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‘They are the terrorists’–-Palestinians mourn a second death from settler arson attack

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Hundreds of mourners from the northern West Bank poured into the hamlet of Duma to lay to rest a second Palestinian who had succumbed to wounds from a settler arson attack last week. Sa’ad Dawabshe, father of baby Ali Dawabshe who burned to death in the attack, died in the early morning hours in a hospital in southern Israel where he was being treated. His remains were transferred to his parents’ home outside of Nablus.

Seated in her courtyard around dozens of relatives, Dawabshe’s mother wept as she clutched a white tissue cloth. Her son’s body was ceremoniously displayed in front of her atop a low table draped in the Palestinian flag. Journalists clamored around her for photographs and interviews under the canopied patio. 

The mother of Sa’ad Dawabshe and a relative grieve. (Photo: Dan Cohen)

The mother of Sa’ad Dawabshe and a relative grieve. (Photo: Dan Cohen)

Artwork inside the burned-out Dawabshe home blames the Israeli government for the firebombing. (Photo: Dan Cohen)

Artwork inside the burned-out Dawabshe home blames the Israeli government for the firebombing. (Photo: Dan Cohen)

Amid the summer heat wave two relatives fainted while overcome with grief, causing a stir from aiding family members who themselves were also sobbing.

“Killing women, children, the elderly,” said Maitha Selman, 60, an aunt of Dawabshe who stood in the courtyard, “it is not allowed in monotheistic religions. It’s sinful.” 

“They say we the Palestinian are terrorists, but no, they—the Israelis—are the terrorists,” Selman continued.

Dawabshe’s remains were then hoisted through the town to the village cemetery, followed by chants of “strike, strike Tel Aviv,” shouted by Palestinians who marched behind Dawabshe’s shrouded body, singing out a protest anthem that was popularized during the last two wars in Gaza.

Mourners carry the body of Sa’ad Dawabshe wrapped in a flag. (Photo: Dan Cohen)

Mourners carry the body of Sa’ad Dawabshe wrapped in a flag. (Photo: Dan Cohen)

The funeral procession walks from the Dawabshe home to the graveyard. (Photo: Dan Cohen)

The funeral procession walks from the Dawabshe home to the graveyard. (Photo: Dan Cohen)

Mourners from villages throughout the Nablus region joined the bereaved—first lining up at their towns’ entrances in shoulder lanes of a main Israeli highway in the West Bank, and then they caravanned to the funeral. During the funeral ceremony some called for “revenge,” appealing for al-Qassam brigades, Hamas’s armed wing, to retaliate. They brought flags representing a spectrum of Palestinian political factions: Fatah, Hamas, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Popular Arab Front, and Islamic Jihad. 

“I came because he is my brother. He is Palestinian and I am Palestinian, Nour Salam, 21, said, a Palestinians from the nearby village of Talfeet. Salam was draped in a black and white Islamic Jihad flag and emphasized he felt settler attacks against Palestinians would not stop until Palestinians have freedom. For Salam, his plight is simple: he wishes for life in the West Bank to resemble the quality it held before the Israeli occupation of the territory occupied in the June 1967 war. Yet Salam lamented, daily life under occupation had crushed his spirit for a brighter future. He does not believe he will live to see Palestinians free from Israeli control.

“It’s impossible. Every day settlers kill people, and every day the army kills people,” Salam said.

Palestinian men gather at the entrance to the village of Duma before the body of Sa'ad Dawabshe arrives. (Photo: Dan Cohen)

Palestinian men gather at the entrance to the village of Duma before the body of Sa’ad Dawabshe arrives. (Photo: Dan Cohen)

The past two years have marked a sharp increase in settler violence against Palestinians. Attacks, which include arson, beating and destruction of Palestinian agricultural fields, skyrocketed from 93 incidents in 2012 to 963 incidents in 2013, and 1011 incidents in 2014, according to data complied by the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s monitoring group. Israeli human rights group note there were 8 arson attacks against Palestinians in 2014.

Since January 2014, Palestinians killed 16 Israeli civilians in the West Bank and Israel. In that same period seven Palestinians were killed in nationalist attacks by Israeli citizens, and 58 killed by Israeli security forces, according to the Israeli human rights group B’tselem. 

Dan Cohen
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Dan Cohen is an independent journalist and filmmaker based in Palestine. He tweets at @dancohen3000.

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40 Responses

  1. bintbiba
    August 8, 2015, 12:07 pm

    Allison and Dan,

    Your daily lives are so immersed in the outrage of the Palestinian living misery and tragedy under Occupation …
    I am in awe of your fortitude in your perseverance with depicting and reporting on the sad developing events.

    Thank you.

  2. Qualtrough
    August 8, 2015, 12:09 pm

    Try to imagine how many Palestinians would now be dead if the victims of this terror attack had been Israelis. If history is anything to go by it would be more than a thousand, including hundreds of children. That’s just how they roll.

