Medical heroes arrive in Gaza, no fanfare, no NBC

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Little Wings Foundation
The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund and Little Wings Foundation medical team arrives in Gaza Nov.15, 2013

Last night as I was tracking Mohammed Assaf’s travels across America I intercepted the Facebook page for The Palestine’s Children Relief Fund – Detroit Chapter where Assaf made a stopover for a meet and greet.

On top of the page was the photo above featuring a medical team, a mission by the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) along with The Little Wings Foundation, who arrived in Gaza yesterday. The accompanying text:

Today, a six member team of pediatric orthopedic surgeons from The Little Wings Foundation crossed into Gaza on their second mission there in the last three years. Led by surgeon Dr. Marc Sinclair surgeon, the team included Michigan-based anesthesiologist Dr. Samir Abdo, nurses
Gillian Beale, Kate McAvoy, and Ruth Kellow, as well as coordinator Seonaid Biagioni. Also crossing Erez today after several weeks volunteering in Rafidiah Hospital in Nablus is general surgeon Dr. Steven H. Untracht, who has been on several past PCRF missions to Palestine as well.

— with Steven H. Untracht.


PCRF’s team coordinates and conducts emergency volunteer medical missions to Palestine and Lebanon’s refugee camps and beyond. This year alone they have sponsored and managed over 60 volunteer surgery missions to Palestine, including nearly 30 to Gaza, serving the needs of children living under occupation.

The Little Wing Foundation carries out pro bono surgeries for children living in the Middle East and North Africa who have musculoskeletal deformities. Their Facebook page has not been updated since November 2012 when they informed readers the Israeli government had returned their medical supplies for a fee of $1,500. The supplies had been confiscated earlier by Israeli authorities in Ramallah.

P.S. Dr. Nancy Snyderman from NBC was not there to report their arrival yesterday. They literally arrived “quietly, with no fanfare“.

 (Check out all of PCRF’s programs here, get involved and help)

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before i got down to your little piece on snyderman that’s exactly what i was thinking of, where is she?
i think i’ll try myself to call up nbc

Many, many thanks for this Annie! Blessings to The Little Wings Foundation. Blessings to MSF, and the countless others that labor “in the dark” to bring compassionate help, relief, and health to those under Occupation, war and disasters. No fanfare, no hooplah– just real humanitarians. ” …November 2012 when they… Read more »

These are the humble ones.

The IDF colonists and their orchestrated photo op halfway around the world are the fakes.

Let’s see Dr Nancy Snyderman was not there? That’s dog bites man

Actually, this mission is by the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund with Little Wings Foundation. We, the PCRF, have sent over 60 volunteer surgery missions to Palestine this year, including nearly 30 to Gaza. No NBC, no CNN and we don’t care. We are there to serve the needs of children… Read more »