Israeli officer tosses Palestinian shepherds from their land so settlers don’t have to hear Arabic

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The video is from Ta’ayush and was posted yesterday.

The video was shot by Guy Butavia in the South Hebron hills outside the illegal Jewish settlement, Otniel. IDF officer expel Palestinian shepherds from their land: 1:00

“If Palestinians come near, this will disrupt the [settlers’] intact fabric… They don’t want to hear Arabic being spoken in a Jewish town.”

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thank heavens for Ta’ayush.

We are enabling some very horrible people. WHY?

Desmond Tutu, you are absolutely right, these are apartheid policies and actions.

Racism at it’s worst.

The US is supporting and arming a brutal apartheid nation, and it is amazing those who are mentally slaves to Israel are able to sleep at night, knowing that our weapons are being used against civilians, and brutal massacres….but wait, these are Arabs right, and they deserve it, right?

When your “fabric” is made of the whole cloth, it’s very important to keep it “intact”.

You know “intact”. Like a virgin, already.

“If Palestinians come near, this will disrupt the [settlers’] intact fabric… “

The Palestinians might tear empire’s new clothes?

I just remembered what this reminded me of: ” Palestinian officials frequently condemn what they refer to as the “Judaization of Jerusalem” on the part of Israeli authorities, who they say engage in discriminatory policies that discriminate against Palestinian residents and seek to encourage their departure from the city. East Jerusalem has been occupied by Israel since 1967. Israeli authorities sometimes limit the Muslim call the prayer in other parts of the Palestinian territories, particularly… Read more »