    • michelle
      August 8, 2015, 7:01 pm

      seems like Israel is once again trying to provoke
      the world once again has let Israel down
      Israels dog/America has once again broken its leash
      Israel will go into the basement and torture its captives
      everyone watch and see what YOU are making Israel do
      all YOU had to do is what Israel told YOU to do but no not YOU
      and now look what YOU made Israel do this is your fault YOU did this
      G-d Bless

  3. annie
    August 8, 2015, 2:05 pm

    The past two years have marked a sharp increase in settler violence against Palestinians. Attacks, which include arson, beating and destruction of Palestinian agricultural fields, skyrocketed from 93 incidents in 2012 to 963 incidents in 2013, and 1011 incidents in 2014, according to data complied by the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s monitoring group. Israeli human rights group note there were 8 arson attacks against Palestinians in 2014.

    Since January 2014, Palestinians killed 16 Israeli civilians in the West Bank and Israel. In that same period seven Palestinians were killed in nationalist attacks by Israeli citizens, and 58 killed by Israeli security forces, according to the Israeli human rights group B’tselem.

    look at that jump from 2012 to 2013!!! tell me this was not calculated! let’s see what began, the GROSS incitement beginning in dec 2012:

    timeline beginning dec 5-6 2012 Israeli prediction of third intifada follows days of provocation in Hebron:

    day after day after of provocation!

    this began right after nov 2012 “Operation Pillar of Defense” which at the time i wrote about as being in response to palestinians seeking their bid at the UN. it became very clear the night obama was elected for the 2nd term. the very night of the election:

    Palestinians circulate draft resolution at UN as Barak implores US to help Israel delay bid – See more at:

    On election eve when Netanyahu was giving his ‘we don’t need America to attack Iran interview, nine Israeli ministers were in a closed meeting discussing ways to threaten Palestinians over their bid. The day after the election Haaretz reported a long list of retributions, characterized as harsh sanctions towards the Palestinian Authority in response to the PLO seeking the UN upgrade.

    Haaretz: Israel may expand settlement activity if PA seeks UN upgrade:

    more at the link. the day after i wrote that israel invaded gaza and began the 2012 nov slaughter and as soon as that was over, palestinians were determined to go to the UN, within days israel announced this so called 3rd intifada which they did everything in their power to start.

    The Times of Israel reports that Israeli political officials, responding to another video gone viral, state soldiers “should not be subject to restrictions in their response to demonstrators”, ”soldiers should make maximal use of all weapons at their disposal”and “troops…hands were tied by superiors.”

    it was only obama’s impending visit that spring which slowed that down a notch.. but it’s been an escalation ever since.

    everything became radically escalated. live ammo used against palestinians, it becamse open season. they are on a race with the international community — with the UN — to establish ‘facts on the ground’. it makes my blood boil!

    this is policy. no doubt in my mind.

    • John O
      John O
      August 8, 2015, 2:19 pm

      You’re so right, Annie.

      Just the same as Israel’s breaking the Gaza ceasefire on the day of the 2008 US general election, and carrying out Cast Lead during the interregnum between the outgoing Bush and the incoming Obama.

      • annie
        August 8, 2015, 2:33 pm

        i know i’m right. it was iran iran iran non stop leading to that election and while americans were celebrating obama’s win

        look at the time stamp on this in israel: Nov 07, 2012 1:09 AM
        read more: the polls were closing in the US. iran went right off their radar and they got down to business, what this is all about:

        During the meeting, the ministers were informed that diplomatic efforts are still underway, aimed at pressuring Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas into putting off such a request from the UN. “There is still time until the UN vote, and if it’s possible to prevent it, that would be best,” said a minister who participated in the meeting.

        Over the last few days, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has declared that Israel will respond harshly to a Palestinian bid in the UN.

        According to the Foreign Ministry’s assessments, should the PA win the vote in the UN General Assembly, its next step would be to use its newfound status to apply for membership in the International Criminal Court in the Hague and file a legal petition against senior Israeli officials.

        this had hardly been even mentioned in the israeli press at the time. it was 24/7 iran. then they started blasting away.

    • inbound39
      August 9, 2015, 5:56 am

      Well done Annie…….and then there is this…..another provocation of a different kind!

      The Zionist Organisation of America (ZOA), one of the oldest Israel advocacy groups in the United States, has claimed that the fatal arson attack on a Palestinian home in the West Bank could have been an “Arab hoax.”

      In a statement by the group’s president Morton Klein mailed to their supporters, the ZOA said it was “inappropriate to rush to cast blame on Jews for the fire” that killed 18-month-old Ali Dawabsheh.

      Both local Palestinians and the Israeli authorities have been clear that the attack was carried out by Jewish settlers.

      Citing “numerous instances in which Arabs have fabricated attacks or blamed Jews for Arab violence against other Arabs”, the ZOA president claimed that “evidence” points to the attack being “the continuation of an 18-year-old feud between two Arab clans” in Duma.

      The ZOA refers to a “history of fabricated attacks” that “goes back at least to the Nazi era”, and claims that “Arab Palestinians play dead” in videos, as “the press films them.”

      At the time of writing, there has been no condemnation of the ZOA’s statement by other pro-Israel advocacy groups, in the US or elsewhere………..

