Help send Netanyahu to the Mandela memorial!

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HELP CHEER UP THIS MAN!: Netanyahu getting the news that Israel doesn't have money to send him to South Africa.
HELP CHEER UP THIS MAN!: Netanyahu getting the news that Israel doesn’t have money to send him to South Africa.

Dear Mondoweiss Readers,

Desperate times, call for desperate measures. As you’ve surely heard by now Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will not be attending Nelson Mandela’s official memorial, citing a lack of funds. This is a travesty. Mandela is a global hero, and don’t forget, Israel and South Africa have a relationship going back decades. Is that how you treat a friend?!

Okay, so maybe Bibi hasn’t always been the most frugal, and lord knows we’ve had our differences in the past, but this is a time to put politics aside and give help where it’s needed.

Please help us raise money to send Benjamin Netanyahu to South Africa for the Mandela Memorial!

The Israeli press has said the trip will cost $2 million. Yikes, that’s a bit steep. No can do, but we ran an internet search and found a much better price flying coach on Turkish Airlines:

Leaves soon!
Leaves soon!

Can you help us raise to send $3,450 to send Bibi on his way? (we’ll round up so he can buy a drink)

Netanyahu after he heard he'll have to fly coach. Jeez, some people . . .
Netanyahu after hearing he’ll have to fly coach. Jeez, some people . . .

Now, we didn’t clear this with the Prime Minister first, but if you give $60 or more to help him save face, we’ll be happy to send you a copy of Max Blumenthal’s Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel. We know the big guy will appreciate any help you can send.

Thank you for your support. Together with Bibi we can all help truly make Greater Israel, the Greatest Israel. Give today.


Adam, Scott & Phil

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I would gladly fund the cost of sending him to the Hague .One way only.

As to sending him to SA , I do not think Mandela would appreciate having this murderer anywhere near him.Even in death.

i love mondoweiss, this is hysterical guys!

Staying away from Nelson Mandela’s funeral is the only decent thing Netanyahu has done in years, probably his whole political career. At least he has the sense to realize that he would be less welcome and as much an outcast as Robert Mugabe. It would be extremely uncomfortable for Bibi to hear people eulogize Mandela for ending apartheid in South Africa, while Bibi is implementing many of the same policies in Israel. On the serious… Read more »

Ha!!! OK, you got me off my butt to finally process my year end donation.


There is a cheaper fare. Netanyahu could fly Ethiopian Airways roundtrip for under $1200.

Or it could be even cheaper if he simply deported himself along with all the other African refugees Israel is planning on deporting.

Ridiculous article, ridiculous postings. Why would anyone expect such as Bibi to attend the funeral of a person who fought apartheid?