Flotilla members still imprisoned as video emerges of violent Israeli attack during capture

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The following press release was sent by the Freedom Flotilla Coalition:

It has been more than 50 hours since Israeli navy attacked the “Marianne” in international waters, 100nm from Gaza, during one of its usual acts of State piracy, always behaving as the bullying state of eastern Mediterranean. 18 participants on board were kidnapped and brought by force and against their will to the military Ashdod port. During the operation of seizure of the “Marianne”, which IDF called “uneventful”, Israeli soldiers used violence against participants on board.

Dr. Bassel Ghattas (Member of Knesset), Dr. Moncef Marzouki (ex-President of Tunisia), Ana Miranda (Member of European Parliament) and Ohad Hemo (Channel 2 journalist), were released and the rest were moved to Givon camp at Ramla area, where they remain hostages until this moment.

The Freedom Flotilla Coalition stands with all sailors of the “Marianne” who are illegaly kept in the Israeli camp. We demand that the State of Israel immediately releases them and also returns the “Marianne of Gothenberg”. We demand that our governments condemn violence of the State of Israel against peaceful citizens and stand by the rights of the Palestinian people.

The remaining “Marianne” passengers still in Israeli camp are:

Nadya Kevorkova, Russia

Kajsa Ekis Ekman, Sweden

Robert Lovelace, Canada

Joel Opperdoes, Sweden

Gustave Bergstrom, Sweden

Herman Reksten, Norway

Kevin Neish, Canada

Jonas Karlin, Sweden

Charlie Andreasson, Sweden

Ammar Al-Hamdan, Norway

Mohammed El Bakkali, Morocco

Dror Feiler, Sweden

Ruwani Perera, New Zealand

Jacob Bryant, New Zealand

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I don’t think that this is going to be remembered as one of Israel’s finest hours… more violence and demonstration of military might against peaceful activists piled on top of the disgraceful behavior and words of Mazuz, Hazan, and Netanyahu & Co. From Ship to Gaza Sweden: ““No regret , no surrender , Freedom Flotilla succeeded it’s mission,” -Interwiev with Basel Ghattas For member of the Knesset Dr. Basel Ghattas, It is true the Freedom… Read more »

Why did the other boats in the flotilla turn back and return to Greece? Had they been sabotaged?

Must see tweet:

“Pirates of the Mediterranean….”

There’s nothing funny about the actions of Israel wrt the hijacking of the ship nor the kidnapping of the peace activists, but this is clever! Maybe Annie can work her magic on this tweet…

Are the countries that these brave people come from demanding the release of their citizens?
It is the least they can do. These arrogant zionists keep getting away with these crimes against unarmed civilians.

Why didn’t Sweden’s navy escort the flotilla until the end of the high seas?