  4. wondering jew
    wondering jew
    August 8, 2015, 2:15 pm

    Artwork inside the burned-out Dawabshe home blames the Israeli government for the firebombing. – See more at:

    The dastardly murderous arson was a horrible act. Indeed the occupation created conditions that exacerbate hatred and create a vacuum that is filled by acts of hatred and the current government is part and parcel of this occupation, hatred and vacuum.

    The artwork is too neatly summed up in the words that you use in the caption. It is a Jewish hand with a Jewish menorah burning Palestine. The colors of the clothing on the arm of the hand holding the menorah are the colors of the flag and the menorah is a symbol of the Jewish state.

    • annie
      August 8, 2015, 2:38 pm

      the menorah is a symbol of the Jewish state.

      gee ya think yonah? you mean this “jewish state” that does NOTHING about these people except FUND THEM????

      i’m shocked! how could this possibly be allowed to happen?

    • Mondowise
      August 8, 2015, 3:40 pm

      “Jewish state”, yonah?

      you mean the borderless criminal thug entity of izrael that murders Palestinians, steals their rights and land for its ‘state’. a ‘Jewish state’ born of ongoing decades-long ethnic cleansing and genocide. you sound so proud of this so-called ‘Jewish state’ founded on horrific, unspeakable pain and cruelty.

      nothing of “israel” is not rightfully Palestine’s.

    • Mooser
      August 8, 2015, 4:17 pm

      “Indeed the occupation created conditions that exacerbate hatred and create a vacuum that is filled by acts of hatred”

      Isn’t it awful, Yonah, the things that Palestinians force Israelis to do. If only the Palestinians wouldn’t react to the occupation “and create a vacuum that is filled by acts of hatred”.

      “the current government is part and parcel of this occupation, hatred and vacuum.”

      If only the “current government” would stick to the pacific, fair, and legal policies of all the Israeli governments up till now! It was all going so nicely till these bad fringeniks want to “assert sovereignty”.

      • inbound39
        August 9, 2015, 6:02 am

        Specifically speaking Mooser….we don’t want them in the pacific……greetings to you from the South Island of New Zealand!

    • ziusudra
      August 10, 2015, 4:47 am

      Greetings jonah fredman,
      ……..Menorah: Symbol of the Jewish State……

      The Menorah is a Symbol of an accepted modus
      vivendi of the Judaic people by demonstrating
      the continual light as the Spirit of the Lord, not
      the acts of a state or eretz Israel or power.
      When you see the lighted Menorah, you see the Spirit
      of God. It’s historically wrong to make it a Symbol of a

  5. Marnie
    August 8, 2015, 2:38 pm

    Duh. This picture is worth 10,000 words. Certainly not like the cartoons of the Israeli gov’t.

    • just
      August 9, 2015, 8:19 am

      +1, Marnie! Thank you Dan and Allison.

      The artwork is obviously done by someone very talented and very much informed of the truth.

      It is the state and its hateful “leaders” that incite violence against the Palestinians and are fully responsible for these deaths. “They are the terrorists”, indeed. The IOF/border police/armed forces hunt Palestinians and so do the illegal armed ‘settlers’. They have some wicked ‘religious leaders’, too. JSIL is accurate.

      The ongoing Nakba must be stopped, Israel must be stopped. So far, nobody has the guts or the humanity to do it. Shame on the world~ thus we are responsible, too.

      The fact that they’ve not found the perps speaks volumes. The fact that nobody has been sentenced in the horrific murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir speaks volumes.

      Crocodile tears from Israeli leaders mean nothing and won’t put out the flames that they’ve lit and fanned.

      From Kate’s compilation on August 3 (comments @ the end are mine):

      ““Israeli soldiers attack Hebron youth, force to drink gasoline IMEMC/Agencies 3 Aug — Palestinian security sources from Hebron’s Old City, today, said that Israeli soldiers have brutally attacked a Palestinian youth and then forced him to drink gasoline. Sources said, according to the PNN, that soldiers handcuffed Majdi Al-Muhtaseb (21), kidnapped and dragged him to Al-Turba neighborhood, in Tel Rumeida, threw him to the ground and started beating and kicking him for no reason whatsoever. According to Majdi’s family, the soldiers asked him if he wanted water, and, when he said yes, one of them pretended to be helping him to drink water. When he realized that it was gasoline and not water, the soldier forced him to drink out of it. Issam Al-Muhtaseb, father of the youth, said that Israeli forces have detained his son and destroyed his own ID card.” – See more at: link to

      Of course it’s reminiscent of Mohammed Abu Khdeir, but it also reminds me of this:

      “Israeli soldier gives 74-year-old Palestinian woman water then shoots her in the head”

      All I can say is that there are many thousands of Israeli terrorists.

      Some wear uniforms. Some do not.

      All are granted impunity.”

      – See more at:

      • Marnie
        August 9, 2015, 1:04 pm

        +1 Just.

  6. Kay24
    August 8, 2015, 3:36 pm

    This was a brutal and vicious crime. The question is, what is taking the Israelis so long to arrest these terrorists? Considering Israel is supposed to have the best surveillance and investigative teams, and can pinpoint a car belonging to a Hamas official, so that they can precision bomb him, or send those precision bombs into their homes, it is hard to believe they do not know who these scumbags are. Strange how no suspected homes have been demolished, ransacked, attacked, or hundreds of these thugs arrested, the same reaction that was given to the Palestinians when 3 of their kids were killed.

