth Cultural Center protested the Haifa District Court’s decision to reject the Corrie family’s wrongful death lawsuit against the state of Israel. Judge Oded Gershon said nearly 10 years ago Corrie did not act as a “reasonable person” when the 23 year-old was crushed to death by an Israeli Defense Forces Caterpillar D9 bulldozer while protecting a Palestinian house from demolition, in Rafah, Gaza. The children’s demonstration, located where Corrie was killed, both condemns the court’s verdict and honors Corrie’s commitment to justice and human rights.

childrensprotest 4
(Photo: Jenny Graham)
childrensprotest 5
(Photo: Jenny Graham)
childrensprotest 6
(Photo: Jenny Graham)
childrensprotest 1
(Photo: Jenny Graham)
childrensprotest 2
 (Photo: Jenny Graham)
childrensprotest 9
(Photo: Jenny Graham)
childrensprotest 7 1
(Photo: Jenny Graham)

h/t Joe Catron

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Bless them. Beautiful pics. I am sure Rachel’s parents will be so proud.

Rachel herself will be remembered with gratitude and respect when those responsible for her killing are long since dead.

They say presently lots of children are named after Rachel in Gaza. She will be remembered. The world will remember her murderers as well.

How very beautiful and moving.

Thank you, Jenny, for sharing this tribute and your beautiful work.

This is what the world should say to her murderers:

A ministering angel shall my sister be,
When thou liest howling.

From Shakespeare’s Hamlet