    No surprise Palestinians call them terrorists.
    Of course they are terrorists, they are terrorizing the Palestinian people, attacking them at night, stealing their property, land, olive trees, and firebombing their Mosques and Churches. There is no other word to describe what they are doing.

    • inbound39
      August 9, 2015, 6:07 am

      Kay….the IDF spokesperson will likely say the settlers were rearranging the loungeroom etc for the Palestinians as a good neighbourly surprise and that they were also doing some free landscaping which shows how generous the settlers are.

      • Kay24
        August 9, 2015, 8:37 am

        Well, that is more or less the narrative. Unfortunately the US media seem to run with it too.

  7. Bornajoo
    August 8, 2015, 6:28 pm

    “No surprise Palestinians call them terrorists. Of course they are terrorists, they are terrorizing the Palestinian people, attacking them at night, stealing their property, land, olive trees, and firebombing their Mosques and Churches. There is no other word to describe what they are doing – See more at:

    +1 Kay! You are absolutely right. This has only made the news due to the exceptional horrific nature of this particular incident. But as you rightly state, the Palestinians are being terrorised daily, constantly, brutally and in numerous ways but 99% of these acts of terror never get mentioned in the msm.

    • inbound39
      August 9, 2015, 6:18 am

      There is also the Head of Lehava….the Jewish Terrorist organization that burnt the seventeen year old lad Khdeir to death, stating publically and on camera that it is okay to torch churches and inciting people to do so and he is still walking around free. Hasn’t even been taken in for questioning.

  8. Bornajoo
    August 8, 2015, 6:33 pm

    “everything became radically escalated. live ammo used against palestinians, it becamse open season. they are on a race with the international community — with the UN — to establish ‘facts on the ground’. it makes my blood boil!

    this is policy. no doubt in my mind.”

    – See more at:

    Thanks for pointing out these glaring facts Annie. No doubt in my mind either. Not even a teeny weeny bit

  9. michelle
    August 8, 2015, 6:43 pm

    as a child i knew a girl who slept under her bed against the wall
    so that when her dad came home he wouldn’t be able to find her/reach her
    he was an angry person
    Israel is once again angry
    G-d Bless

    • inbound39
      August 9, 2015, 6:10 am

      Israel has been in a bad mood since 1947…..proof it needs serious in house rehabilitation.

  10. just
    August 9, 2015, 8:54 am

    “Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked said over the weekend that the suspected Jewish extremists who torched a Palestinian home in Duma recently, murdering an 18-month-old infant and his father, should face the death penalty for their crime.

    Speaking on Israel’s Channel 2, Shaked said the West Bank arson attack was “an act of terror that undermines the security of the country more than Arab terror,” adding, “Whoever commits a particularly cruel murder deserves the death penalty. This [Duma] is certainly an example, but that’s for the judges to decide.” Israeli lawmakers recently rejected a bill calling for the death penalty for terrorists who commit murder.

    Shaked also said she didn’t believe in the use of administrative detention for any Israeli citizen, Jewish or Arab, saying it was “taking it too far. It’s something that needs to be used in small measure.”…

    … Netanyahu’s public opposition to Shaked’s initiative reflected the poor relations between them. Netanyahu objected to Shaked’s appointment as justice minister, but was forced to accede to the demands of her party, Habayit Hayehudi, moments before the deadline for forming a government. He was also prepared to let Yehuda Weinstein continue as attorney general for another year, but Shaked was quick to announce the convening of a committee to look for his replacement. Netanyahu wanted Neeman as the government’s representative on the panel, but Shaked objected, concerned that Neeman’s loyalty would be to the prime minister, not her. In the end, Moshe Nissim was the compromise candidate. Shaked admitted recently that she and Netanyahu had not met since the formation of the government in May.

    Shaked also expressed support for the indictment and incarceration of asylum seekers, whose number has risen in recent weeks. “Until now, an amendment to the [anti-infiltration] law was used to stop them, for the purpose of sending them to Saharonim and Holot [the Negev prison and detention center, respectively]. Now is the time to seriously examine a change of approach and move in the direction of criminal indictments,” she added.

    Meanwhile, the Judicial Appointments Committee will meet today to select 20 new judges. For the first time, two of its nine members are Arab. The committee features Shaked, Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon, MKs Nurit Koren (Likud) and Robert Ilatov (Yisrael Beiteinu), Supreme Court President Miriam Naor, Supreme Court justices Elyakim Rubinstein and Salim Joubran, and attorneys Elana Saker and Khaled Zoa’bi. The search committee for a new attorney general was also scheduled to convene today, but that meeting was postponed.”

    read more:

    More bs and crocodile tears from the psycho Shaked. There ain’t no death penalty for Israelis to speak of.

    “In Israel, capital punishment is allowed only during and only for genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, crimes against the Jewish people, treason, and certain crimes under military law during wartime. The current Arab-Israel conflict is considered a war, and the committing of any of the crimes can result in the death penalty. Israel inherited the British Mandate of Palestine code of law, which included the death penalty for several offenses, but in 1954, Israel abolished the penalty for murder.

    Although a legal option under Israeli law, Israel does not use the death penalty. The last execution was carried out in 1962, and no death sentences have been sought by prosecutors since the 1990s.”


    They carry out extrajudicial, state- sponsored murder of Palestinians very often though.

    What about the hundreds of Palestinians in admin detention? And she advocates more cruelty for the refugees already detained in misery.

    A cruel joke of a “justice minister”.

    • Marnie
      August 9, 2015, 1:22 pm

      Shaked also expressed support for the indictment and incarceration of asylum seekers, whose number has risen in recent weeks. “Until now, an amendment to the [anti-infiltration] law was used to stop them, for the purpose of sending them to Saharonim and Holot [the Negev prison and detention center, respectively]. Now is the time to seriously examine a change of approach and move in the direction of criminal indictments,” she added.

      This murderous witch wants to have a “law” to hide behind the killing that she has in mind. Sure, there might be a few Jews that get thrown on the fire, so what? All the better for publicity, trying to act as though she isn’t just after non-Jews, Palestinians, African asylum seekers, maybe Christians too.

  11. just
    August 9, 2015, 9:15 am

    “Nine Arrested in Crackdown on Suspected Jewish Terrorists

    A week after deadly West Bank arson, Shin Bet and Israel Police raid two outposts in northern West Bank; Ya’alon signs administrative arrest order for two Jewish extremists.

    The Shin Bet security service and Israel Police arrested nine people Sunday morning as part of a crackdown on suspected Jewish terrorists.

    Two people were arrested at the Adei Ad outpost in the northern West Bank, not far from the Palestinian village of Duma where Sa’ad Dawabsheh and his baby son Ali were burned to death by suspected Jewish extremists. Security forces also searched seven houses.
    Authorities also raided outpost Baladim in the northern West Bank near the Kochav Hashachar settlement and arrested seven people. 

    Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon issued a six-month administrative arrest order Sunday morning for Meir Ettinger and Eviatar Slonim – two extremists suspected of being involved in acts of Jewish terrorism and held by Israeli authorities since last week.
    Ettinger is the Shin Bet’s most wanted Jewish suspect and is the grandson of slain extremist Rabbi Meir Kahane. He was arrested Monday on suspicion of being part of a Jewish underground based in the West Bank.

    Slonim is suspected of belonging to an extremist group that sought to harm Arabs and replace the government in Israel with a Jewish kingdom and had been previously arrested on suspicion of setting fire to a Palestinian home in the South Hebron Hills in November 2014.”

    read more:

    Why does Levinson call them only “outposts” when they are illegal?

    How is it possible that Ettinger was at the top of “Shin Bet’s most wanted Jewish suspect” and they only arrested him now?

    It all stinks to high heaven.

    • inbound39
      August 9, 2015, 9:38 am

      They either call them outposts or neighbourhoods. Hasbara School has taught them to avoid at all costs calling them settlements because the end goal is to legitimise them.The problem is commenters outside of Israel are not buying in to it and calling them what they are….Illegal Settlements. What is happening in Hebron is slow torture. Since Mohammed Khdeir was burnt to death and Protective Edge the Israeli’s have been arresting on average Ten to Fourteen Palestinians a day across the West Bank. Where in the hell are they holding them all? The true depth of what is happening isn’t appearing in European or American News sources. You have to read Israeli or Palestinian News sources to see what is actually happening. Very little makes me angry these days but I can state with aall honesty, if the Government asked me to join a force that was part of a global coalition to free and protect Palestinians I would have no hesitation.

      • just
        August 9, 2015, 12:57 pm

        wrt ‘outposts’, here’s an AP article in The Guardian:

        “… Israeli authorities also carried out raids on Sunday in two West Bank settlement outposts. Police spokeswoman Luba Samri would not say whether the arrests were linked to the 31 July arson attack on a Palestinian. They were connected to “a number of events that occurred recently” in the West Bank, she said.

        Authorities said one of the raided outposts was Adei Ad, close to the Palestinian village of Duma, where the arson attack took place. In January, Jewish settlers near Adei Ad threw stones at US consular vehicles carrying visiting American officials.

        Authorities would not name the other outpost raided, but Israeli media identified it as Baladim. Both outposts – small, isolated Jewish settlements built without government authorisation – are located in an area known for its hardline settler population.”

        So these outposts are completely illegal~ even according to the Israeli government, but AP in Jerusalem cannot bother to emphasize the illegality.

        Finally, there’s mention of the attack on US consular vehicles…has the US put ANY pressure on Israel for this attack on their vehicles/people?

    • just
      August 9, 2015, 12:36 pm

      Nice stunt orchestrated by Shin Bet and Israel Police:

      “Police Release Detainees from Raid on Jewish Villages

      Youths arrested during raid on Givat HaBladim and Adei Ad early Sunday morning to be released throughout the day.

      … Attorney to one of the detainees, Itamar Ben-Gvir said the release was expected, “but unfortunately not as expected as the police’s attempts to prove to politicians they are working.”

      “Police should offer a ‘tranquilizer’ to these angry politicians,” Ben-Gvir added. “Arrests must be carried out as a result of information rather than gut feelings or whims.”

      According to Ben-Gvir, crackdowns on right-wing Jews have done nothing to calm tensions in Israeli society – rather, the opposite.

      “Instead of the Shin Bet and Israel Police doing some soul-searching, they continue to act like bulls in a China shop. These arrests frustrate many youths. The use of administrative detention without trial and without evidence only increases feelings of anger.”

      Noting the Shin Bet’s right to investigate Jewish youths, Ben-Gvir questioned whether they were being treated the same as Palestinian terrorists who “throw firebombs in Beit Hanina or fire on Jewish homes in Pisgat Zeev.”

      “The feeling is that Israel has created two sets of laws – one for the ‘hilltop youth’ and the other for Arab rioters…The question is if the treatment is equal and the answer to that, unfortunately, is no.”

      Recently, the Israel Police has conducted a number of raids to crack down on “Jewish terrorism,” after an arson attack at the Palestinian Arab village of Duma, which killed an infant and fatally wounded his father. No suspects have yet been identified in that attack.”

      They still haven’t “identified” the terrorists/murderers.


  12. just
    August 9, 2015, 10:06 am

    “Israel’s New Plan for Dealing With Jewish Terrorists Is All Wrong

    … In the past few years, attacks on Palestinians and Palestinian establishments by young settlers have become a fixture of life in the West Bank. According to a recent report published by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA,) there were 333 settler-related violent incidents in the West Bank in 2014, an average of six assaults per week. Israel’s efforts in curbing settler violence have been so ineffectual that United States President Barack Obama mentioned it in his address to the people of Israel in 2013.

    It remains to be seen whether administrative detention will in fact help the government increase pressure on Jewish terrorists, but the effort will ultimately come up short. The main reason (among many) is that it attempts to neutralize the terrorists, but does nothing to change the culture of hate in which they develop.

    A case in point: Shortly after last week’s murders, right-wing MKs and ministers went right back to spouting the same hate rhetoric that contributed to the killings in the first place – days and in some cases only hours after condemning the violence and feigning outrage and shock.

    Habayit Hayehudi MK Bezalel Smotrich, who organized an anti-gay rally in 2006 that he called “The Beast Parade,” condemned the attack on the gay pride parade in Jerusalem but continued to call it “the abomination parade”. Literally hours after the attack in Duma Smotrich was ranting against “screwed-up leftists” on Twitter.

    Indeed, many right-wing politicians twisted the conversation to focus on those who they believe are the greatest victims: themselves. In the days after the killings, a growing choir of right wing activists, pundits and politicians, including Smotrich, Culture Minister Miri Regev, Habayit Hayehudi MK Yinon Magal and Israel Beitenu MK Sharon Gal, spoke of a “witch hunt” against settlers and right-wingers – similar to the one they claim took place after the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin (which, of course, had nothing to do with the Israeli right.) Many spent far more words condemning this alleged leftist “witch hunt” than they did the murders themselves.

    It is a tactic the Israeli right used to great effect after Rabin’s murder: Casting themselves as the victim, instead of acknowledging their own faults and the dangerous rhetoric that led to the violence. That way, they don’t have to take responsibility for their role in creating a climate of hate.

    Meanwhile, in the midst of the alleged anti-right “witch hunt,” President Reuven Rivlin had to lodge a complaint with the police after his harsh denunciation of Jewish terror and his aclnowledgement that Israel had been lax in dealing with Jewish terrorists resulted in a deluge of online death threats.
    In the span of one weekend, Rivlin was called “traitor,” “insane” and “Ahmed Rivlin.” A photoshopped picture of him in a keffiyeh, similar to the ones that appeared before the assassination of Rabin, was shared on social media. A YouTube video placed him in Nazi uniform. The chair of a local branch of Likud (Rivlin’s own party,) called for his arrest.

    “We have created an atmosphere that allows forgiveness for what is credulously called ‘a few rotten apples,’” Rivlin said in an anti-hate rally in Jerusalem on Saturday. “Every society has its extremist fringes. But today we have to ask: What is it about our public atmosphere that allowed extremists and extremism to walk confidently within the mainstream?”

    He was right: extremism and hate have been met with leniency in Israel. Hate and incitement are the language of the land. One of the reasons Benjamin Netanyahu is prime minister right now is because he relied on a tactic of inciting against Arab voters in order to frighten Jewish voters into voting for him. The reason he has a coalition right now is because enough people voted for parties whose members are known for racist and intolerant tirades against Palestinians, leftists, asylum seekers and gays.

    In order to truly eradicate Jewish terror, Israel has to do a lot more than administrative detentions. It has to challenge the very core of its current political system; to eradicate the intolerance that prevails within its government and parliament.

    The problem is there are too many people in Israel’s political system whose only political merchandise is hatred toward other groups. Will the right-wing MKs who called for the destruction of Gaza and the indiscriminate killing of Palestinians last year, who launched campaigns in favor of force-feeding and death penalties, who took pictures with Kahane thugs in full racist regalia, who promised to deny LGBT couples equal rights, who instigated attacks against leftists and Arabs, who called African migrants “cancer”, who attempted to censor and to bully those that don’t think like them – will all those change their behavior and learn to speak in an entirely new language? Probably not.

    And that’s the problem: Without uprooting hatred and prejudice from the Israeli mainstream, it is impossible to uproot hatred from its extremist fringes.

    But the Israeli hate train, it seems, stops for no one – not even infants and teenagers. And it won’t stop, as long as haters feels they can act with impunity. …”

    read more:

    I think that Asher is mostly correct, but I deliberately removed the subtitle with was repeated at the end of the article.

    “When there’s so much hatred in the air, terrorism – whether it be Jewish or Palestinian – will always prevail.”

    Not so correct. It’s Israel that is fouling the atmosphere, the land, the sea, and the air with its hatred of the “other” and its state-sponsored terrorism of the indigenous Palestinians of Palestine.

  13. just
    August 9, 2015, 2:59 pm

    “Israeli forces shoot dead Palestinian after alleged stabbing attack

    BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israeli forces on Sunday shot dead a Palestinian man after he allegedly took part in a stabbing attack that left an Israeli settler lightly injured, …

    An Israeli army spokeswoman said that “a group of Palestinian assailants” attacked and lightly injured an Israeli settler near Ofer checkpoint on Route 443, west of Ramallah.

    Israeli news site Ynet reported that the 26-year-old Israeli was filling up his car at a gas station when the attack took place.

    The army spokeswoman said that Israeli soldiers then opened fire on the Palestinian “suspects.”

    She had no immediate information on whether warning shots were fired, but said that Israeli forces opened fire “to prevent the suspect from escaping.”

    She confirmed that one of the Palestinian “suspects” had died of his wounds.

    The Israeli settler was evacuated to a hospital for treatment, she said.

    The Palestinian man’s death brings the total number of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces across the occupied Palestinian territories to at least 23 since the beginning of the year, according to UN figures.
    The UN also reported that in the same period, Israeli forces have injured 1,149 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and 52 in the Gaza Strip.”

    “UN: Gaza infant mortality rises for first time in 53 years

    …”The number of babies dying before the age of one has consistently gone down over the last decades in Gaza, from 127 per 1,000 live births in 1960 to 20.2 in 2008. At the last count, in 2013, it had risen to 22.4 per 1,000 live births,” a statement from the UNRWA relief agency released at the weekend said.

    “Every five years UNRWA conducts a survey of infant mortality across the region, and the 2013 results were released this week,” it said, adding that because of the data it would conduct a new Gaza-specific survey this year.

    It said that neonatal mortality in Gaza, the number of babies who die before four weeks old, rose from 12 per 1,000 live births in 2008 to 20.3 in 2013.

    The statement quoted Akihiro Seita, director of the agency’s health program, as saying that the sudden upswing was unprecedented in the Middle East.

    “When the 2013 results from Gaza were first uncovered, UNRWA was alarmed by the apparent increase. So we worked with external independent research groups to examine the data, to ensure the increase could be confirmed,” he said.

    “That is why it took us so long to release these latest figures.”
    He suggested that Israel’s blockade of the coastal strip, where close to 45 percent of the population is under 14 years old, could be a contributing factor.

    “It is hard to know the exact causes behind the increase in both neonatal and infant mortality rates, but I fear it is part of a wider trend,” he said.

    “We are very concerned about the impact of the long-term blockade; on health facilities, supplies of medicines and bringing equipment in to Gaza.”

    Israel imposed its blockade on the Gaza Strip in 2007 after the Hamas movement took power there. …”

  14. just
    August 9, 2015, 5:10 pm

    Samah Salaime hits another one out of the park.

    “Occupation is the real ‘Jewish terrorism’

    The phrase ‘Jewish terrorism’ has come up frequently over the past week. But aren’t the daily actions of the Israeli army also terrorism? And can radical settlers be considered terrorists if they share the convictions of the state?

    I’ve recently tried to figure out the over-use of the phrase “Jewish terror” and as a good girl, I decided to Google it. According to Wikipedia, “Jewish terror” refers to terrorism carried out by Jews against Arabs since the establishment of the state, with some incidents here and there of Jews targeting other Jews.

    So I asked our contemporary source of knowledge and wisdom: please teach me what was “Jewish terror before ’48.” The Zionist Google machine spit out the answer, “Palestinian terror” as the first and second entries, followed by Jewish terror dating after the establishment of the state.

    You don’t argue with Wikipedia in Hebrew.

    Under “Palestinian terror” were descriptions of Palestinian actions defined as terror, in contrast to the Jewish settlement movement in the time of the British mandate, at the time of the establishment of the State of Israel, and thereafter. “Terror activities were principally invasions into Jewish neighborhoods and settlements, murders of their residents, ambushes of vehicles, and the burning of Jewish-owned orchards and fields.”

    Surely there must be a mistake here. This is exactly what settlers have been doing to Palestinians for quite some time, under the supervision of the army, even. For years we have heard and seen and witnessed instances of ransacking and harassment, burglary of land and property, vandalism, hostility, destruction of land, uprooting of trees and abuse of employees, imprisonment of Palestinians and control over their lives, destruction of houses, paving of roads and interruption of the West Bank in every direction. How do we call this form of terror? Ah, yes, “occupation.” Suddenly it made sense: Jewish occupation / Jewish terror.

    I know that we’re not going achieve peace through a discussion about who started with terrorism, and who gets to define terrorism, and whether resisting occupation is terrorism or not. Indeed, armed Jewish gangs in 1948 carried out acts against the Palestinian population that included everything mentioned above, and their war was called a “War of Independence,” not a “War of Terrorism.”

    Nevertheless, I’ll save you the nitpicking of who started what for less eventful days. When we have peace here and everything is good and well, and and milk and honey flow from the River Jordan, then we can start the historical debate about who started what and keep ourselves busy for days on end.

    But let’s stay with the here and now. What’s strange is that when Israel’s leadership suddenly and publicly and unequivocally admitted that there is such a thing as “Jewish terrorism” last week, it felt the need to add that “there is terrorism on both sides.” And thus long lives the holy disparity between strong and weak, between armored and unarmed, between occupier and occupied. Don’t go and think that there are Jews who are evil and who have hatred in their nature, they tell us, remember that there are also Arab terrorists. …

    Jewish terror at the pool

    With this new-old conception known as “Jewish terror” – a phrase that has stolen the spotlight of the occupation is another sad attempt to hide the sun with a piece of tattered cloth. Terror implies a radical and crazy act, or of a small group that does something disturbing, as a form of revenge or on an ideological basis. This description is not appropriate for people who are full of motivation, well armed, who declare their vision at every opportunity possible, and who essentially have the backing of the representatives and the State of Israel.

    I see no difference between the soldiers who remove Palestinians from a pool in order to allow settlers to swim there comfortably, and the settlers who burn and uproot olive trees during harvest time under the supervision of the army, or the settler woman who spits and yells “whore” because she knows that there will be no price to be paid. …”

    read the rest @

    Samah Salaime is an amazing writer and person.

    • annie
      August 9, 2015, 5:29 pm

      just, at the rear end of her article i picked up an settler quote earlier today (hebrew embed to walla) i’ll be covering (hopefully) when an israel friend does a little translation for us. it’s so outrageous!

      • just
        August 9, 2015, 5:34 pm

        That’s great to know, Annie.

  15. just
    August 9, 2015, 5:45 pm

    “REUTERS – A Jewish-Arab school in Jerusalem will complain to Israel Police about a threatening comment posted on Waze – a Google-owned Israeli-made navigation app – as Israel experiences a rise in hate crimes by far-right Israelis. 

    “The Bilingual School – may God obliterate their name,” was added, in Hebrew, to the location of the Max Rayne Hand in Hand school on the map on Waze, a mobile app, widely used in Israel, which uses driver data to help people avoid traffic jams. 

    Waze said in response that the issue was fixed immediately after it was brought to their attention. A source at the company told Reuters the entry had been made by a user who had had permission to list destinations on the map but had now been banned. …”

    read more:

    It’s just more of the same. Nothing new here.

    • annie
      August 9, 2015, 5:53 pm


      • just
        August 9, 2015, 6:24 pm

        It’s simply unconscionable, Annie. The same school that was torched last year and has been desecrated before with graffiti and threats.

        “”On this International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, I call on the international community to ensure that they are not left behind. To create a better, more equitable future, let us commit to do more to improve the health and well-being of indigenous peoples. ”

        Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

        2015 Theme: “Post 2015 Agenda: Ensuring indigenous peoples’ health and well-being”

        Every year, 9 August is commemorated as the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. The day is celebrated with special events around the world, including at United Nations Headquarters in New York.

        This year’s theme puts a spotlight on the issue of indigenous peoples’ access to health care services, as improving indigenous peoples’ health remains a critical challenge for indigenous peoples, Member States and the United Nations. The “State of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, Volume II”, which will be launched at the UN Headquarters event in observance of the International Day, provides important background information on the topic.

        The observance of the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples at UN Headquarters will take place on Monday, 10 August 2015, in the ECOSOC Chamber, from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. The event will be webcast live on…”

        Press release here:

        No mention of Palestine/Palestinians. No surprise there, either.

    • inbound39
      August 9, 2015, 9:03 pm

      Good volley of articles “just”. Palestinian Chronicle carries a lot of good articles too.

  16. NickJOCW
    August 10, 2015, 7:41 am

    OT…but must share

    The number of Israeli soldiers indicted for drug offenses rose by 50 percent last year compared to the year before, an internal annual army report says.

    According to the report, which was released on Sunday, 629 cases were opened for drug-related crimes committed by Israeli soldiers in 2014 in comparison with 416 cases the previous year. The figures constitute 66 percent of all military investigations in 2014, compared to 50 percent in 2013.

    The indictments included a wide range of crimes like selling, producing and trading drugs, as well as refusals to undergo a drug test.
    Recruiting offenders, clearing their records

    The figures have been revealed following another report published in June by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, which said the Israeli military had recruited thousands of soldiers with criminal records, enabling them to request that their records be expunged.

    The crimes committed by the newly-recruited soldiers ranged from drug offenses and theft to more serious crimes, including sex offenses, according to the report.

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